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A Spiritual Journey | September 2, 2015

WEDNESDAY | 11:15 am

Book of Lessons

stockvault-open-book144296Today is day #3 of reviewing my journal and updating the Book of Lessons. And I’m finding the lessons… and the guidance. And the messages and the connections. Trying NOT to let it overwhelm me, though. Trying to stay grounded and balanced. And to Trust.

One day at a time. No need to feel lost.

Now I meditate before I move back to my ‘To Do’ list. Meditate for ME . Not sure if I will write today…but know I should affirm my intention at the start.

Immediately I get a song lyric… ♫after the boys of summer have gone♪. So,  I think today I’ll be writing.

Meditation Notes

11:25 am – 12:02 PM

• Mild headache…then heady feeling…then ache across the chest
♫another one bites the dust♫
R-M name
• Right foot feels distended
♫another one bites the dust♫
‘it’s not uncommon’
‘missing a step’ > like a ‘program’ 6-steps, 12-steps
• Lampshade…..SYMBOL…like covering/protecting the ‘light’
• Feeling happy
• Itch – shoulder then to neck then to top of head….like father/son/holy ghost
• ‘Catholic’
• Left hand and arm aches
♫gonna let it rain♪ then ♪ shine a light right on me♪
• Attention to left side of neck & throat
♫another one bites the dust♫
‘connecting energy through consciousness’
SHINE…just the music ♫
• Pain – lower left abdomen then around to lower back
• Feels like I’m going to sneeze! (didn’t)
• Front of face pressure – like skin is lifting/pulling from face
• Asking for the pain and discomfort to RELEASE/go away… ‘I want it to’ (BIG inhale)…then ‘Focus on what you want – not on what you don’t want’   {Thank You!}
• Teach. Heal.
• ‘Spirituality’
• Suddenly lots of weird words and visions…time to END

END…Not sure what happened at the end – maybe I lost focus? But the words and visions did not make me feel comfortable, so decided it was time to be done.

Spiritual Journal | August 24, 2015

The Unexpected….

This morning when I woke I saw  a message on my cell phone from my sister… sent  last night (August 23rd) at 10:31 PM.   A life-long friend of her family died in an automobile accident.  I am saddened by the unexpected loss of this young life (he just celebrated his 30th birthday) – and for the devastation of his family and friends. I pray now for their strength and healing.

Today’s Meditation Notes


• immediately the song lyric  ♫love will rock you – never stop you ♪ comes in
• attention to the left or the right ….this is significant [GUIDANCE]
 Pressure…back top of head
• Feeling of frustration…as if happening ‘all this time’
• Feels like not asleep…just ‘pretending‘ to be
• (clear throat)
• Heard “speak up!”

END…I don’t feel ‘connected‘ this morning and am having a hard time releasing this sadness. As I open my eyes, I see the meditation candle has gone out. It’s okay – I am supposed to stop writing now.

Spiritual Journal August 10, 2015

MONDAY: Nursery Rhymes

This morning my head fills with song lyrics…many songs, and even a nursery rhyme. This Old Man”This old man, he played one, He played knick-knack on my thumb; With a knick-knack paddywhack, Give the dog a bone…”  Strange I’d get this …maybe I’m just practicing (to be a nana ☺).  Sitting down to write has helped to turn the songs and rhymes off in my head, but they have been replaced by that airplane pressure sensation. As I acknowledge this feeling, the feeling of hunger fills me. I am hungry – it’s almost 11:00 AM and I haven’t eaten yet, but I’m going to meditate now anyway. While the house is still quiet.

Meditation Notes:  11:00 – 11:40 AM
♫ On and on and on ♪ [not even sure what song this is]
• Something ‘going down the drain’
Life goes… ♫on and on and on ♪
• Feeling – like ‘just one more time’ – like I really want it badfeels like I’m addicted to itbegging for it.
• Sudden pain shooting up the top front of left leg
‘reviewing’ somethingsome past experience
• having a sudden thought…random memory…
• ‘that’s her!’

‘Trust…just totally trust…then you will FEEL’
New York
‘Who’s Joe?’
• Feels like my mind is searching for something (again!)…then pulls back
• Vision: 2 people…something (smaller) in between them
B G [maybe initials]
Brian [or B-name]…then saw this name with the strike-through as Brian
‘they will come to you’
• ‘this is how it starts’

END…hmmmm. Some interesting notes today. ♥ I’m intrigued with the New York  note . New York has come up a couple of times in the past.  October 1, 2014; October 17, 2014; July 27, 2015 – I wonder if these are connected? And how?

And who is Joe? (July 27th & 28th)

Until tomorrow….

Spiritual Journal July 6, 2015

Monday    ANGEL NUMBERS ღ 1:11, 5:55
ABOUT Creating

I get it.  Creating comes in many forms. It’s all about expression…and the energy. Creating helps me to release energy…through art, writing, design, or just talking…anything allowing me to express myself.

Create. It’s one of the 5….there are 5you have them writtenmissing a step. I did stop…creating. I wasn’t even journaling much or when I did, I didn’t put much thought into it. I didn’t want to take the time to sit down and write my thoughts out. I even quit talking about all of the amazing and intriguing experiences I am having (with the few I am comfortable verbally sharing this with!) And I have been making all kinds of connections with what I have learned in the just last year – almost at an overwhelming pace. But I internalize instead…. keeping most of it in. And this internalizing caught up with me…put me in a funk – but also let me think about what is truly important to me. So I’m focusing on finding my passion again…and staying balanced.

Local Woman Missing…

An 81-year-old local woman  was reported missing – gone since July 4th. I saw this posted on Facebook this morning. This news made me think of Ann, who I met back at the beginning of May. Today when I meditate I will set my intention to help find her. I have no idea if I can do this, but I feel like I am supposed to try.

Meditation Notes: 10:16 AM

• ‘Do what feels right!‘ {TY}
R-name (my name being repeated)
• ‘follow through’ [GUIDANCE]
• (thought/memory of S. and I twirling under the Moon last week)
• Attention to throat
Yvette [or name like or Y-name]
Hughes [or H-name….or hues?]
• Feels like lots of talk going on….chatter
• ‘God’s gift
• ‘peace for family
• Sound like a car door shutting
• Feels like falling forward
• ‘divination
• Something dragging across (the ground?)
Vision: shadow like – as if someone walks up to someone/something on the ground…looking at it….decisions – ‘what to do?’
Ache across right brow line
• ‘polluted
• ‘immersion
• Y-name, H-name
• ‘not good
• Feels like muscle on left arm is being pinched (ouch!)
• ‘take her
• Feels like it (something) doesn’t make sense
Something on the face – down left side of nose and under eye
• A ‘team of youngsters
• Vision: little red heart shapes
• Heard “awe, grandma
• Vision: round, clear, glass bowl of water…like a bird bath (?)
• ‘symbol’
• Feels like hands and lower arms can’t move – and chin down and can’t move mouth
• (number) 5
• ‘the whole time…sitting, waiting
‘they’re doing the work, I’m just listening’
• Felt shift – down
Nadine [or N-name]
• Something shooting or streaking past me on the left
Sally or S-name
Sounds like some kind of machinery or equipment…feel a constant vibration…like a helicopter hovering over
• Vision: the bottom of a white dress or gown (from waist down)
• ‘hospital
END… 11:12 AM


As soon as I finished meditating I did a quick online search to see if I could find more information about the missing woman. I felt (strongly) like she had been found – and I hoped I was right…found and ALIVE.  I did find an update about her –  with her name (DH name), and she was FOUND…yesterday, according to online news. She was found in PA, but no other details were provided (other than she suffers from memory loss). I am okay not being able to validate if anything I picked up during meditation was connected to her disappearance or being located, I am just very grateful she has been found and is now safe. Thank You. ♥

Journal Notes June 19, 2015


Today my niece and I went to the neighborhood garage sales. It was fun to get to spend some time with her, find some bargains & treasures together, and talk about decorating her new home.

I did late day meditation today…around 5:45 PM. And I wrote… thoughts about writing.

Ideas. My story. Why don’t I know where to start? What is relevant? ALL OF IT. But do I really want to do it (write)? Nooooo. But I KNOW I am SUPPOSED to. Remember. All of it.

The Blog is helping me with this…just little pieces of the story…here and there, as they pop up. (LIKE THE ECHO!). And what about the echo that felt like someone or something wasn’t coming back? Hmmm. I have to look back on those notes again…something about a subject, or a teacher. So a lesson was learned, perhaps?

Face my fear.

~Write about those things (lessons) that are hard to write about…because you have to remember how they made you feel. FEEL them.

~Talk about the children. Each have special lessons to teach you.

~Write about what you have already learned… how you got where you are today. Where you are going…or WANT to go. Finding your Purpose. Living in a higher vibration.

~Thoughts are scattered – but if you INSIST on organizing everything first – ‘it is just procrastinating!’


Connections: Writing May 24, 2015



It feels like the story I am being guided to write about and share is being ‘outlined’ for me. Synchronicity. Today I understand why I had the (May 22nd) dream about my daughter getting run over by the car. It wasn’t an omen – it wasn’t even about her. The dream came to remind me of another child’s tragedy, another parent’s nightmare. The dream came to remind me of  my son’s friend, Chris.

And if the dream didn’t allow me to FEEL this tragedy all over again, yesterday Chris stopped by our house to visit. We probably haven’t seen him since last summer. But his appearance at my home helped me understand. Chris is an important part of the story.  His story is tragic. Yet it makes perfect sense that he would reappear  in my life right now, at this moment. He came (unknowingly) to remind me of his story…and to remind me that it could have been my child. He came to let me feel it again. His tragedy, and the circumstances surrounding his tragedy, and the events that followed.

Abstract background of beautiful color smoke waves.This is all part of my learning process. LESSONS, I call them. Remembering life events, and the feelings associated with those events. Especially the one’s you don’t WANT to remember. Writing with feeling. As I look back through my journal, I have been told.


Journal Notes May 21, 2015


IMG_3453Today I’m writing with my new pens. My new Paper♥Mate Flair pens in 12 assorted colors. ☺ I had the 4-pack, but the 12-pack was calling my name. Just one of my many quirks…but I’ve always been a ‘pen’ person.The pen needs just the right flow of the ink on the paper – and I need to FEEL it.

And I know I’m not the only person who has this quirky ‘pen’ thing…both sisters as well as my son do, too (so maybe it’s just a quirky family thing?)

Before I meditate today, I will pray and ask for comforting energy to be sent to R’s dad, who has cancer. †††

Meditation Notes:

  • attention to throat, then back of right leg
  • something feels ‘too hard’
  • attention to the heart ♥ – heavy feeling
  • heard “how you feeling?”
  • S-namefemale
  • feels ‘hard to breathe
  • feels like ‘to the right
  • (clear throat)
  • hear music ♫ [Angels]
  • skin on left hand feels super sensitive
  • ache throughout left leg and up the back
  • hearing the ♪Solsbury Hill♫ song
  • (uplifting feeling)
  • pain – left temple
  • gambling/dogs/racetrack [go back in notes May 9th]
  • Jim [or J-name]
  • attention to arms – as if ‘scooping’ something up with them
  • up on a hill
  • heard “circumstances
  • letters ‘J-D-R
  • smell of rubbing alcohol
  • (something about) ‘solving a crime‘ [need to go back to when I first got this same message…think I woke one morning to this] See February 24th
  • feel pressure through ears
  • crime/solve/little girl missing [go back in notes – also May 9th]
  • sudden ache across left knee
  • pain above left brow
  • vision: (car?) headlights through trees – dark night
  • heard “doing great” then “done
  • [opened my eyes] see two male faces in candle auraone younger male and another with light (white?) wavy hair
  • [also  see] what looks like 1/2 Angel, 1/2 fairy figure
  • feet and legs are very chilly
  • ‘profile’
  • 599‘…then ‘good night
  • heard: “had (something) all over the place, and they’re never gonna die”
  • heard: “….talking to me, Patsy?”
  • attention to heart ♥- now feel happy/smiling ☻
  • ‘farm’
  • ‘cancer’
  • something about reorganizing or changing something
  • pain through left side of throat/neck/upper arm/under arm/along ribs/underarm [see May 25 notes]

END….Wow! Lots of notes today!

Today’s Angel Number 333 appears  just as I am thinking about knowing, feeling, writing, healing….and don’t forget about the number.

Journal Notes May 17, 2015


stockvault-multicolor-crayons127750Yesterday was just a busy day. I did chakra meditation in the morning, but skipped the mindful meditation. Didn’t even do any writing in my journal – which is fine because I think I am on overload with writing – and thoughts about writing!

My niece brought her friend, and her friend’s sister, to my house last night for a Tarot Card reading. I think one connected with the cards more than the other. We will try again….I’m still learning. Practice! 🌟🌟🌟


Realized today who the C-name R-name (came to me as Carly Rae on May 1st) could be. There is a connection to the Jim name and this person. Jim would be the father. Hmmm……

Today’s Meditation Notes:

  • a lot to remember
  • that is why we write‘ {TY} [Guidance]
  • feel tightness across chest
  • reversed’
  • left arm aches
  • got/felt ‘what the heck was that!?
  • heard “Rebecca” [or R-name]
  • Solsbury Hill ♪ song lyrics
  • sun porch
  • heard “she’s beautiful
  • (clear throat) [beginning to think there is significance to the throat clearing every time I meditate….]
  • something about…’what she was told
  • I’ve come to take you home ♫ [from the Solsbury Hill song]
  • felt hurried -‘hurry’
  • fingernails – picking [I suddenly started picking at a nail…I have NEVER done this during meditation]
  • quick, mild pain above left eye

END: Believe I just received validation the CR- name (person) is who I believe it is. ♥♥♥ 

{TY} indicates I acknowledge and give thanks for the message or lesson
[bracketed comments are notes added after meditation]
(parenthesis notations are typically written during meditation)


Guidance about Writing

On Thursday May 14th I had another person tell me I’m supposed to write. This ‘writing‘ message has been coming back to me frequently…with specific things I should write about. Those things I have been avoiding even thinking about.

A first suggestion was to write about leaving Corporate America after a 31-year career (my one-year anniversary is on June 1st!). Maybe write about why I left, and all the feelings and emotions that were involved. While other people might relate to this –  it’s much deeper than that…so very much deeper.

I realized my meditation notes from May 14th were very specific to ME as soon as I reviewed them the next day …guidance about writing.

My Interpretation of May 14, 2015 Meditation Notes

• Dream – Dorothy – OZ [think of the movie The Wizard of OZ…and then she woke up…]
• Doing things ‘in order’ [writing about events in the order they occurred]
• The word ‘vision’ (repeated) [my first vision – there’s a story there….and after the word being repeated I also had a vision ▼]
• Vision of what looked like a porch on a house – with a distinct A-frame roof over the porch [the A-frame was significant to me…the letter ‘A’ begins the alphabet…start at the beginning]
• ‘birth’; ’giving birth’ [a new start – beginning]
• Attention to sternum….heart ♥ [write with love, emotions, feelings, passion]
• Explaining something….in/about a picture or photo [about the photos of the Angels and my Spirit Guides]
• ♪ Solsbury Hill ♫ song [read the lyrics ☻]



Journal Notes May 10, 2015

Happy Mamas Day ♥

9:30 am mediation – going to try to use the digital recorder instead of writing. It’s not a very user friendly device to begin with – AND I have to use the darn readers to see/read the buttons on it! Well okay – forget that idea. The recorder is just not an option for me….not feeling it. I am meant to write, I guess.

Meditation Notes:
• Words: ‘inspire’ – ‘lead’ – ‘guide‘ [me? ☺]
• Feel sharp pain above right eye – brow up to hairline

Stop! 10:00 am – Just heard hubby pull in…he’s home from his West Virginia 4- wheeling adventure! Ran downstairs to welcome him home. He will be busy outside for awhile, so I’ll try again to meditate.

Stop! Sister and her hubby just stopped by….maybe I’m not supposed to do this (meditate) right now. Maybe I’ll try again later.

10:00 PM: I never did get a chance to go back to meditation today, but tonight I watched a really interesting film about Tapping on Gaiam TV.  I had never heard of this concept, but do have a very strong belief in our ability to self-heal. So here’s a little excerpt (in addition to lots of interesting information about this topic [tapping: EFT; emotional freedom technique] on the Web …

EFT: Tapping Into the Power to Heal | Gaiam Life

So what is this tapping thing I’m talking about? Emotional Freedom Techniques, or EFT. Discovered in the early ’90s by engineer Gary Craig, EFT is a process of clearing out energy blocks in the body, thereby easing stress and anxiety and promoting well-being. It’s much like acupuncture but without the needles.In practice, EFT requires you to tap with your fingertips on various meridians or energy centers throughout the body while focusing on the stress, pain, problem or challenge you want to clear…

Source: EFT: Tapping Into the Power to Heal | Gaiam Life