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A Spiritual Journey | September 22, 2015


I woke this morning to three words…


Of course I knew these words must have meaning for me. I am knee-deep in trying to understand and connect the symbolism of my dreams and visions, so there is most likely a message for me in these words. Plus, I used the word ‘clubbing’ to describe  how I felt in one part of the Airport Dream.


Clubbing symbolizes a sense of belonging.

 But what about south and east?


✧ life, expectations, and questions
✧ Chinese zodiac: Physical strength, health, adventure, loyalty
✧ Celtic symbolism:  fire, energy, passion, creativity
✧ Time phases:  Present – Now
✧ Native American: beginnings/purity
✧ Astrological Zodiac: Fire/Leo…….FIRE = ACTION


✧ inner wisdom, rejuvenation, and spiritual enlightenment
✧ Chinese zodiac: Trust, sincerity, love, compassion
✧ Celtic symbolism: air, communication, new beginnings, new     growth
✧ Time phases: Future
✧ Native American: salvation/spirit
✧ Astrological Zodiac: Earth/Taurus EARTH=Physical Manifestation

source: Symbolism of the Compass – Meaning of the Four Directions

  • ‘Channeling’
  • Felt warmth across entire body – like a mini, mild hot flash
  • ‘It is not our thoughts that hold us hostage, but our fear of being judged by others for expressing our thoughts.’ [LESSON]
  • ‘Gratitude is positively acknowledging what you have without focusing any thought on what you don’t.’ [LESSON]
  • Vision: an arm  with thin bands wrapped around it

THE VISION MEANING –  reach out and care for people – reach out to others; reconnect with an old friend ♥


“The Angel Number 33 is a message from your angels that any positive changes or projects you are considering right now will be well worth your while, and you will be assisted in the undertaking.”
source: Angel Numbers – Joanne Sacred Scribes

Spiritual Journal | August 22, 2015

Endings and Beginnings

stockvault-path-in-nature124348Today I approach the last page of my Journal – Book #4. It feels appropriate…a new chapter begins!  The Angels are with me…giving me signs with numbers (like 33, 911, 1117) and  random music in my head.

♬  ♩   ♪  ♫  ♬  ♩   ♪  ♫  ♬  ♩   ♪  ♫  ♬  ♩   ♪  ♫

Today’s Meditation Notes

SATURDAY | 11:55 AM-12:30 PM

Abstract background of beautiful color smoke waves.• female  – young, pretty, dark hair
• Hearing music ♪ ♫
• vision: palm of hand resting on top of head
• feels like GOD
Left temple, mild pain
• ‘Lord, come with me now’
• feeling of much pain and sorrow
• ‘God will let you release it’
• Vision: a man’s torso with a suit jacket, shirt, tie….like a Groom (?)
• (BIG inhale)
Stopped writing and just let go….lots of visuals, words, and ‘pieces’ of thoughts (like sentences). Didn’t try to focus in on anything… think I just needed to let it flow through.


stockvault-mannequin-close-up113936During meditation today – after the music … from the Angels – I had a vision. I have noticed some of  my visions lately have feelings associated with them (or maybe they always have and I haven’t always noticed?) … like the vision three days ago – of  throwing my head down on my arms and sobbing – which actually came in with the feeling of deep sorrow. Today was a vision of the palm of a hand laying against the top of my head…but I could almost feel this…as if this was the hand of God, on my head. And with the feeling came the message

You are worthy. You know you are not perfect – and in God’s eyes – that is true perfection.

Businessman | Hand drawing social network


Tomorrow I meet with a couple of friends from high school…I believe we have connections.

Julie and Stephanie…are you ready!?  ♥♥

Spiritual Journal | August 19, 2015

cropped-stockvault-mannequin-close-up1139362.jpgMeditation Notes

Wednesday | 10-00-10:45 AM

• immediately the song lyric ♫ Like Toy Soldiers♪  comes in
‘I wrote it’ then… feels like looking through things…sharing stuff
• Felt like my facial muscles just totally relaxed…’blank expression’
‘she left a child’ then a feeling of  deep sorrow
• Vision: female throwing head down on arms and sobbing
• ‘America’… a ’tribute
• song lyric & music ♫ dude looks like a lady ♪ [Aerosmith]
‘that’s Joe!’
• Vision: two females…BIG hug
• Heard “how long have I been here” then “three (3) years?” then male voice “two (2) years”
• Feel like a pinch on upper left arm
‘now it gets fun’
‘Daddy’s helping
• Song lyric ♫love will rock you – never stop you – love is like a rock♪  [Donnie Iris]… or D-name(?)
• S-name (like Stacy)
• Song lyric ♫take me to the other side ♪ [another Aerosmith]
• Heard “we’ve got a puralator [sic] down there”
J-name (like JoAnne)
• something about ‘The Rock Museum’
• smelling something… like good cooking ☺
‘Hello’ then S-name (like Stacy)
• Heard “what did I do? I didn’t attach it to nothin’[sic]!
‘can’t rely on anyone’
Bottom of feet aching
END…felt like time to be done.

PUROLATOR: an oil filter ….

Following Through

Not much time to write these last couple of days… my focus has been on priorities around the house and on following-through. It is really time for me to say goodbye to procrastination.



Spiritual Journal August 12, 2015

stockvault-glass-of-water134666WEDNESDAY: WATER

Woke up this morning and stretched…and ended up with a Charlie-horse in my left calf. Oh, the pain! ∈ Immediately thought – I must need to drink more water.  AGUA.

“Go with the flow, and let the symbolism of water ride on your waves of contemplation.” Source: Symbolism of Water

Meditation Notes:
Kim [or K-name]
• Feels like can’t catch my breath
• Song lyric comes in …♫ comes from up above… are you ready for a thing called love?”♪ [B. Raitt] (Yes! I am)
• Smiling now – peaceful feeling
• Attention to tongue….‘use your voice
• ‘But listen!‘ (being repeated) GUIDANCE
• Feel sorrow now
• Feeling of slowly going backward
• Vision: Words – typed words in purple, a sentence…THIS IS AN INSTANTLY….(some word)…MESSAGE < I think [tried really hard to focus in and read it but couldn’t see the last two words clearly]
• Vision: elevator door….black (walls?) – white (frame) – blue (door)


I knew exactly what this vision of the elevator door symbolized as soon as I reviewed my notes. The elevator symbolizes the  transition between levels of awareness. Because the door was shut, I’m clearly not transitioning –  I’m waiting for the door to open.  And the color of the door – blue, represents the throat chakra.  I have to use my voice to open the door and get on the elevator. I guess my Guides want to make sure I get this message! ☺

Thank You.

Spiritual Journal July 25, 2015

Saturday – visions
Meditation Notes: 11:38 AM – 12:09

• the song lyric ♫Que sera, sera – whatever will be, will be – the future’s not ours to see♪ comes into my head almost immediately
song lyric changes to ♫Welcome to the Hotel California♪
Tom – or T-name
• ‘it’s okay to ask’
• something about ‘witch’, then ‘she’s a Wicca’, then ‘that’s a pretty word’
• Vision: as if looking above a house…see the top of the house…the roof line against the horizon
• ‘there’s a fire in the house’
• Something feels ‘uncomfortable
• (felt like a very long pause….silence, peaceful)
• Uplifting feeling – almost like an upward swirling motion
• Song lyric ♫hold me closer, tiny dancer♪
• Smiling – feel good, happy
• Suddenly remember an earlier vision [see below]
Hunger feeling
• right foot feels very distended…as if my toes are pointed down (like a ballet dancer)…the soles of my feet are very tingly
• The ♫hold me closer, tiny dancer♪ lyric pops into my head again
• I feel the uplifting sensations & feelings..almost like going up an elevator…the motion…it comes to me four times before I finally open my eyes, and know… I am done

Another pretty word…Wicca

I also got this word during meditation about one year ago (one day before the August 11, 2014 Full Moon). As I look back through my journal, I see an association to a name almost every time there is reference to  ‘witch‘ or ‘Wicca‘ – so I think I understand what this is about.

So, What is Wicca?  “Wicca is an eclectic religious belief system centering around gods, goddesses, and nature worship.  Gary Cantrell, a well-known Wiccan author says Wicca is based on “harmony with nature and all aspects of the god and goddess divinity.”

Read more here…

Source: What is Wicca?|Definition|Roots Are Ancient Agrarian Celtic Society

VISION…or dream?

During meditation today, I suddenly remembered an earlier vision I had – maybe this morning? Or yesterday? I know… does it really matter when? Well, the vision was of an outdoor stove …like a cook top. I remember my grandparents had one of these stoves, and would always cook on it when we went camping. And I also remember with this vision came something to do with ‘gypsies‘ – a feeling about a grandmother (dad’s mom) who may have been referred to as a gypsy.

So that was it – the vision that I forgot about until I meditated this morning…and suddenly remembered it. Now that I think about it, this may have actually been a dream I was remembering, not a vision?


This hunger feeling it is not a stomach hunger. This feeling of hunger expands through my chest (heart chakra) and down into my solar plexus. Just like stomach hunger, this hunger feels like food will satisfy it – but I KNOW I am not physically hungry when this feeling erupts in me. And it’s deeper than that. At one point I related it to (using and)  sending energy, but most recently it resonated as a feeling of love.  A hunger for more? Yes. Always.

a VISION today

I was floating on a raft in the pool today, enjoying the sun and the quiet, when I had a vision

I saw a child. A brown (or dark) haired child, laying on the cement along the edge of the pool. Actually. laying on (his) stomach with (his) head propped up by (his) elbows. He was watching me…and smiling. I think this was a little boy, but I’m not sure….could have been a little girl with a cute pixie-type haircut. ☺

Spiritual Journal July 20, 2015

Monday – Happy Birthday SJ ♥

I woke around 3:00 AM and lay awake for about an hour before finally drifting back to sleep. In the hour I was awake, I became aware of the ‘energy surges’ that have started again. Hot flashes, heat flashes, powers surges…whatever you choose to call them, they’re back.

It’s 12:22 PM as I sit to meditate. Almost immediately I get the Elton John song lyric ♫ It’s sad, so sad…it’s a sad, sad situation – and it’s getting more and more absurd ♪ – and I understood the significance of this song in my head.

Meditation Notes:

• Something about somebody ‘washing (his) finger(s) all night long’
• (sudden thought about today’s horoscope – feels important)
Vision: flower – Black Eyed Susan…just 1 [I have always referred to this flower as a Brown Eyed Susan, though ☺]
• Got the word ‘purple’
• Vision: like a fat block letter…capital V [maybe a roman numeral 5?]
• Song lyric ♫strawberry fields forever ♪
• Got word and saw the color ‘Violet!’…feel happy – smiling

Today’s Horoscope

I try to make a point to look at my horoscope every day, and because I was born on the cusp, I make a point to read both the Libra and Scorpio horoscope via an app called The DailyHoroscope by Comitic.

Here is today’s Libra horoscope, the one that feels important …. “You have set yourself a very lofty goal in your work life, Libra. Your ambition is strong, and you are a very driven and determined person. Even though you are surely capable of attaining this goal, you may have underestimated what it will take to get there. Beyond the connections you will need to make and the investment of yourself you will have to make, this will also require a lot of study and sacrifice. You can do this, but don’t do it wearing your rose-colored glasses. Face it realistically and with hope. The challenges will be positive if you handle them optimistically.”


Black Eyed Susan is the flower of the Solar Plexus. The Solar Plexus chakra is associated with personal power, identity, and sovereignty. Read more about Flower Symbolism here.

stockvault-rainbow-clouds143806Purple…or Indigo, and Violet: Purple is associated with the Brow, or 3rd Eye, chakra – vision, intuition, perception. Violet is associated with the Crown chakra – connection to creator, higher self, spirit. Read more about The Spiritual Meaning of Colors here.

Spiritual Journal July 18, 2015


Had a great evening with L. and C. last night. Good food, good talk, good energy! L. wanted to talk about me being a ‘mystic‘.  I was like, huh?  I like that word (another pretty word ♥) but have never thought of using it to describe myself. She repeated the word, but then changed it to psychic – to which I hesitantly yet boldly declared “yes!”  I said I believe I have messages for M. This is a milestone for me…. I’m learning to claim it…own it!

There was a lot of activity at the house today – family stopping by to stay awhile, and it was a perfect day to be outside.

The Basement

Today a family member said he is seeing and hearing stuff in his basement…again. He said he was also visited by his dad (who has passed). This is not the first time he has experienced the voices or visions in his basement. And although he never mentioned it when I shared messages with him from his dad back in November, he said his dad first visited him many years ago – shortly after he died. So I feel guided to remind him of a few of the messages from his dad

You “can’t live each day thinking you’re going to die” – “Carpe Diem” and  “Kick some grass over that shit and move on!” But most import, we love you!

stockvault-gloomy-lockhouse-basement---hdr175060I think now about the basement.

Something about it (the basement) has come up a couple of times recently during meditation.

I wonder…

Spiritual Journal July 17, 2015


Bobby Pins: This morning I woke to something about ‘bobby pins’…and the word stuck with me until I wrote it down.

‘The girls’ will be over this evening. Just 3 of us this time, though. And M. is still waiting for her new grand baby to arrive, so I have a feeling she won’t make it. I did look back through my journal – for the entries for or about her (M.) There are many – from January through July of this year. So many possibilities – I got lost trying to make sense of  them. Overwhelmed. So I stopped and put it all away. It shouldn’t have to be this difficult. I don’t want it to be this difficult. I want to just ‘get it’…finally. But I know it doesn’t work that way. The only one who can really connect to what I received is M.

I meditated for 30 minutes today. I did not write any notes in my journal during. I feel energized! I have lot’s to do!


Words…Pretty Words


I have been getting a lot of random ‘words‘ lately during meditation. Actually, random words popping into my head is the reason I started journaling (remember –  it all started with ‘write’). One of the first random words popped into my head back in 2013. The word was  astroflow. I remember when I got this …I totally thought I had made it up. I was positive there was no such word. Maybe it was astral-flow? No – don’t think that is a word either.  Well – I did a little searching on this word and discovered that astroflow – although not technically a word – is the name of  an information technology bandwidth management solution (I know, blah-blah-blah). Well, because I was studying for my IT degree at the time, it made perfect sense why I would get this ‘word‘. Understanding astroflow helped me understand why I was having challenges trying to meditate. How cool is that?

Pretty Words

I’ve noticed lately the (random) words I am getting are pretty words (not that astroflow is ugly)… like permeate, divination, immersion, sentient. They are words I am familiar with, and might be able to define based on how they make me feel – but I don’t necessarily know the exact meaning of these words. So I decided to start and keep a list of these words. Words I’m supposed to know, and understand…and feel. ♥

More pretty words:
 relevant, discretion, lightworker, consciousness, ascension, déjà vu 

July 13 , 2015


Journal Notes July 5, 2015



It’s 2:34 PM as I prepare to meditate and glance at the bedside clock . I am noticing more Angel Numbers again – like 1234, 1117, 333, 911. And yesterday the cats brought our attention to  a dragonfly, which has made its way into the house and decided to explore the sun porch.

Dragonfly Totem & Spirit Animal | Meaning

“The dragonfly totem carries the wisdom of transformation and adaptability in life. As spirit animal, the dragonfly is connected to the symbolism of change and light. When the dragonfly shows up in your life, it may remind you to bring a bit more lightness and joy into your life. Those who have this animal as totem may be inclined to delve deep into their emotions and shine their true colors.”

Source: Dragonfly Totem & Spirit Animal | Meaning

Today I created…. with a few cans of spray paint, an unused side table, and some dried flower stalks. ☻ Going to meditate now – with no intention other than to ‘relax and allow‘. Whatever is for my best purpose. And so it is. ∞ ∞ ∞

Meditation Notes:
• song lyric ♫too much time on my hands♪ [my hubby even said these exact words to me today!]
Vision: of a bird…a robin
Vision: black, white, and turquoise – looked like artwork
• ‘aqua’
• Feel ‘fear’ – like fear of losing a child : (
• Something about ‘not what’s expected’
• ‘swimming pool
• Felt shift UP
• ‘much to do’
• Brief pain – left side of stomach
• sudden thoughts/memories of  my first house…

….our next-door neighbor, she was a nurse… then remember going through the house after we had moved out of it, and new owners had moved in. I remember walking through the house. I felt like an intruder, and the house felt so small…and cluttered…and it just had a very different energy. I remember doing this – and how it made me feel. But I don’t think it really happened... I think it was a dream. One of those house dreams. Why am I suddenly remembering this? And I’m getting a feeling – as if I’m going back there now (?)

END…wondering if the memories about my first house are actually a message to me about ‘going back’ to work? And then there was the vision of the robin…


Robin – A Message from one of our Spirit Animals

“To see a robin in your dream (or visions) represents new beginnings. It is a time for growth. You are feeling invigorated and inspired by the possibilities that are out there for you. Alternatively, a robin signifies self-sacrifice.”

Source: Robin – A Message from one of our Spirit Animals