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THE ROSE| October 16, 2015

A Spiritual Journey

11:45 – 12:30  AM

  • ♪I’m back in the saddle again♪
  • Remembering the visions from Wednesday – when I sat on the sun porch after work (I didn’t do any writing, though):
  1. VERY pink flower…a rose on a long thick green stem….
  2. A white house
  3.  A pattern – of flower symbols ✿ ✿ ✿ ✿ ✿ ✿

The visions may symbolize  fresh love and new romance [pink rose], the soul and self  [house],  and suggests that life has become monotonous and repetitious [pattern].

  • left arm – feels like a muscle pinch
  • chills through legs
  • ‘you’re not really looking at anything’….GUIDANCE….{TY}
  • Attention to left side of neck
  • Vision: a (right) hand…the knuckles  [hard work and diligence]
  • Vision: of a black girl ‘gathering groceries’ (pushing a shopping cart)…wearing workout style clothes
  • Heard “everyone just asked for her to do ‘dat [sic]”
  • Then “sometimes I just feel like I could do this all day”
  • ‘wooden spoons’
  • ‘balance’
  • Vision – boxes…like cardboard boxes
  • Something about ‘graffiti drunk’
  • Attention to the throat
  • song lyric ♪all you need is someone to lean on♪
  • Heard “The Buckeyes win”
  • Sudden feeling of doubt about a decision made
  • The past – can’t change it
  • Heel of right foot – feels like its digging down into the ground
  • feels like ‘they’re telling me (something)’
  • S-name….B-name….Christmas tree…
  • ’disposable


IMG_3850Okay, so I think the ‘wooden spoons’ and ‘The Buckeyes win’ came to me  because we are going to M&A’s tomorrow for the Chili Cook-off – and to watch the Buckeyes play football.

And I just finished a set of wooden spoons to give to A.

But will  the Buckeyes win? We’ll see. ☺

GUIDANCE | October 2, 2015

A Spiritual Journey

Friday | 11:42 AM – 12:09 PM

  • ♫I saw the sign and it opened up my eyes♪
  • Open eyes  [Yay…I get it!]
  • BIG inhale
  • Left hand aches [receiving energy]
  • Back of right leg (upper)
  • ‘winning’ (something)
  • ♫turn it on again♪
  • ‘disparate’ (information) [different in kind; not allowing comparison; things so unlike that there is no basis for comparison]
  • ‘levitating’ then ‘ body lifting up’
  • ‘using energy – makes you tired’ [Yep ☺]

END: Feels like stuff (messages) are ‘on hold’ – but that’s okay. I TRUST. I really want to continue to absorb it all – and focus on NOW.

As I review these notes, I am beginning to gain a greater understanding of what is coming through. Today’s messages are for me. More lessons…guidance is a better word. Guidance about my process…and what is next. And I’m looking forward to it, too!


MORE MEDITATION| September 29, 2015

A Spiritual Journey

Tuesday | 11:11 AM


• ♫LOVE is in the water, LOVE is in the air♪
• See a female with dark shorter hair and eyes – high cheekbones
• Love, healing
• Attention to the left ear
• heard “wont ever forget” (something) …(like God?)
• Attention to the throat
• ‘just closed my eyes and went to sleep’
• feels like ‘knew what I was doing’
• Feels like ‘can’t look at it (something)’
• Feels intentional
• ‘Five (5) things’
• Hear voices – 2 females talking
• “that’s not what it’s about” then “it’s what you’re thinking about” and then “that makes no sense”
• ‘interjecting’
• Attention to right side of neck –under ear and down
• D-name (like Dave)
• (asked who is D-name?)
• ‘the redneck romeo’
• Vision: a male –  looked like Gabe Kaplan (from the old TV show Welcome Back Kotter ☺)
• See the color green [represents the heart chakra]
• ♫what will I find?♪will you be there?♪Love♫
• ♫I saw the sign, and it opened up my eyes♪
• Hands/fingers ache
• heard “I’m sorry its taking so long”
• See LOTS of energy movement in the air
• Mild headache – across brow and temples
• ‘Greek’ / ‘Italian’
• Right arm aches
• Feels like people in the background, encouraging something on
• Vision: a big, thick tree trunk [see SYMBOLISM below]
• ‘all of them’
• ‘love’


…represents an inner sense of well being and personality. If the trunk is thick and large, then it denotes a strong, rugged and durable person.


A Spiritual Journey | September 5, 2015

Feeling Off … but Just Go with It

Okay – I have been a little ‘off’ all week…

Cannot keep the days of the week straight. Cannot do simple tasks without mishaps. Cannot remember words. Mental impairment. Have even been suffering from IBS symptoms on and off all week, too. But I’m still getting a lot done… so I’m just going with it – and staying positive. This too, shall pass.

Going to meditate now and ask for some guidance – and to try to release whatever I am carrying around with me.

Today’s Meditation Notes

SATURDAY | 11:47 AM – 12:15 PM
• ♫your love is like bad medicine♪
‘Nothing has changed’
Drug related… ‘Bad stuff’
R-name (like Ryan)
‘No concept of time’
• ♫red skies at night♪
• the vision of the hook on the wall…it’s a symbol…hooked 
• Lord, come with me now
• Left arm aches
Pressure through face

END…Feels like things just stopped.

Today’s Messages…about Addiction

After today’s meditation, and in review of what was written during, I understand why I have been feeling ‘off’… and what I am carrying around with me. And why. I am supposed to understand more about addiction – both the physical and mental aspects of it. And if you’ve read through my journal, you probably understand why I have a connection to this.

“Addiction is characterized by inability to consistently abstain, impairment in behavioral control, craving, diminished recognition of significant problems with one’s behaviors and interpersonal relationships, and a dysfunctional emotional response. Like other chronic diseases, addiction often involves cycles of relapse and remission. Without treatment or engagement in recovery activities, addiction is progressive and can result in disability or premature death.”

Source: Definition of Addiction


A Spiritual Journey | September 3, 2015

Today’s Meditation Notes

THURSDAY | 11:19 AM-11:52 AM
Abstract background of beautiful color smoke waves.• ♫looking for the man in the mirror♪
‘unfinished business’
• Skin is itching  – here and there
• Left hand & arm feels numb
♫another one bites the dust♪
• Mild headache
• something with left eye 
‘the music world’
Rubbing face – feels like tired and frustrated
• Attention to mouth
Abstract background of beautiful color smoke waves.• More itching!
• ‘no one mocking you’
Hunger feeling – in my sternum area
• a ‘pentacle’ – a 5 pointed star > a ‘brand
• Good: God
‘It doesn’t change anything’
• See many, many faces
‘bridge’ ….now pain across temple and left arm
• Sat up, stretched…now just sitting on my bed ‘Indian-style’…think it’s time to be done for now.

Not much time to journal today…things to do, plans to make, places to go, and people to see! More later…

A Spiritual Journey | September 2, 2015

WEDNESDAY | 11:15 am

Book of Lessons

stockvault-open-book144296Today is day #3 of reviewing my journal and updating the Book of Lessons. And I’m finding the lessons… and the guidance. And the messages and the connections. Trying NOT to let it overwhelm me, though. Trying to stay grounded and balanced. And to Trust.

One day at a time. No need to feel lost.

Now I meditate before I move back to my ‘To Do’ list. Meditate for ME . Not sure if I will write today…but know I should affirm my intention at the start.

Immediately I get a song lyric… ♫after the boys of summer have gone♪. So,  I think today I’ll be writing.

Meditation Notes

11:25 am – 12:02 PM

• Mild headache…then heady feeling…then ache across the chest
♫another one bites the dust♫
R-M name
• Right foot feels distended
♫another one bites the dust♫
‘it’s not uncommon’
‘missing a step’ > like a ‘program’ 6-steps, 12-steps
• Lampshade…..SYMBOL…like covering/protecting the ‘light’
• Feeling happy
• Itch – shoulder then to neck then to top of head….like father/son/holy ghost
• ‘Catholic’
• Left hand and arm aches
♫gonna let it rain♪ then ♪ shine a light right on me♪
• Attention to left side of neck & throat
♫another one bites the dust♫
‘connecting energy through consciousness’
SHINE…just the music ♫
• Pain – lower left abdomen then around to lower back
• Feels like I’m going to sneeze! (didn’t)
• Front of face pressure – like skin is lifting/pulling from face
• Asking for the pain and discomfort to RELEASE/go away… ‘I want it to’ (BIG inhale)…then ‘Focus on what you want – not on what you don’t want’   {Thank You!}
• Teach. Heal.
• ‘Spirituality’
• Suddenly lots of weird words and visions…time to END

END…Not sure what happened at the end – maybe I lost focus? But the words and visions did not make me feel comfortable, so decided it was time to be done.

Spiritual Journal | September 1, 2015


Being Thankful

stockvault-rainbow-clouds143806Yesterday ended up being a really great and productive day. Thank You! It actually felt as if time slowed down for me.


I started updating my Book of Lessons. In addition to all of the lessons and guidance, there is symbolism throughout my journal…starting with the nostrils almost 2 years ago [see October 2013]. And I think I may have found Jocelyn Turner. But still so much to learn…

Today I meditated on the sun porch. The a/c is on inside – so it’s easier to close me onto the porch than the cats. Plus, good energy is out there!

Meditation Notes: 

11:19 AM-12:02 PM

• Attention to the left
Mary > bridge for others
• (allow me) ”to dance
• Vision – male and female dancing together
• Heard “no- I could see her doing that
J-E name (like John Edwards) [☺♥]
Dancing ……that’s Gretchen! [see May 14, 2015 and July 27, 2015]
• Smiling – feel happy
‘such a beautiful soul’
Played in Bedford County
J-L-name (like John Logan)
E-name (like Eddie)
• ‘I’m talking about country, boys’
• ♫your love is like bad medicine♪ keeps popping into the background
D-name (like Dan)
• Draft past the right shoulder
‘working on the grammar
Lungs – vision like a picture of the lungs
Allowing it…smoking
June 1st 
B-name (like Becky)
The 80’s
• feel vibrations…like dancing


Spiritual Journal | August 31, 2015




I have been waking again throughout the night …to thoughts, words, visions. Remember something about mom, and tomatoes (again) and numbers…a vision with numbers…like a house number… 3133.

Maybe there is a message for me with the numbers

Repeating Angel Numbers – 3’s and 1’s (31, 331, 313, 311 etc)

Source: ANGEL NUMBERS – Joanne Sacred Scribes: Repeating Angel Numbers – 3’s and 1’s (31, 331, 313, 311 etc)

I woke early this morning feeling inspired….but now I’m suddenly feeling a little lost? Not sure why…I made my To Do list ☺. Think I will meditate on it…

Meditation Notes:

• Left leg – pain shooting up calf
M-name (like Mike)
• ‘It’s all about trust’…’Letting go is hard – but it doesn’t mean you don’t care’….’Heal’
• ‘dawn’
‘Eyes’ – reflections of things
Scratchy throat
• ♫your love is like bad medicine♪
• attention to right side of face
• Mild pain across temples & bridge of nose
Itchy feeling
• its ‘zapping your energy’
• Something about fake hair….how fake a girl’s hair is
S-name (like Susan)

Yesterday I meditated to Heal and Balance, and to release. I probably should have skipped trying to write during today’s meditation, because the whole thing just felt a little… off.

But today’s meditation did renew my inspiration. And  I have decided…finally…to get my Book of Lessons updated. It is a priority now. And  I think it is long overdue.

Goodbye, procrastination…. I’m ready to let you go!


Spiritual Journal | August 27, 2015

Sadness and the Sun

I slept until after 8:00 AM today –  but as soon as I was up and moving around a sense of sadness filled me…and stayed with me – stockvault-sunshine108979until I finally went outside and grounded it away.  And hello sunshine ☀ – you’re  back!

I’m not sure why I was feeling this heavy sadness…. was it even mine?  Seems I’ve been asking myself this question a lot lately. But I do know grounding ( and the sun) helped me release it.  And shortly after grounding – I  even remembered the dream I woke to this morning.  I can’t share the details of my dream – but I will say there was a message in it …as well as an ‘action‘ for me to take.

So …keep yourself grounded, stay in the light – and pay attention to your dreams. ♥

☼ ☼ ☼ ☼ ☼ ☼ ☼ ☼ ☼ ☼ ☼ ☼ ☼ ☼ ☼ ☼ ☼ ☼ ☼ ☼ ☼ ☼ ☼ ☼ ☼ ☼

Thursday |  Meditation Notes:

11:13 – 11:45 AM

• immediately getting the song lyric ♫I will remember you♪….then ♫ in the arms of an Angel
• ‘She has it’...the little speck of light and something about her
• Feeling shoots from center of my chest up through my throat
‘tried to tell you
song lyric ♫shine a light right on me♪ (“Shine“)
• Feels like shaking head side to side…feels like ‘no – don’t want to’  
S-name…. then ‘daughter’
• ‘come on – get up’ (as if get out of bed)
• (BIG Inhale)
• Papa….God… God is with her
•‘3 years’


During meditation today I was told about the messages I am connecting with… (the) ‘messages are not from you – but through you’.  Thank you

Then I was told…. Be ALL to One…You.   Balance.

Spiritual Journal | August 26, 2015

Bad Dreams and Symbolism

My friend A. contacted me about  a ‘bad’ dream she had. She said it really bothered her because it was about me. Well, after she relayed her dream to me I had to  agree with why she was bothered by it! But I quickly realized her dream wasn’t prophetic…it was a dream of consequence. And it was full of symbolism. As soon as I started looking at the main elements of her dream I understood this. And  as we  discussed the symbolism of each element,  A. could quickly relate with its true meaning.

I used the Website dreammoods.com to help my friend interpret her dream. And… I guess this is why I was in it!


Feeling ODD 

These last couple of day’s have felt odd. I wish I had a better word to use – but that’s it. Just odd. And this morning I woke early – more than convinced it was Saturday. What’s up with that? Maybe it’s the weather? Its feeling (and looking) a little like Autumn already – cloudy skies and all. Or maybe it’s the moon… another Full Moon is approaching.

Going to meditate now– need to balance,  focus and  maybe even gain some clarity.

Wednesday Meditation Notes

| 10:20 AM – 11:00 AM

  • Seeing a male…almost as if standing behind something
  • Bee sting
  • Something about ‘speed’
  • a boy version’ of something…..’gift
  • T-name (like Todd)
  •  J-name (like Jodi)
  •  a sour smell
  • Song lyric ♫ your love is like bad medicine ♪
  • Vision: from the beach – looking out toward the ocean – dusk – sun setting low – very pretty….
  • T-name (like Terry)
  • ‘please stand up’ – then heard “right there
  • ‘Memorial service’
  • (pause – nothingness)
  • Heard “your bonus check”
  • Heard “went into town for himself” < himself was pronounced very quickly
  • R-name (Ryan)
  • Heard “I’m telling you” then “grab that”
  • Heard “about a month and a half ago”….then “what’s that?”…then “you guys make him laugh”
  • Papa
  • M-M  (maybe initials?)
  • Heard “paper
  • (pause – nothingness)
  • ‘Giovani’ …. ‘last name’….’like Marshal’
  • daddy’s here’
  • ‘Like Stacy?’…then heard “are you changing the subject?” ….go back to M-MMadison – then spelling out the name...

END…okay – I’m still not doing well with asking for clarity. And I know… It’s okay to ask. But  really – I get so caught up in the experience I don’t even know WHAT to ask! And when I do…well, see the last bullet above. ☹