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A Spiritual Journey | September 17, 2015


stockvault-house-at-night101808Last night, as I closed my eyes to sleep, I had a vision…. A vision of 3 purple triangles ▲▲▲. This morning, I almost couldn’t wait to check into what this vision might symbolize for me.

So here it is…. 

“To see a triangle …symbolizes your aspirations, potential and truth. It represents your spirituality: the body, mind, and spirit. If the triangle is pointing upward, then it signifies the masculine while a downward pointing triangle signifies the feminine. “

“Three signifies life, vitality, inner strength, completion, imagination, creativity, energy, self-exploration and experience. Three stands for a trilogy, as in the past, present, and future or father, mother, and child or body, mind, and soul, etc. “

Purple is indicative of devotion, healing abilities, loving, kindness, and compassion. It is also the color of royalty, high rank, justice, wealth and dignity.”

Source: dreammoods.com

Was there a message there for me? Yes.


Okay, but what does THAT mean…really?  There’s a great read on Ask-Angels.com about Mercury Retrograde. Here’s a snippet…

Mercury Retrograde Meaning

Mercury Retrograde has a way of opening our eyes up to what we were unable, unwilling, or just too busy before to actually see.This makes Mercury retrograde a wonderful time to review what you are doing. Rather than jumping into something new, it’s a great time to finish up existing projects, refine and make your existing work better, and reveal solutions and innovations where you may have felt blocked or stagnated before.

Source: Mercury Retrograde Meaning  < read more!



Meditated today outside ☼ …on a lounge chair by the pool.

• Feels like lots of people around…excited & happy…but waiting
• Left side of nose…nostril…weird pain
• Feels like numbness to the front of the face
• Mom & Dad [parent-figures]
• Pain shoots up front of lower right leg
• Breathing feels labored
• T-name (like Theresa)
• See white light [light is being shed on something]
• “Book of Lessons” [learning lessons]
• Pain shoots across brow line
• D-name (like Dave)
• Uncle
• J-name (like Julie)
• TW-name (like Terry / like Williams)
• Pain – Left side of throat/neck
• Feels like shielding sun from eyes…more like a ‘salute’
• Quick sudden vision…looks like TV static  – zig zag
• UPLIFTING feeling
• Heard “you need to go through this again”
• Attention to the throat

Thank ♥ You

TODAY’S NOTES may be connected to May 20, 2015 meditation notes (Theresa) and September 11, 2015 (9-11) meditation notes (Terry/Williams).

A Spiritual Journey | September 10, 2015


Went to bed early last night…my energy was drained. As soon as I closed my eyes I had a vision…another STAR symbolblack and white – outlined with a solid line and then a dashed line.

So what does this mean? ✮

Stars symbolize excellence, success, aspirations or high ideals. You are putting some decision in the hands of fate and luck.”  Source: dreammoods.com

Well yes, I absolutely am.

 Today’s Meditation Notes


• Attention to left eye
• Sounds like on the beach…waves, seagulls
Lower back pain 
S-name (like Sherry)
• Vision…red clouds against a dark sky [perhaps something coming to an end]
• Hands feel achy
• Something about the necklace…a ‘choker‘? [perhaps difficulty expressing self]
‘formalities’ …something about them
• attention to right cheek (pressure)
• Pain – back of right leg – behind the knee
• Feel like head shaking ‘no’
R-name (like Ray)…but  feels like ‘don’t want to’ (talk?)
Panic feeling – sternum
• ‘control’…head hurts/aches
• song lyric keeps coming in ♫red skies at night♪ [coming to an end]
• something about the ‘hands
• ‘Can’t NOT think
• ‘only good will come’ (thank you)
• feeling of explaining something…about faith, trust, perseverance
• Vision: a symbol…in black and white (looked like an X with a solid line across the top and bottom points…and a face toward the middle)
• ‘Black and white. No gray. Trust..
• number 14 

stockvault-sepia-grunge-sign---lighthouse143889MORE  VISIONS & SYMBOLISM

Know I also had other visions throughout the night. I remember seeing the  bare breasts…maybe mine? I already know what this symbolizes – I’ve even had a similar vision before. I’m feeling  a little exposed, perhaps?

And I woke to a vision…as if I was looking out of my bedroom window down onto my driveway…and a police car had just pulled into the drive. Not a township police car, but a black and white – like a sheriff’s car.

According to the Web site dreammoods.com, “looking out the window signifies your outlook on life, your consciousness and your point of view. It also refers to your intuition and awareness. You may be reflecting on a decision.”

The driveway symbolizes  “an end to your journey, or perhaps security and rest. Alternatively, it denotes your path toward achieving inner peace and finding your spirituality.”

And finally, the police car “indicates that help is on the way for you.”

I love this. I understand the visions… and why I am having them. 


A Spiritual Journey | September 9, 2015



The Labor Day holiday seemed to be a gateway for my life to become filled with opportunities.  It seems appropriate for me as the weather begins to change and Autumn fills the air. It is truly my favorite season.


I feel this need to stay connected with nature. It is stronger than normal.  So I have kicked back a bit in regards to my daily meditation practice.

I am meditating either outside or sitting on the sun porch. But I am focusing right now on me…. staying healthy, balanced and strongGrounded, anchored, and protected.

I am working through understanding the symbolism of not only my dreams, but  the visions and symbols I have been connecting with during my meditation practice.

I am reconnecting with some long-lost friends ….and making new connections.

 I am learning to trust.

And I am learning lessons, about asking questions to gain clarity – and about repeating what you hear in your own words to ensure you understand what someone is telling you.

I Am.

So until tomorrow….

A Spiritual Journey | September 5, 2015

Feeling Off … but Just Go with It

Okay – I have been a little ‘off’ all week…

Cannot keep the days of the week straight. Cannot do simple tasks without mishaps. Cannot remember words. Mental impairment. Have even been suffering from IBS symptoms on and off all week, too. But I’m still getting a lot done… so I’m just going with it – and staying positive. This too, shall pass.

Going to meditate now and ask for some guidance – and to try to release whatever I am carrying around with me.

Today’s Meditation Notes

SATURDAY | 11:47 AM – 12:15 PM
• ♫your love is like bad medicine♪
‘Nothing has changed’
Drug related… ‘Bad stuff’
R-name (like Ryan)
‘No concept of time’
• ♫red skies at night♪
• the vision of the hook on the wall…it’s a symbol…hooked 
• Lord, come with me now
• Left arm aches
Pressure through face

END…Feels like things just stopped.

Today’s Messages…about Addiction

After today’s meditation, and in review of what was written during, I understand why I have been feeling ‘off’… and what I am carrying around with me. And why. I am supposed to understand more about addiction – both the physical and mental aspects of it. And if you’ve read through my journal, you probably understand why I have a connection to this.

“Addiction is characterized by inability to consistently abstain, impairment in behavioral control, craving, diminished recognition of significant problems with one’s behaviors and interpersonal relationships, and a dysfunctional emotional response. Like other chronic diseases, addiction often involves cycles of relapse and remission. Without treatment or engagement in recovery activities, addiction is progressive and can result in disability or premature death.”

Source: Definition of Addiction


A Spiritual Journey | September 3, 2015

Today’s Meditation Notes

THURSDAY | 11:19 AM-11:52 AM
Abstract background of beautiful color smoke waves.• ♫looking for the man in the mirror♪
‘unfinished business’
• Skin is itching  – here and there
• Left hand & arm feels numb
♫another one bites the dust♪
• Mild headache
• something with left eye 
‘the music world’
Rubbing face – feels like tired and frustrated
• Attention to mouth
Abstract background of beautiful color smoke waves.• More itching!
• ‘no one mocking you’
Hunger feeling – in my sternum area
• a ‘pentacle’ – a 5 pointed star > a ‘brand
• Good: God
‘It doesn’t change anything’
• See many, many faces
‘bridge’ ….now pain across temple and left arm
• Sat up, stretched…now just sitting on my bed ‘Indian-style’…think it’s time to be done for now.

Not much time to journal today…things to do, plans to make, places to go, and people to see! More later…

A Spiritual Journey | September 2, 2015

WEDNESDAY | 11:15 am

Book of Lessons

stockvault-open-book144296Today is day #3 of reviewing my journal and updating the Book of Lessons. And I’m finding the lessons… and the guidance. And the messages and the connections. Trying NOT to let it overwhelm me, though. Trying to stay grounded and balanced. And to Trust.

One day at a time. No need to feel lost.

Now I meditate before I move back to my ‘To Do’ list. Meditate for ME . Not sure if I will write today…but know I should affirm my intention at the start.

Immediately I get a song lyric… ♫after the boys of summer have gone♪. So,  I think today I’ll be writing.

Meditation Notes

11:25 am – 12:02 PM

• Mild headache…then heady feeling…then ache across the chest
♫another one bites the dust♫
R-M name
• Right foot feels distended
♫another one bites the dust♫
‘it’s not uncommon’
‘missing a step’ > like a ‘program’ 6-steps, 12-steps
• Lampshade…..SYMBOL…like covering/protecting the ‘light’
• Feeling happy
• Itch – shoulder then to neck then to top of head….like father/son/holy ghost
• ‘Catholic’
• Left hand and arm aches
♫gonna let it rain♪ then ♪ shine a light right on me♪
• Attention to left side of neck & throat
♫another one bites the dust♫
‘connecting energy through consciousness’
SHINE…just the music ♫
• Pain – lower left abdomen then around to lower back
• Feels like I’m going to sneeze! (didn’t)
• Front of face pressure – like skin is lifting/pulling from face
• Asking for the pain and discomfort to RELEASE/go away… ‘I want it to’ (BIG inhale)…then ‘Focus on what you want – not on what you don’t want’   {Thank You!}
• Teach. Heal.
• ‘Spirituality’
• Suddenly lots of weird words and visions…time to END

END…Not sure what happened at the end – maybe I lost focus? But the words and visions did not make me feel comfortable, so decided it was time to be done.

Spiritual Journal August 14, 2015

Friday New Moon ♎ ♏

Setting my intentions! ☯

Number 19

Yesterday, the number 19 kept popping into my head.  I’m not sure if this is an Angel Number for me, a date, or someone is trying to make a connection?

Just in case…and considering the dream I woke to this morning…

About Angel Number 19

“Angel Number 19 is a message from your angels that your goal has almost come to completion, or that a phase or situation in your life is coming to an end. The angels want you to know that one door is closing as another is opening. Your angels ask that you remain positive throughout these transitions and look forward to wonderful new beginnings and auspicious opportunities.”
Source: ANGEL NUMBERS – Joanne Sacred Scribes: ANGEL NUMBER 19


I did not practice meditation today, but instead took a much-needed power nap around 5:00 PM. I didn’t actually sleep though – my head was filled with visions…one after another, after another…

I remember a few things I saw – like the diamond ♢ symbol with a circle in the middle of it, and a very bright orange object, then something textured – like snake-skin, and dark pink ✽ flower symbols  against a white background


stockvault-fork115295So, the fork has come to me yet again – in a vision during meditation on  August 11, 2015. I had a vision of a fork (the eating utensil)….it looked like it was stuck in a cloud. I’ve seen the fork before…. May 25, 2015December 2, 2013; and October 15, 2014 when I saw a pitchfork under a wagon.

In addition to the vision of the fork and other visions of plants – like clover and lavender,  I got the  word ‘symbols‘. So, I’m being guided to check into the potential symbolism of these visions.

The Fork Symbolism

Fork for eating: A table fork is a way of satisfying your hunger or needs in a socially acceptable way. What you put on your fork is often an act of choosing or decision – of like and dislike. ”    Source: Fork | Dream Dictionary | dreamhawk.com 

fork (the eating utensil) – Selecting or acquiring things you want, like, or find useful or inspirational (information, situations, friendships, etc.)The methods, actions, activities, or practices you use to nurture yourself physically (food, drink, vitamins, etc.), emotionally (support from friends, family, etc.), mentally (information, positive environment, etc.), and spiritually (prayer, meditation, loving attitude, etc.)” Source: fork dream symbol in The Curious Dreamer Dream Dictionary

Pitchfork, aka The Trident: “A symbol of the vital and individualistic pagan forces of nature and of vanquished gods, the trident is not particularly Satanic. However, it can easily be used, and sometimes is, as a symbol of rebellion and defiance in the face of mainstream religious belief.” Source: The Trident, The Pitchfork

Plant Symbolism

stockvault-green-three-leaved-clovers150820clover: ” Protection, Money, Love, Fidelity, Exorcism, Success. With its three-fold leaves it was very special to the Celts symbolizing balance and the triad.”  Source: Plant Symbolism – A Guide To The Spiritual Meaning Of Plants – H through P : In5D Esoteric, Metaphysical, and Spiritual Databas

lavender: “ Love, Protection, Sleep, Chastity, Longevity, Purification, Happiness, Peace. Native American Symbolism: references to “lavender” in Native American folklore and ethnographies are usually actually referring to desert lavender, a flowering shrub with some physical similarities to lavender that actually is completely unrelated to lavender. Desert lavender, also known as lavender bushmint, … has long been used as a medicinal herb by Native American tribes who live there.”  Source: Plant Symbolism – A Guide To The Spiritual Meaning Of Plants – H through P : In5D Esoteric, Metaphysical, and Spiritual Databas

Other Symbols

shamrock:   “Shamrock as a Scriptural Symbol: Father-Son-Holy Ghost. The three protrusions may also be symbolic of the three theological virtues found in first Corinthians 13:13. Faith – Love – Hope. Source: Symbolic Shamrock Meaning


eye: “Ultimately the symbolic meaning of the eye is what you make of it. Contemplate its meaning in relation to your own perspective and life situation. If eyes keep reoccurring to you (visions, dreams, random images throughout the day) it is certainly a message – it’s your responsibility now to interpret that message as it relates to your personal experience.” Source: Symbolic Meaning of Eyes

More to come….

Spiritual Journal August 11, 2015


11:17 AM: This morning I went outside and grounded for about an hour…watered all of the potted plants and the flower beds. ☼ When I finished, I sat down and prayed for healing energy for those in need. There are a few people who especially need healing right now – and I know I was supposed to pray for them.

As I prepare now to meditate – taking a moment to think about my day, the word ‘agua‘ comes to me. Water. But in Spanish?

Breathe. Balance. Anchor. Protect. Pray. Love. Light. Ask.

Meditation Notes:

• song lyric ♫ your love keeps lifting me higher and higher ♪
‘preconceived’….’notions’ [another pretty word]
• Something ‘didn’t come in that way’
• Vision: clover….a ’shamrock’
‘that was then, this is now’
• Vision: a closed eye with very long eyelashes
K-name…like Kaylee(?)
• Vision: face of a female…(black and white – no color)
• Vision: a fork (the eating utensil)….looked like it was stuck in a cloud
• Smiling – feel happy
• UPLIFTING – like an explosion from my shoulders through my head
• Vision: pretty lavender plant


IMG_CATPAWS….Mittons (the cat) is meowing intently at me from outside my bedroom door. I swear – it sounds like he is saying “hel-loooo”…then either “Bob” or “mom” ☺. I really need to try to record him doing this! Did get a cute pic of his paws under my bedroom door. He really wanted to come in!

Spiritual Journal July 20, 2015

Monday – Happy Birthday SJ ♥

I woke around 3:00 AM and lay awake for about an hour before finally drifting back to sleep. In the hour I was awake, I became aware of the ‘energy surges’ that have started again. Hot flashes, heat flashes, powers surges…whatever you choose to call them, they’re back.

It’s 12:22 PM as I sit to meditate. Almost immediately I get the Elton John song lyric ♫ It’s sad, so sad…it’s a sad, sad situation – and it’s getting more and more absurd ♪ – and I understood the significance of this song in my head.

Meditation Notes:

• Something about somebody ‘washing (his) finger(s) all night long’
• (sudden thought about today’s horoscope – feels important)
Vision: flower – Black Eyed Susan…just 1 [I have always referred to this flower as a Brown Eyed Susan, though ☺]
• Got the word ‘purple’
• Vision: like a fat block letter…capital V [maybe a roman numeral 5?]
• Song lyric ♫strawberry fields forever ♪
• Got word and saw the color ‘Violet!’…feel happy – smiling

Today’s Horoscope

I try to make a point to look at my horoscope every day, and because I was born on the cusp, I make a point to read both the Libra and Scorpio horoscope via an app called The DailyHoroscope by Comitic.

Here is today’s Libra horoscope, the one that feels important …. “You have set yourself a very lofty goal in your work life, Libra. Your ambition is strong, and you are a very driven and determined person. Even though you are surely capable of attaining this goal, you may have underestimated what it will take to get there. Beyond the connections you will need to make and the investment of yourself you will have to make, this will also require a lot of study and sacrifice. You can do this, but don’t do it wearing your rose-colored glasses. Face it realistically and with hope. The challenges will be positive if you handle them optimistically.”


Black Eyed Susan is the flower of the Solar Plexus. The Solar Plexus chakra is associated with personal power, identity, and sovereignty. Read more about Flower Symbolism here.

stockvault-rainbow-clouds143806Purple…or Indigo, and Violet: Purple is associated with the Brow, or 3rd Eye, chakra – vision, intuition, perception. Violet is associated with the Crown chakra – connection to creator, higher self, spirit. Read more about The Spiritual Meaning of Colors here.