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Spiritual Journal July 7, 2015


Today hubby is working on refurbishing the deck, and I made a ‘To Do’ list and am plugging away at it. With only one item remaining on (today’s) list, I added another ‘to-do’ – instead of taking care of the final task. Procrastination.  I still need time to think through this final task, I guess. So I’m taking a break to get some meditation time in.

Meditation Notes: 4:00 – 4:40 PM
• See many faces in candle flame aura…a boy (or young man) with a farmers hat
• something about ‘curtains’
‘stifling hot’
‘Book of Lessons
• (hear the wind suddenly start blowing & whistling loudly)
Soles of feet feel very warm
• Something about (a size?) ‘medium…then ‘almost medium’
• ‘fun feeling
• feels like ‘Testing me’…’always testing me’
• Tingley – outer side of left knee
• Feels like trying to figure ‘it’ out [not sure what ‘it’ was/is?]
• Feel whole body vibrating mildly (just as I was falling asleep ☺)


Journal Notes June 4, 2015


Meditation Notes:
Throat – right side- dry/itchy
• ‘today’s the day
• ‘cries with eyes open’
• (something about) ‘government
Full Moon
• ‘not allowed’
‘ready to see’
‘allowing it’
• Feel mild vibrations through body [stopped writing in journal…just went with the energy]
• ‘pizza & chips in the morning
• Heard “I’ve stopped
Vision: female – long blond hair – side part
• Feel tingles on top of head – scalp – crown

I’m still carrying this tired feeling around with me and have been napping daily. I hope it’s only the moon energy – and that this tired feeling will soon pass.

About Vibrations – JUNE 2, 2015

Check out this Blog discussing Inner Body Vibrations & Other Unusual Symptoms.


Thank you Denise Le Fay (Transitions).

Naps, Vibrations…and Dreams about Dreaming

Journal Notes June 2, 2015 ☪ FULL MOON ☪

Yesterday I had an overwhelming need to lay down and take a nap in the middle of the day. I call this a power nap. I used to require power naps, on an almost daily basis, just to be able to stay awake ’til 9:00 each evening. I don’t need these regular naps very often anymore – I have a completely different lifestyle now – but I do trust the signs my body gives me, so today I took a nap. Maybe my Washington DC ‘holiday’ is finally catching up with me.

I didn’t rest long…I’m not even sure I actually fell asleep, but after about 30 minutes, I began to feel mild vibrations through my entire body. I didn’t want to move, because these vibrations were somehow calming. I think they lasted about 5 minutes before I felt a new, refreshed energy consume me. Unfortunately this new energy didn’t last long, because I was in bed early last night – but was up and out of bed by 6:00 am this morning.

More Naps!
Despite getting a great night’s sleep, at about 7:00 am today I became very, very tired. I lay down across the top of my bed…with the bed pillows against the headboard behind me, and immediately felt a coolness sweep over me. I thought it was strange…there were no windows open in the house (it is still chilly this morning), but I just pulled my bed sheet over me and closed my eyes.

As I lay across my bed I dreamt. For two hours I lay there… and dreamt. Dreams that I was having dreams. Dreams within dreams. It was the absolute strangest experience. It was like I knew I was dreaming…and what was happening in my dream was only other dreams. And I would wake up (in my dream) in between these dreams – and know that what I had just experienced was only a dream, but I couldn’t fully wake up from them. I don’t even know how to describe the feelings this gave me. It was almost like feeling in 3D – if that makes any sense?

Dreams Within Dreams
I do recall some of the details of the ‘various’ dreams. And I do know that in each dream I would be in some type of reclined position when I would wake up (like on the floor, or a bed, etc). As I would wake (from the dream I was having in my dream) I would realize that what I had just experienced was only a dream, and then I’d try to REALLY wake up, but I couldn’t. I couldn’t move…or open my eyes. And I’d fall back to sleep…to another dream within a dream.

The most memorable of the dreams I had involved a dog. It was a big, dark-haired dog. The dog was on a leash, which I was holding for some reason. This dog was not vicious – but it bit me. First it bit me on the back of my right leg. There was no pain – just the bite mark on the back of my calf, and blood.  When I realized what had happened I tried to grab the dog by the collar, and it bit the side of my right hand. Again, no pain. But I could see the bites marks. I was able to get a hold of the dog’s collar as it continued to turn its head back toward my arm and nip at me. Finally, the dog’s owner approached me. The owner was a female and her daughter[s] (??) were with her, but they wouldn’t take the dog from me (they were afraid of it). I had to give them ‘instructions’ on how to grab the collar. When they finally took the dog, I realized I had also been bitten on my left hand – in the exact same place as the bite on my right hand. I passed out when I realized what had happened, and woke to the realization this was just a dream < again, waking and realizing I was dreaming was PART of my dream.  Confused yet? ☺

Although I don’t remember all the details about the other dreams, I do know there were others, several others – over this two-hour period.

It appears this dreaming of dreaming isn’t so out-of-the ordinary. I have a couple of family members who have also had dreams they were dreaming.

SO what might this mean?

Here are a couple of links of interest:

Dream Dictionary: Dreaming You are Dreaming

Dream Stop: Dream Within a Dream

Journal Notes April 9, 2015

April 9, 2015 Thurs

Today’s Angel Numbers 1117; 321; 333

Woke a couple of times last night, then very early this morning to the first spring thunderstorm. But YAY! Spring! Got up early, got a lot of things done, and felt meditation calling me. As I glanced at the clock it is 11:17 am. I have been asking the Angels for signs….and have been seeing this 1117 number daily.

Meditation Notes

  • feel slightly nauseous
  • mild tingles through feet and legs
  • song lyric “let your worries pass you by” ♫
  • ‘paralyzed‘ and feeling of fear
  • tingles at hairline front left
  • ‘sometimes it takes over’ {TY]
  • feels like I’m lost (I asked to release these feelings as I know they are not mine) [this is also a reminder to include ‘releasing’ when I ‘close’ after meditation}
  • feel mild vibrations through body
  • attention to throat – down into esophagus
  • song lyric “hold on for one more day” ♪
  • feeling of a kiss on the cheek – up close to the right ear  
  • ‘tune in’ (to very subtle thoughts and feelings); focus on breathing; align; center [Lessons/Guidance] {TY}
  • ‘coaching’ [yes!]{TY}
  • quick pain through right breast *
  • someone’s ‘not ready yet’
  • song lyric “all of my love” ♫ [Zepplin]
  • ‘connected’
  • feel magnetic pull ‘zipping’ up through entire body
  • something about ‘zipper‘ (?)
  • right breast – zipper, pocket, hand going into pocket and grabbing breast (see Connections ♥ April 10th)
  • Chris [or C-name]
  • Tell them “If you connect to anything PLEASE post a comment” [Guidance about this Blog ☺]
  • body feels tense...relax {TY}
  • got ‘green‘ then saw green (eyes closed)
  • see my aura around my hand – it is pale blue. I closed my eyes and see three layers of color ...pale blue, dark dusty red, and gold
  • suddenly had to clear throat
  • feel warmth along back (calf) of right leg
  • ‘wanted to explore’ (something) but ‘just need to let it go’ 
  • something smells funny- as something’s ‘not right’
  • sudden ‘poking’ feeling or right arm..like being prodded to ‘write it’
  • smell (odor) again
  • ‘arson’
  • felt like something (energy?) pushed against the right side of my head & face
  • arson – smells – not right
  • feel pressure in my head – pushing up through head
  • attention to the left side of the body
  • song lyric “let your worries pass you by” ♫
  • felt like ‘it was just one of those things’
  • feeling the head pressure again

END: noticed the heels of my feet feel as if they are numb…as if I was pressing them hard and deep into the bed.

*this pain in my right breast  – I have been getting it sporadically since yesterday

And so, dear readers, “If you connect to anything (from my meditation notes) PLEASE post a comment!” ♥


Journal Notes March 6, 2015

March 6, 2015 Fri

Went to bed last night around 11:00 pm. Had to turn OFF the TV (normally  fall asleep with it on) because I just needed the silence – and to connect with the moon… and to spend some extra time with my prayers. There was (is) a Super Moon and it was beautiful last night in the eastern sky. This morning it was even more beautiful on the western horizon.


So, I do know I woke last night – a couple of times (I think). Pretty sure  the last time I woke is when I felt the vibrations. My entire body was mildly vibrating. As I acknowledged what was happening, I was quickly consumed with a ‘heat flash’.

I have experienced the vibrations during meditation since 2013. Then I started noticing vibrations as I tried to fall asleep at night, and then I began waking in the middle of the night feeling them (as I did last night).  Eventually I would experience them during the day – normally when I was doing some type of focused meditative activity (like wood burning). 🙂

I remember when I used to have little areas of my body vibrate….this began several years ago (before I began practicing meditation). I would describe it as if I had my cell phone on vibrate laying against my body – but I didn’t. I remember talking to my doctor about these vibrating sensations, only to be told they were stress related. And that may have been true at that time, but my lifestyle has completely changed since then….I have very minimal (if any) stress in my life today (GRATEFUL ♥) ….and the vibrations are now not only stronger but widespread.

So I explored the web to get some information (clarity) about the vibrations I’m feeling. Here are links to some information I resonate with….  The Rewiring Process & Internal Vibrations  and Meditation and cool breeze (vibrations).

Meditation Notes

  • immediate chills through the legs (haven’t even said prayers yet)
  • (prayers/process) MY PROCESS
  • see many faces in candle aura (can see them even without the contact lenses in!)
  • Lessons. Be Mindful. Do not dismiss. LESSONS
  • feel hungry
  • attention to right side – ear, eye….listening [okay – FINALLY I get it! Somebody wants to tell me something]
  • uplifting feeling
  • attention to center of chest – sternum [heart chakra]
  • ‘frankincense’ {TY} [probably my thought? I was burning a frankincense incense…or maybe my guides letting me know they like it :)]
  • heart chakra (feel I am smiling now)
  • right ear – MAJOR attention to it [I get it. And I am listening.]
  • ‘needed balance’; ‘releasing anger’ {TY} [I KNOW what this is – for me and the sister ]
  • attention to right breast
  • J-name [KNOW this is my friend – it’s time for me to get in touch with her!]
  • ‘intentions’
  • (big inhale – now see the nostrils)
  • relax body
  • cool draft from the left
  • attention to the teeth
  • ‘mom’
  • left hand – attention to pinky finger
  • feeling like throat is clogged
  • neck & shoulders feel very tense
  • ‘worried about’ something
  • felt ‘serious’
  • mild pressure through head / ears

Felt like I was supposed to stop and call mom and check on her…so I ended meditation and called her (because I this point I don’t trust NOT to stop and call her…remember, I’m listening).

Mom is okay -but still glad I called her! Yes, she is concerned about her ability to eat and swallow her food due to problems with her teeth. She promised to be mindful ∞ .

Today’s Angel Number 9:11

Journal Notes January 29, 2015

January 29, 2015 Thurs

Personal Notes:
Didn’t meditate or write yesterday – time seems to be flying by. I woke Tuesday night (early Weds morning) at 12:34 am and was awake for about 1.5 hours…I mean WIDE AWAKE. Then I slept ‘til 8:00 am. But this morning I was up before 7:00 am (YAY!). I watched Dr OZ yesterday – about Angels….do they really exist? I KNOW they do 🙂
I need to create my BLOG now that I have secured my website. Much to do-  just need more hours in the day! Was dreaming last night…in my dream I saw myself with only one breast (think it was my left that was missing), but then suddenly it was there. Think I know why I dreamt this.
Feeling a little hungry but will try to meditate anyway.

Meditation Notes
• ‘The 5th Dimension’
• Felt twitch in left leg then energy to the left then felt like a fingertip tap on my left hand
• ‘Julie’  [or J-name} then felt something ‘for’ Julie [or J-name]
• Got ‘yesterday’ then heard the lyric from the Beatles song, but just as ‘yesterday…’
• Bad taste in mouth
• ‘Favorite Aunt’
• ‘Lisa’ [or L-name]
• Felt a draft over feet
• Heard ‘I’m still here’
• Felt like something went into my chest and throat [made me jerk back]
• Feel mild pressure in head
• Heard “Namaste”
• ‘Do not EXPECT’
• Felt a vibrating tone in my right ear
• Lyric “you ought to know by now”
• Back of neck aches
• Lessons about creating – what you see (physical/intentional/action)
• [laid down on my left side across bed]
• ‘Julie’  [or J-name]
• something about ‘Baseball’
• Drew an X in my journal – something about crossing back and forth
• ‘Aunt Jodi’ [or J-name}
• ‘Susie’ [or S-name}

Personal Notes:
Sister came over to do yoga with me. YAY! When we finished the yoga we went into seated meditation and immediately my whole body was vibrating…then my chest and throat felt very tight. I told Sister I was vibrating and she said she was too. She said she was also seeing faces…profiles of many people floating by.
I’d like to get my other SIster to meditate with us….

Journal Notes January 27, 2015

January 27, 2015 Tues

Personal Notes:
The song lyric “it’s all about that bass…no treble”  is in my head this morning.
Watched the stories on the news last night about the Blizzard of ’78 (1/26/78). I remember it well! Wow – felt a moment of ‘getting old’.  Yesterday, I worked on caning the chair – I am almost done and will finish it today.
Need to go visit mom soon. and I need to start doing yoga again on a regular basis. Drink more WATER, too.
Angel Numbers  10:23 and 11:17 today

Meditation Notes
• Stomach is growling
• ‘you are exactly where you are supposed to be’ [TY]
• Lyric “it’s all about that bass…no treble’ [again] lesson: being grounded vs. being ‘out there’ [TY]
• Feel excited
• Relax. Listen. Breathe.
• ‘you don’t really know me’
• ‘Mary’ [or M-name]
• Vision of orbs, feel vibrations and feel slightly nauseous
• Hear clicking in right ear
• Ache in left arm
• Tingles/chills through legs
• Feet are tingly
• Felt a flutter of strong energy pass over me to the right
• Feel coolness up through lap and then over sacral chakra [felt healing]
• Vision of 31…like the date on a desktop calendar
• Heard  “I do not prompt”
• Pain in right arm (owwww….it really hurt!) then it moved into my right temple
• Hear the very high pitch tone
• ‘start letting them through’ then ‘she must learn how to control it’
• Heard many house sounds
• Right foot feels distended
• Thought about and then struggled with the 31 I saw…was it a black number on white paper or a white number on black paper?
• Got ‘I don’t know that ‘that’ really matters’
• Got word ‘peacock’ and the a vision of one
• Lyric “every day is a winding road, I get a little bit (closer) deeper”
• Omg – again – have to pee…time to be done.

Journal Notes January 23, 2015

January 23, 2015 Fri

Personal Notes:
Registered for my BLOG last night! YAY me!
Getting Todd Rundgren song lyric “it was late last night – I was feeling something wasn’t right”… Probably because I was not TIRED when I tried to go to sleep. I was up until after midnight. Woke up this morning before 8:00 am. Cats meowing at the dresser mirror, wall and corner. Watching the air.
Thinking a lot about the BLOG. Where do I start? Probably right ‘here’. Need to get that other chair caned for T first (I am such a procrastinator!) – but I don’t want it on my mind. Going to meditate now. Please help me release all fear and negative energy.

Meditation Notes
• Seeing energy in the air – flashes of purple triangles
• ‘we do not judge’ ; ‘we only assist for the highest and most divine purpose’
• Heard “blessed be”
• ‘it’s kinda like that was turned off’
• ‘one step closer’
• ‘there are 5’  then  ‘you have them written’
• Feeling. Knowing. Writing. Creating. BEING.
• In my heart – just want to be HAPPY
• Still not sure ‘that’ can be ‘defined’
• Lyrics to “words of love”
• ‘you’re on the right path’
• You can go ‘ there’ any time simply by focusing on breathing
• Felt bliss
• Saw white angel silhouettes
• Felt energy from the right
• ‘you are supposed to write’
• Lyric “if you love her then you must send her…” followed by “you ought a know by now” (repeated) then ‘words of love’
• Vision is pixelated and vibrating
• Vision of a man’s face – elderly man
• Feel pain down nose
• ‘sunrise – sunset’
• Hearing angelic music
• Heard “better talk to him first for a while”
• ‘I sat in the living room and ‘talked to the room’’ [do not feel like the “I” is me….maybe the man I saw?]
• Ache across brow line
• ‘anything you can do, I can do better’ then ‘can/cant’ (back and forth)
• Something about ‘from the graveyard’
OMG have to pee again! Grrrrrr!  Time to be done 😐

Personal Notes: As I typed this, I saw and wrote HAPPY as the 5th word in the 7th bullet above…but I actually have written in my journal the 5th word is  ‘BEING’. As I search for the word HAPPY in my journal (because I KNOW I saw it written) hubby walks into the room and says “happy”.

Journal Notes January 12, 2015

January 12, 2015 Mon

Personal Notes:
Suddenly felt very lightheaded…right after finishing a bowl of oatmeal. Don’t think I got enough sleep last night. Was up ‘til midnight and woke at 6:15 am to a call from hubby about school closing. Also got a cell call from sister at 4:38 am [she swears the phone was on her nightstand and she did not call me…this is the 2nd time this has happened!]

Meditation Notes
• Vision of puzzle pieces moving/falling down
• Heard the instrumental of the song then the lyric “are you ready for a new sensation” [INXS]
• ‘others may say or think they are sick – they don’t know ascension’
• ‘ascension flu’
• Vision and felt like swiping at an angle (see drawing)
• Feel vibrations – like bed is vibrating
• ‘write’
• Felt blissful
• something about…”And he ‘took the garbage out’”
• Foot feels distended
• ‘Anchor’
• Humming a tune
• Vision of a [wooden table?]} leg
• Yucky taste in mouth
• ‘buckle’
• Lyric “new sensation”

Personal Notes:
Ohio State Buckeyes won National title. YAY!

Journal Notes January 11, 2015

January 11, 2015 Sun (1-11)

Personal Notes:
Have the house to myself but lots of running around to do today. Going to grab the silence for some meditation! 10:12 am

Meditation Notes
• Right arm itches
• Feet are tingly – feel distended
• Lyric “I think we’re alone now”
• Feel like I can’t breathe
• ‘Native American spirits’ then ‘dining room’
• ‘Knowledge’ then ‘step outside the body’
• Feel vibration
• Something about the eye….’birdseye’
• Brian [or B-name]
• Left ankle
• Felt/and saw ‘stuff’ rushing by
• Feel nauseous
• ‘can’t just quit ‘cause you don’t like how it makes you feel’
• Feels like I can’t move my hands/arms
• Vision (see drawing) ….scar?
• Suddenly I have to pee – bad! LOL
• ‘jagged edge’
• Right leg above knee