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Spiritual Journal | August 31, 2015




I have been waking again throughout the night …to thoughts, words, visions. Remember something about mom, and tomatoes (again) and numbers…a vision with numbers…like a house number… 3133.

Maybe there is a message for me with the numbers

Repeating Angel Numbers – 3’s and 1’s (31, 331, 313, 311 etc)

Source: ANGEL NUMBERS – Joanne Sacred Scribes: Repeating Angel Numbers – 3’s and 1’s (31, 331, 313, 311 etc)

I woke early this morning feeling inspired….but now I’m suddenly feeling a little lost? Not sure why…I made my To Do list ☺. Think I will meditate on it…

Meditation Notes:

• Left leg – pain shooting up calf
M-name (like Mike)
• ‘It’s all about trust’…’Letting go is hard – but it doesn’t mean you don’t care’….’Heal’
• ‘dawn’
‘Eyes’ – reflections of things
Scratchy throat
• ♫your love is like bad medicine♪
• attention to right side of face
• Mild pain across temples & bridge of nose
Itchy feeling
• its ‘zapping your energy’
• Something about fake hair….how fake a girl’s hair is
S-name (like Susan)

Yesterday I meditated to Heal and Balance, and to release. I probably should have skipped trying to write during today’s meditation, because the whole thing just felt a little… off.

But today’s meditation did renew my inspiration. And  I have decided…finally…to get my Book of Lessons updated. It is a priority now. And  I think it is long overdue.

Goodbye, procrastination…. I’m ready to let you go!


Spiritual Journal July 17, 2015


Bobby Pins: This morning I woke to something about ‘bobby pins’…and the word stuck with me until I wrote it down.

‘The girls’ will be over this evening. Just 3 of us this time, though. And M. is still waiting for her new grand baby to arrive, so I have a feeling she won’t make it. I did look back through my journal – for the entries for or about her (M.) There are many – from January through July of this year. So many possibilities – I got lost trying to make sense of  them. Overwhelmed. So I stopped and put it all away. It shouldn’t have to be this difficult. I don’t want it to be this difficult. I want to just ‘get it’…finally. But I know it doesn’t work that way. The only one who can really connect to what I received is M.

I meditated for 30 minutes today. I did not write any notes in my journal during. I feel energized! I have lot’s to do!


Words…Pretty Words


I have been getting a lot of random ‘words‘ lately during meditation. Actually, random words popping into my head is the reason I started journaling (remember –  it all started with ‘write’). One of the first random words popped into my head back in 2013. The word was  astroflow. I remember when I got this …I totally thought I had made it up. I was positive there was no such word. Maybe it was astral-flow? No – don’t think that is a word either.  Well – I did a little searching on this word and discovered that astroflow – although not technically a word – is the name of  an information technology bandwidth management solution (I know, blah-blah-blah). Well, because I was studying for my IT degree at the time, it made perfect sense why I would get this ‘word‘. Understanding astroflow helped me understand why I was having challenges trying to meditate. How cool is that?

Pretty Words

I’ve noticed lately the (random) words I am getting are pretty words (not that astroflow is ugly)… like permeate, divination, immersion, sentient. They are words I am familiar with, and might be able to define based on how they make me feel – but I don’t necessarily know the exact meaning of these words. So I decided to start and keep a list of these words. Words I’m supposed to know, and understand…and feel. ♥

More pretty words:
 relevant, discretion, lightworker, consciousness, ascension, déjà vu 

July 13 , 2015


Journal Notes June 26, 2015


Yesterday I felt this need to CREATE….something. With my hands…and NOT WRITING about what I want to do …just doing it. I meditated but did not write anything during meditation, and then felt motivated so decided to check out my inventory of supplies to begin ‘creating’… something.

Today, my thoughts go to words… Create. Heal. Teach. Inspire. Change. Followed with …Write. Automatic Writing. The writing will not go away. Maybe I will meditate on it.

Meditation Notes:
• words…Relevant –then ‘revelant’ [is the latter even a word?]
• hear song lyric ♫look into my eyes♪
• ‘either she’s interested, or she’s not’
• Heard “she doesn’t know right now”
“she just needs to trust” {TY}
• Feel energy through feet then travels up through body and into head
‘aqua dots’
• Stabbing pain under the left breast [woke this morning with this pain, which has continued sporadically throughout the morning]
Vision – an eye, from the side
• Left breast pain again
Vision and feels like sitting on the ground, Indian style, facing someone (don’t know who?), holding both hands
• Left arm into neck aches
Writing ‘releases’ it (energy) GUIDANCE {TY}
• Mild headache – across brow
• Relax. Allow. Trust.
• Increased level of awareness
• Just relax and trust… It will come to you! GUIDANCE {TY}


GUIDANCE♥☼♀…I asked and it was received.

About the words….revelant vs relevant : Common Errors in English Source: revelant vs relevant : Common Errors in English “”Revelant” is both spoken and written frequently when “relevant” is intended.” Revelant is not a word!

Journal Notes February 16, 2015

February 16, 2014 Mon

Personal Notes:
Woke a few times throughout the night. The first 2 times I woke I felt compelled to look at the time on the nightstand clock– but after that I must have quit looking, because I only remember…
The first waking time was at 1:00 AM
The second waking time was at 2:34 AM


(10:29 AM) Suddenly I’m not feeling well. Having pain in my chest above my right breast bone, then the back of my left knee, and now a headache. Have been trying to reach S to check on her but am not getting a response. She was at the ER yesterday and another blood clot was found.
While in the shower I started thinking about Purpose – how CW said mine is to serve. I would think this would be EVERY PERSON’s purpose…to serve the world or other people in some way. Imagine what the world would be like!
Meditation is calling my name…as I glance at the clock it is 11:11 AM

Meditation Notes
• Vision of 4 white pillars/beams
• Hearing the tune to a song – don’t know the words or title but know the song
• Eyes are burning and tearing (closing them)
• Feels hard to breathe
• Attention to the right
• ‘That’s OK’
• Felt like ‘making up’ – with someone
• Attention to stomach [sacral chakra]
• (Feel movement on the bed)
• ‘Matthew, Mark, Luke and John’
• ‘Brothers’
• Heard “I’m TRY-ing” (like sing-song)
• Feel pulse through ears
• Attention to lower left back/hip
• Hear very high pitch tone
• Feel mild headache – temples then forehead
• More music – don’t know words but hear the tune
• Feel like (closed) eyes ‘shifted’
• Feel hunger
• Feet tingly
• ‘just tired’ – also feeling this
• Hands are aching
• ‘writing’ then immediate attention to throat

[bracketed comments are notes added after meditation]
(parenthesized notations are typically written during meditation)

Journal Notes January 23, 2015

January 23, 2015 Fri

Personal Notes:
Registered for my BLOG last night! YAY me!
Getting Todd Rundgren song lyric “it was late last night – I was feeling something wasn’t right”… Probably because I was not TIRED when I tried to go to sleep. I was up until after midnight. Woke up this morning before 8:00 am. Cats meowing at the dresser mirror, wall and corner. Watching the air.
Thinking a lot about the BLOG. Where do I start? Probably right ‘here’. Need to get that other chair caned for T first (I am such a procrastinator!) – but I don’t want it on my mind. Going to meditate now. Please help me release all fear and negative energy.

Meditation Notes
• Seeing energy in the air – flashes of purple triangles
• ‘we do not judge’ ; ‘we only assist for the highest and most divine purpose’
• Heard “blessed be”
• ‘it’s kinda like that was turned off’
• ‘one step closer’
• ‘there are 5’  then  ‘you have them written’
• Feeling. Knowing. Writing. Creating. BEING.
• In my heart – just want to be HAPPY
• Still not sure ‘that’ can be ‘defined’
• Lyrics to “words of love”
• ‘you’re on the right path’
• You can go ‘ there’ any time simply by focusing on breathing
• Felt bliss
• Saw white angel silhouettes
• Felt energy from the right
• ‘you are supposed to write’
• Lyric “if you love her then you must send her…” followed by “you ought a know by now” (repeated) then ‘words of love’
• Vision is pixelated and vibrating
• Vision of a man’s face – elderly man
• Feel pain down nose
• ‘sunrise – sunset’
• Hearing angelic music
• Heard “better talk to him first for a while”
• ‘I sat in the living room and ‘talked to the room’’ [do not feel like the “I” is me….maybe the man I saw?]
• Ache across brow line
• ‘anything you can do, I can do better’ then ‘can/cant’ (back and forth)
• Something about ‘from the graveyard’
OMG have to pee again! Grrrrrr!  Time to be done 😐

Personal Notes: As I typed this, I saw and wrote HAPPY as the 5th word in the 7th bullet above…but I actually have written in my journal the 5th word is  ‘BEING’. As I search for the word HAPPY in my journal (because I KNOW I saw it written) hubby walks into the room and says “happy”.

Journal Notes January 19, 2015

January 19, 2015 Mon

Personal Notes:
Didn’t meditate yesterday – felt a break was due. Spent time on my burning. It’s like meditation to me, but also makes me feel somewhat OCD because when I start I don’t want to stop! Did get many angel numbers yesterday … 9:11; 11:11; 1:23; 4:44 and many sequential (ie., 4-5-6).
Feeling good – motivated. Taking care of me. Getting some stuff done around the house, too (thanks B!) Got some sister time in this weekend. Hung with S Fri & K Sun (for hot tub & Bloody Marys). Want all of us to go spend some time together at the timeshare.
Found a book in J’s ‘junk’ tub while I was cleaning & organizing around the house. The book is ‘The Alchemist’ by Paul Coelho. Know I am supposed to read it. Ready to move forward. Ready for more fun. 🙂
Waking again to random ‘stuff…words, parts of dreams or messages but can never remember everything. Do remember the word ‘sand’.

Meditation Notes
• Tingles/chills through legs right away
• Left calf itches
• You can do it ALL. Find your passion & excitement LESSON
• Make a list
• Hands feel very warm
• Cool draft across ankles
• ‘blog’ (repeated)
• something about a ‘room to the left’
• Sibling – first born
• Got name Joey [or J-name] then Macintire (sp?) [or M-name]
• Heard “there are other things you’re supposed to do first”
• Felt  breeze from left
• Feeling of anger – impatience
• Attention to left upper arm
• ‘please don’t leave me’
• Do the blog – plan it out – will feel better about it LESSON

Journal Notes January 12, 2015

January 12, 2015 Mon

Personal Notes:
Suddenly felt very lightheaded…right after finishing a bowl of oatmeal. Don’t think I got enough sleep last night. Was up ‘til midnight and woke at 6:15 am to a call from hubby about school closing. Also got a cell call from sister at 4:38 am [she swears the phone was on her nightstand and she did not call me…this is the 2nd time this has happened!]

Meditation Notes
• Vision of puzzle pieces moving/falling down
• Heard the instrumental of the song then the lyric “are you ready for a new sensation” [INXS]
• ‘others may say or think they are sick – they don’t know ascension’
• ‘ascension flu’
• Vision and felt like swiping at an angle (see drawing)
• Feel vibrations – like bed is vibrating
• ‘write’
• Felt blissful
• something about…”And he ‘took the garbage out’”
• Foot feels distended
• ‘Anchor’
• Humming a tune
• Vision of a [wooden table?]} leg
• Yucky taste in mouth
• ‘buckle’
• Lyric “new sensation”

Personal Notes:
Ohio State Buckeyes won National title. YAY!

Journal Notes December 29, 2014

December 29, 2014 Mon

Personal Notes:
Why is the lyric “if I only had a brain” from the Wizard of OZ stuck in my head this morning? Well, house is quiet – other than Sky randomly batting at the door stop downstairs – so I’ll try to meditate.

Meditation Notes
• ‘Trance’
• Mom
• Felt like head was tremoring
• grandma
• Felt like a hole in the middle of the chest (between breasts)
• Lyric “drowning in a sea of love”
• Attention to right side – breast, back, arm, hand
• Lesson: write; this is where you must have FAITH and TRUST
• Chest
• “Sarah” lyric
• breathing
• Very cool draft from left then across feet
• Vision of a “monk” – male – dark hair – facial hair

>Sky was being so obnoxious at the bedroom door that I had to end my session.

Journal Notes December 28, 2014

December 28, 2014 Sun

Personal Notes:
Woke frequently throughout the night again to random ‘stuff”

Meditation Notes
• Sad – wanted to cry
• Heard “Believe”
• something about ‘Cowboys and Indians’
• Lyric “I live my life for you”
• Lesson: if you believe in yourself – anything is possible
• Ideas about wood burning
• Write, write, write (repeated)

Personal Notes:
Watched the Browns game with S & T. Practiced the pendulum with S. Immediately was shown the yes, no, and wont answer when I asked
Have noticed I have been seeing 11:17 regularly.