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Journal Notes April 21, 2015


Strangers in the Night

Had to pick the daughter up from the airport last night so I was up very late…I mean very late (’til about 3:00 AM). As I tried to fall asleep, I knew someone was trying to get my attention...as if someone was poking me at the side, on my rib cage. Poke, poke, poke, poke. I remember there was a name, but do not remember what it was. Just as I was about to drift off, I heard a very loud noise to my left… it sounded like a gun shot – like maybe from a rifle. Interesting thing is – I was laying on my left side, with my head (and left ear) on the pillow, but the sound was as if it was next to me.

And as I’m writing these notes, the name ‘Pete’ enters…and now ‘Pop/Poppy’ (hmmmm). Was this the name I got last night…a P-name?



Journal Notes April 15, 2015


Thoughts this morning about intuition, and being intuitive.  I do believe everyone is intuitive – but many people just don’t recognize it, acknowledge it, or know how to use their intuition. And that’s about as deep as I’ll get on this topic, because the Web is loaded with information about it, and it’s up to each individual to re-discover their own intuition in their own way (but – it is there, if you really want to tap into it!)

So, after the intuition thoughts, and while I’m making my bed this morning, the song lyric “Bill, I love you so, I always will starts in my head (first came to me back in February). I suddenly remember last night, as I was falling asleep… the same song lyric came into my head. I was very tired, but promised I would try to connect to whoever this song is attached to in the morning (today). Then the “words of love, soft and tender won’t win it song lyric enters…. so I think it’s time to meditate now.

I am going to set my intention.ALOUD.

Meditation Notes

  • ‘too soon’ – someone’s passing
  • feel very tired – could just sleep
  • sounded like someone/thing ran across my roof (?)
  • song lyric “Bill, I love you so, I always will”
  • “fala lala la, la la lala” (Deck the Halls, Christmas carol)
  • pain – left back then down into arm, then attention to bottom teeth/jaw, then mild pain across brow line
  • song lyric ♪ “strangers in the night”
  • am smiling ☺feel happy
  • words: numerology; residual; crossings
  • smell of (onions?)
  • (clear throat)
  • ‘I’m OK with it
  • vision: looked like the number 7 upside down – L [now I see it! the letter “L“]
  • feel wave of energy going up and down body – ‘scan’
  • song lyric “hold on for one more day”
  • ‘reindeer antlers’ …. (funny) like they are on a wall and jokes about the deer antlers being from a ‘reindeer’
  • ‘WOW – just Wow’
  • ‘sweep it away’ (back and forth, zigzag motion)
  • song lyric “let your worries pass you by”
  • uplifting feeling ♥
  • Char/Shar [or Sh-name]
  • ‘my own step-daughter’
  • END (the weather band radio went off, otherwise I would have stayed with this connection. I know there is a message here…I can FEEL it)

Journal Notes February 23, 2015

February 23, 2015 Mon

Personal Notes:
Up early! Sun’s shining. Feeling motivated!
Learned about the hands – the ‘receptive’ hand is the hand opposite the one used the most.
Also a fun fact…male cats are Tom cats – female cats are Molly cats (I love my cats:) )!

Meditation Notes 10:44 am
Mitton’s is with me – can tell he will pester me outside of the closed bedroom door if I don’t let him in.
• Intention – allowed to Ask. A loud.
• (connect with guides)
• Hear chirping overhead [could be birds on my roof?]
• Feel left calf twitching
• Feet cold – feel draft
• ‘impressions’ – ‘thoughts, feelings’ {TY}
• Feels like outside – ‘fire’, but damp
• Lessons about physical sensations and the thoughts and feelings they create {TY}
• ‘What does this sound like’
• Lyric “hello it’s me” [T. Rundgren]
• Attention to the right
• ‘left handed’
• Tina [or T-name]
• Mary [or M-name, or marry?]
• Bill [or B-name]
• Brother
• ‘Outside’, ‘Yesterday’ (again!)
• Uplifting feeling
• Heard something about “jumping off of me”
• Lyric “wedding bell blues…marry you [sic] Bill”
• (something about Bill’s mom? Apology? (IDK!)
• Heard “head start” then “between your birthday”
• Felt tingles through legs
• Memories – forgiveness
• Don’t justify, it was wrong, just forgive
• Feet and legs are very cold
• (think I was falling asleep but…then heard)
• “in a fat suit” and something “in cold blood”,  then ‘he he he he”
Time to be done 11:44
Did not feel like an hour of meditation. Wow!

{TY} indicates I acknowledge and give thanks for the message or lesson
[bracketed comments are notes added after meditation]
(parenthesized notations are typically written during meditation)

Angel Numbers 44 & 10:23

Journal Entry February 9, 2015

February 9, 2015 Mon 

Meditation Notes
• Words: ‘subtle’ – ‘awareness’ – ‘what if’
• Lyric “Do you know where you’re going to?” [D. Ross]
• Mild headache
• Itch ‘across’ right cheek
• Chest pulsating – feel excitement!
• Uplifting feeling
• Vision of dragonflies on a birdhouse {TY}
• am Smiling
• Fluttering sound in front of me
• Feel and smell of outside air
• Cara [or C-name]
• ‘hiking’
• Lyric “you can check out any time you like, but you can never leave” [The Eagles, Hotel California]
• ‘Close’
• Feel movement on bed
• Feels like ‘someone’ to my left
• Attention to my left wrist
• ‘I get a prize’
• Feel bed movement again
• Chirping sound overhead
• Sister/sibling
• Attention to heart
• Feels like yank on right upper arm
• Heard “help me” –faint, almost like a whisper
• Uplifting feeling
• Hear high pitch tone
• Heard “[my name]”
• Mild ache/attention to / in throat and ears
• Like I’m overhearing a conversation….
•Heard  “It brings up memories”
• Something about “you [sic] pants on”
• lifting/shifting feeling
• Visions – blue water

{TY} indicates I acknowledge and give thanks for the message or lesson
[bracketed comments are notes added after meditation]
(parenthesized notations are typically written during meditation)

Personal Notes:
Wow! Made it through WITHOUT the sensations of hunger and having to pee :).
Am noticing the sequential numbers 4, 5, 6 frequently…sometimes as 6, 5, 4.
Felt energy brush past my leg as I was going down my stairs today – just me and the cats at home and, YES – it freaked me out! Did I forget to “now revoke” after meditation?

Journal Notes February 8, 2015

February 8, 2015 Sun

Personal Notes:
Hubby and I did AM yoga together (YAY!)
10:13 -11:05 am meditation

Meditation Notes
• ‘Amen’
• Male face in aura – reminds me of  my son
• Attention to throat
• Feeling – like I can’t tell the right from the left
• Got word and vision of ‘inkblot’
• Got ‘Jocelyn Turner’ [or J – T name]
• ‘they gave me plenty of warning’
• Attention to my left
• Feel ‘confusion’
• ‘Premonitions. Trust.’
• Lyric “drowning in a sea of love” then “it doesn’t matter what for” [Sara, Fleetwood Mac]
• Feet feel tingly and ‘damp’
• ‘I suddenly realized’
• Sound in left ear – like a bird chirp
• (suddenly I coughed, then had to clear my throat)
• Left side of throat is itchy (now cat is meowing, ‘purrting’ and pawing at the bedroom door)
• Pain in left temple and hands are starting to tingle….legs feel chilly
• Lyric ”I’m hooked on a feeling”
• 3/5 –there’s a ‘connection’
• Sound of twirling/swirling motion at my left ear
• Feels like going UP
• Vision of white flash – across the brow line (eyes are closed)
• ‘automotive’ smell
• Sudden hunger feeling – and have to pee! [did BOTH before meditation, darnit!]
• Lyric “take me to church” (Hozier)
• Felt a strong shift sensation come through/across me from the left – and big toe on right foot feels distended
• Can’t stand it – have to stop – Pee time

Journal Notes February 1, 2015

February 1, 2015 Sun

Personal Notes:
Woke up to a dream this morning…in it, my friend A was showing me a video she made. The video was of scenes/clips of prior videos she had shot, and they were being played backwards. I was in the scenes on the video, along with my hubby and daughter. As I watched the video, I was remembering making the original videos with my friend A (doing the things in the video clips intentionally – at her direction) – but not knowing at the time (or even caring) what she was shooting the videos for. The dream had a fun feeling 😉 .  I understand the message in this dream! Feeling Grateful.
Had MAJOR hot flashes last night…it always seems I wake up first, THEN have the hot flash. It never feels like the hot flash is already happening and that is why I wake up. But these are MAJOR flashes of heat….through my entire body and I can feel the heat radiating off of my skin.
My cat Simba has woken me the last (at least) 2 nights…he is up on my right side by my chest, shoulders, and face – purring loudly and kneading the bedspread…and his butt is right in my face!

Meditation Notes
• ‘only good will come’ [TY]
• ‘teach’
• “let’s get together and we’ll be alright” lyric
• Water
• “everybody gets high, everybody gets low” lyric
• Aches in both upper arms
• Left side and into neck aches
• Feel hungry
• Feet are very cold [even with my fuzzy socks on]
• Heard “oh, what does she know!’
• ‘shame’ (repeated – like a ‘shame on you’ tone!)
• Top of right hand itches
• ‘unfortunately, I can see her doing that’
• something about ‘Bicep/tricep’
• Back of right shoulder, under armpit, and breast aches
• heard “la la la” and felt like skipping
• Felt hollowness in chest
• Feel pressure in ears
• Felt like I ‘went up’
• Heard “I’ll make you come up with it” (male voice)
• Jocelyn  [or J-name} then Turner [or T-name]
• Quick pain (like a shot) middle of forehead
• “and tidings of comfort and joy” lyric
• Felt as if being pulled back and forth / side to side
• ‘STOP’
• ‘outside’
• Felt pressure go up through head
• Vision of hands with rings [think they were mine]
• Heard it said and saw “ $215,000” [or was it $250,000? LOL]

Journal Notes January 27, 2015

January 27, 2015 Tues

Personal Notes:
The song lyric “it’s all about that bass…no treble”  is in my head this morning.
Watched the stories on the news last night about the Blizzard of ’78 (1/26/78). I remember it well! Wow – felt a moment of ‘getting old’.  Yesterday, I worked on caning the chair – I am almost done and will finish it today.
Need to go visit mom soon. and I need to start doing yoga again on a regular basis. Drink more WATER, too.
Angel Numbers  10:23 and 11:17 today

Meditation Notes
• Stomach is growling
• ‘you are exactly where you are supposed to be’ [TY]
• Lyric “it’s all about that bass…no treble’ [again] lesson: being grounded vs. being ‘out there’ [TY]
• Feel excited
• Relax. Listen. Breathe.
• ‘you don’t really know me’
• ‘Mary’ [or M-name]
• Vision of orbs, feel vibrations and feel slightly nauseous
• Hear clicking in right ear
• Ache in left arm
• Tingles/chills through legs
• Feet are tingly
• Felt a flutter of strong energy pass over me to the right
• Feel coolness up through lap and then over sacral chakra [felt healing]
• Vision of 31…like the date on a desktop calendar
• Heard  “I do not prompt”
• Pain in right arm (owwww….it really hurt!) then it moved into my right temple
• Hear the very high pitch tone
• ‘start letting them through’ then ‘she must learn how to control it’
• Heard many house sounds
• Right foot feels distended
• Thought about and then struggled with the 31 I saw…was it a black number on white paper or a white number on black paper?
• Got ‘I don’t know that ‘that’ really matters’
• Got word ‘peacock’ and the a vision of one
• Lyric “every day is a winding road, I get a little bit (closer) deeper”
• Omg – again – have to pee…time to be done.

Journal Notes January 25, 2015

January 25, 2015 Sun

Personal Notes:
Didn’t meditate yesterday – felt TIRED all day. Too many Fireballs Friday night
at Miller’s, maybe. Seems my tolerance to alcohol is much lower than ever!
My horoscope today advises to quit trying to make everything ‘perfect’ – I can become my worst enemy (truth). “Beautiful imperfections can come about when you let your mind wander and your imagination go free.” I resonate with this 🙂
Preparing to meditate – feel the energy, it is strong. And suddenly I feel hungry. Also remembering the cats waking me during the middle of the night for the last 2 nights…one night it’s Simba meowing at the bed, and the next it’s Sky meowing at the TV wall.

Meditation Notes
• ‘spontaneous’
• ‘close your eyes and you will see’
• ‘ I am you/we/he/she’
• Thoughts-those are the messages
• Focus – breathe-open
• Feel hunger
• Someone watching over me
• Attention to right breast
• Relax. Feel uptight across chest.
• ‘kundalini’
• Jodi [or J-name] – Birthday
• ‘It is time’
• Vision of a funeral [seemed familiar, like a flashback] –  a dad – saw me hugging Jodi
• ‘message for Becki’
• ‘Holly’ – see her face too
• Attention to the throat
• Mind. Body. Spirit.
• Smells like outside air. Feels wet…worms
• ‘need to get outside’
• Heard “Woah! Watch out”
• Blissful feeling
• Feels chilly now
• Hear sound of outside at night…like crickets in the distance
• Attention to the right
• ‘The Alchemist’
[I hear someone come upstairs and the bedroom door (to the right) opens…it’s the hubby. Time to be done…and it’s 11:11 am]

Journal Notes January 23, 2015

January 23, 2015 Fri

Personal Notes:
Registered for my BLOG last night! YAY me!
Getting Todd Rundgren song lyric “it was late last night – I was feeling something wasn’t right”… Probably because I was not TIRED when I tried to go to sleep. I was up until after midnight. Woke up this morning before 8:00 am. Cats meowing at the dresser mirror, wall and corner. Watching the air.
Thinking a lot about the BLOG. Where do I start? Probably right ‘here’. Need to get that other chair caned for T first (I am such a procrastinator!) – but I don’t want it on my mind. Going to meditate now. Please help me release all fear and negative energy.

Meditation Notes
• Seeing energy in the air – flashes of purple triangles
• ‘we do not judge’ ; ‘we only assist for the highest and most divine purpose’
• Heard “blessed be”
• ‘it’s kinda like that was turned off’
• ‘one step closer’
• ‘there are 5’  then  ‘you have them written’
• Feeling. Knowing. Writing. Creating. BEING.
• In my heart – just want to be HAPPY
• Still not sure ‘that’ can be ‘defined’
• Lyrics to “words of love”
• ‘you’re on the right path’
• You can go ‘ there’ any time simply by focusing on breathing
• Felt bliss
• Saw white angel silhouettes
• Felt energy from the right
• ‘you are supposed to write’
• Lyric “if you love her then you must send her…” followed by “you ought a know by now” (repeated) then ‘words of love’
• Vision is pixelated and vibrating
• Vision of a man’s face – elderly man
• Feel pain down nose
• ‘sunrise – sunset’
• Hearing angelic music
• Heard “better talk to him first for a while”
• ‘I sat in the living room and ‘talked to the room’’ [do not feel like the “I” is me….maybe the man I saw?]
• Ache across brow line
• ‘anything you can do, I can do better’ then ‘can/cant’ (back and forth)
• Something about ‘from the graveyard’
OMG have to pee again! Grrrrrr!  Time to be done 😐

Personal Notes: As I typed this, I saw and wrote HAPPY as the 5th word in the 7th bullet above…but I actually have written in my journal the 5th word is  ‘BEING’. As I search for the word HAPPY in my journal (because I KNOW I saw it written) hubby walks into the room and says “happy”.

Journal Notes January 21, 2015

January 21, 2015 Wed

Personal Notes:
Reread some journal entries (backwards). WOW – glad I did! Feeling LOVE.
Energy is with and around me today (I feel it). It’s a beautiful snowy morning.
Going to meditate…20 minutes is OK. Focus on TM vs. PM (meditation). The angels ARE working with me, and I trust they know best. I will write what/if I am prompted to.

Meditation Notes:
• Taking care of “me” – my soul. My body is my vessel.
• Heard what sounded like 1 knock – was reminded to breathe
• [Automatic Writing] If I Am being tested, I will overcome.
You have all the ‘tools’ you need – within. You have the love & support of your family. That is LOVE. Your happiness spreads to others. – was reminded to breathe
• Heard what sounded like 2 knocks
• [Automatic Writing] Fear. Let’s talk about it. That uptight feeling in your chest. Fearful…but excitement. Which is stronger? The EXCITEMENT becomes confused as Fear – we are programmed that way. [sounded like a BANG] – Do not fear the excitement! Cautious optimism is good. There is nothing to lose and much to be gained – even if you fail. [sounded like a door closed]
• ‘channeled’
• (Doubting feeling – me – just ordinary – nothing special – why me?)
• Got  ‘Exactly. You are ALL special’
• Mild headache right above the brows
• Asked who?
• ‘Tobias’ – but can’t speak (?)
• ‘always when you least ‘expect’ it, something good will come’
• Pay attention to what you are learning

Personal Notes:
Had a great night bowling! Best game yet – 147.