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A Spiritual Journey | September 20, 2015



Spent the last week reflecting. I meditated almost daily, but the focus of  this ritual was to just go inward. To let go…and to let God.

I am working through thoughts, feelings, and emotions which have been resurfacing for me. I am learning a lot about myself – and it’s not always pretty. In fact, it is sometimes quite emotionally painful for me. But with this pain comes understanding…and acceptance. And letting go.

I am spending some time learning more about symbolism, numerology (mostly about my own numbers), and  reviewing the lessons and guidance I have received over the last year.

During this period of retrospection  I continue to receive signs… in the form repeating numbers and visions. And I am practicing gratitude. 


“Creativity sparks new ways of doing things, which positively affects both work and play.”

“Pay particular attention to your dreams, daydreams, visions, recurring thoughts and feelings.”

source: ANGEL NUMBERS – Joanne Sacred Scribes


mailbox on a post.

SYMBOLISM:  a mailbox  represents important information you are about to receive.


I am grateful for:

family and friends
artisans and craftsmen
the inspiration of nature
Summer turning to Autumn
the beauty of the sunset

Spiritual Journal July 24, 2015

FRIDAY…angels with me



Today the Angels are with me. Angel Numbers 12:34; 3:33. Angel Signs: Butterflies…circling me, dancing around me, and then posing on top of the flowers – to let me admire them. ♥


And it’s a BOY!

I jumped! I turned around in a circle as I hopped up and down! I felt like an excited child! I hugged M. and then D, tightly. My eyes filled with tears of joy. My mom was here – and I feel blessed she was a part of this moment.

A son. A grandson. A great-grandson. The first for each of us.  1-1-1.


Journal Notes July 5, 2015



It’s 2:34 PM as I prepare to meditate and glance at the bedside clock . I am noticing more Angel Numbers again – like 1234, 1117, 333, 911. And yesterday the cats brought our attention to  a dragonfly, which has made its way into the house and decided to explore the sun porch.

Dragonfly Totem & Spirit Animal | Meaning

“The dragonfly totem carries the wisdom of transformation and adaptability in life. As spirit animal, the dragonfly is connected to the symbolism of change and light. When the dragonfly shows up in your life, it may remind you to bring a bit more lightness and joy into your life. Those who have this animal as totem may be inclined to delve deep into their emotions and shine their true colors.”

Source: Dragonfly Totem & Spirit Animal | Meaning

Today I created…. with a few cans of spray paint, an unused side table, and some dried flower stalks. ☻ Going to meditate now – with no intention other than to ‘relax and allow‘. Whatever is for my best purpose. And so it is. ∞ ∞ ∞

Meditation Notes:
• song lyric ♫too much time on my hands♪ [my hubby even said these exact words to me today!]
Vision: of a bird…a robin
Vision: black, white, and turquoise – looked like artwork
• ‘aqua’
• Feel ‘fear’ – like fear of losing a child : (
• Something about ‘not what’s expected’
• ‘swimming pool
• Felt shift UP
• ‘much to do’
• Brief pain – left side of stomach
• sudden thoughts/memories of  my first house…

….our next-door neighbor, she was a nurse… then remember going through the house after we had moved out of it, and new owners had moved in. I remember walking through the house. I felt like an intruder, and the house felt so small…and cluttered…and it just had a very different energy. I remember doing this – and how it made me feel. But I don’t think it really happened... I think it was a dream. One of those house dreams. Why am I suddenly remembering this? And I’m getting a feeling – as if I’m going back there now (?)

END…wondering if the memories about my first house are actually a message to me about ‘going back’ to work? And then there was the vision of the robin…


Robin – A Message from one of our Spirit Animals

“To see a robin in your dream (or visions) represents new beginnings. It is a time for growth. You are feeling invigorated and inspired by the possibilities that are out there for you. Alternatively, a robin signifies self-sacrifice.”

Source: Robin – A Message from one of our Spirit Animals

Journal Notes July 3, 2015


Yesterday was mulch day…from 10:00 AM until 5:30 PM. ☼ And we’re not done – we just ran out of mulch, after spreading about 10 yards! Another 4 yards to go. The day was actually very meditative for me…focused meditation. I did take about 20 minutes on my bed, after my shower, to ‘tune out’. It was nice. Our friends M&A came over in the evening to visit, and we had a little fire out back and just chatted. So glad to be reconnecting with A. ♥ She also told me about a potential job opportunity, which (amazingly!) sounds appealing to me. Hmmmmm…is my sabbatical over?

Today I feel motivated. I’m thinking about going back to work. I feel a sense of ‘relief’ with the idea of generating an income again…contributing. I only wish I could make this happen by aligning with my true purpose…which is really wherever my passion lies. Right now it is with the ideas of creating things. But I do still believe this will happen for me – when it is time. And maybe the income worry is what is actually blocking my ability to move forward (feeling stuck again)? I need to RELEASE it – and perhaps this is how? Everything happens for a reason.

It is now 11:38 AM and meditation calls me.

Meditation Notes:
Anxious feeling-attention to chest-hard to get a good breath
‘too much thinking’
• (focus on breathing)
asking questions…
END…couldn’t shut off the thoughts today…..but it’s okay ☺

Had a Sister Day ♥…visited K, then S. S and I went closeout shopping. I got a bird feeder and some feed and hung it in the Japanese Maple back by the pond. I sat on the deck to see if the birds would be interested, and after only a minute or two, I saw a huge hawk fly into one of the Corkscrew Willow trees. I captured him on video…and he is beautiful. I think he was a Red Tail Hawk, which interestingly was just a topic of conversation with S., because she had recently seen one and I told her I didn’t think I ever had. Have now!

Hawk Spirit Animal | Meaning

“When you have the hawk as a spirit animal, you may have an inclination towards using the power of vision and intuition in your daily life. The hawk totem provides wisdom about seeing situations from a higher perspective, using the power of observation, and focusing on the task at hand. It’s a good companion to develop spiritual awareness.”

Source: Hawk Spirit Animal | Meaning


Journal Notes June 27, 2015



Busy, busy, busy! 2:58 PM meditation…just for me! No notes. But as I prepare my meditation space,  I again remember a vision. I have had it several times…but different variations of the same vision. I see steps…like stairs, but only a couple (2-3) of them. And it seems as if I am stumbling on them…. going up a step or down, I either skip one (feels intentional) or miss one (feels unintentional) – but in any situation I stumble. As I remember this vision, I immediately understand the message….I am missing a step – but I don’t know what it is?  I was told this in May and am now being reminded with these visions.  


Today’s meditation consisted of Chakra Healing. As I focused on sending blue light to my throat chakra, the message was being repeated…”missing a step, skipping a step”. Then the song lyric ♫ I saw the sign ♪ pops into my thoughts.
What? And I immediately get a vision…of steps going up…but more like brown wooden ladder-type steps (with no backs/risers). I then heard “five (5) minutes” followed by ‘going up’. I stopped writing notes at this point – and just went with it…and it was pretty awesome!


So – I think I understand what step I am missing (or skipping), especially since the messages today began at the throat chakra

Throat Chakra Color Blue and Creativity

“When your fifth chakra is open, you experience waves of creative energy, you receive flashes of creative insights and you are propelled to create. This is a conscious creation and you utilize the energies of all your lower chakras. You access the Divine and the universal knowledge and you integrate it with your personal truth. When you express your truth (whether it is writing, dancing, singing, or painting), you create from the throat chakra.”

Source: Throat Chakra Colors

As I look back through my journal, creating has appeared three times in the last week….June 23rd, 25th and 26th. Well, if this is the step I’m missing it is something I can easily correct ☺… the inspiration to create is already consuming me! ♥

Journal Notes June 21, 2015


Happy Father’s Day ♥  Happy Summer Solstice ☼

Yesterday the weather was a rainy and damp. A dark and gloomy day that made me feel drained… so I lit a candle and spent the day cuddled on the couch.

This morning I felt very sad – as if I’m feeling sorry for myself,  and lonely. Why? I have no reason to feel this way. Around noon I went into  my bedroom and sat on my bed, and the tears just began to flow. No thoughts were even going through my head at the time… just this incredible feeling of sadness. So of course I tried to justify the feeling…find something to feel sad about.  But I am not sad about anything…I am not lonely. I have no reason to feel sorry for myself. But there must be some purpose to my feelings. How silly. I just needed to RELEASE…something.

The family will be over later today to enjoy the sunshine ☼ (YAY! It’s back!) I’m going to meditate, now that the tears are done, and ask to release that which is not mine or no longer serves my highest purpose. Let go and let God.

Meditation Notes:
• feeling (someone’s) sadness
• It doesn’t make sense…there is no ‘one’ reason for it
• (asked – How can I help?)
• First you must WANT to (I do) ♥
• And (someone) must WANT to heal
• Divine Energy. Reiki. Light.
• Feels like ‘can’t shake it’
Dance. Moonlight. Release.
• Attention to the heart – mild poking pain – then down around rib cage into back – then left upper jaw into cheekbone
• Song lyric ♫shut up and dance with me♪
Cabbage – garden vision of garden
• Feels like getting lost in thought
• Working through the ‘grammar’ (words)
END… felt very strange towards the end of meditation…confused!?!
If this is how (someone) is walking around feeling every day…it really sucks.  Maybe a dance in the moonlight will help? ☺

IMG_3489This evening, while the family was still here, someone noticed a patch of grass in my back yard….close to the back corner where the fire pit is. This patch of grass is much darker than the rest of the lawn, and is in the shape of a heart . I’m not sure what caused this, but I do know the lawn was just cut yesterday. Well, after everyone left this evening, I was drawn to the moon…and that little patch of heart-shaped grass. I went outside and stood in the middle of the heart – let my bare feet sink into the warm grass, raised my eyes to the moon and my arms to the air. I didn’t dance… but I breathed. Long, slow, deep breaths. RELEASE.

Journal Notes June 10, 2015

Wednesday 12:55 PM

I wasn’t going to practice mindful meditation today…it is hubby’s first day of summer break – at home!  I suspect I may have to make a few adjustments to my morning routine – but I really hope not.  Anyway – he is outside enjoying time with his fish pond, and I suddenly realize I really want and need to meditate.

As I run down the stairs to grab a few things I need, I see the very vibrant cardinal – sitting on the sidewalk right outside my front door. I have to stop and watch him – he is truly beautiful.  He seems to visit me every couple of months.

Symbolism of the Cardinal

“The cardinal makes a fantastic animal totem. It reminds us to hold ourselves with pride – not ego pride. Rather, the cardinal asks us to stand a little taller, be a bit more regal, step into our natural confidence as if we were born to lead with grace and nobility. Those who attract the cardinal as their totem are naturally energetic, love life, and happily help others where/when they can.”
Source: Animal Symbolism of the Cardinal

Meditation Notes:

  • ‘camping’ – the word and a feeling
  • feels like something stuck in throat
  • 103 
  • blank….nothingness
  • (cleared throat)
  • ‘Indian chief’
  • (new guide?) – ‘yes’
  • T-name – ‘Bear’
  • ‘Thunder’
  • attention to left leg- calf...something about running
  • feel vibration shift – over and up
  • feeling of head moving in a circle
  • ‘dances‘ – types of dances
  • heard “it’s all about the energy”
  • (got flash of aqua-color across crown of head)
  • ache in left breast – and under arm
  • vision someone climbing a tree – putting/hanging something in the branches
  • heard “stationary
  • vision of a girl(?) up in the tree – has on a brown – swimsuit(?)
  • vision of a  (different) tree – trunk and branches – no leaves – bare – ‘dead’
  • got ‘do what you can do – keep livin’ [sic] life’
  • heard “April” then (a word starting with the letter) “L….”
  • vision of a female – thin – with brownish thin hair – at a counter(?)…wearing a white shirt and jean shorts
  • ache top of left shoulder
  • ache across chest -headache now (relax & release)
  • ‘names’ – something about ‘names’
  • ‘Jane‘ – then the song Jane ♫
  • something about the kids – coming or going?


I believe a new Spirit Guide is being introduced! I am excited to learn more about this guide!

Connections: Writing May 24, 2015



It feels like the story I am being guided to write about and share is being ‘outlined’ for me. Synchronicity. Today I understand why I had the (May 22nd) dream about my daughter getting run over by the car. It wasn’t an omen – it wasn’t even about her. The dream came to remind me of another child’s tragedy, another parent’s nightmare. The dream came to remind me of  my son’s friend, Chris.

And if the dream didn’t allow me to FEEL this tragedy all over again, yesterday Chris stopped by our house to visit. We probably haven’t seen him since last summer. But his appearance at my home helped me understand. Chris is an important part of the story.  His story is tragic. Yet it makes perfect sense that he would reappear  in my life right now, at this moment. He came (unknowingly) to remind me of his story…and to remind me that it could have been my child. He came to let me feel it again. His tragedy, and the circumstances surrounding his tragedy, and the events that followed.

Abstract background of beautiful color smoke waves.This is all part of my learning process. LESSONS, I call them. Remembering life events, and the feelings associated with those events. Especially the one’s you don’t WANT to remember. Writing with feeling. As I look back through my journal, I have been told.


Chakra Healing – Head Pressure & Buzzing

May 13, 2015

I have been noticing little periods of intense pressure in my head the last couple of days. The first occurred yesterday when I was reading the Tarot cards for my niece. The pressure came on very quickly…just as I was making the connection with the 3 cards I was reading…almost at the exact moment I realized what the cards were saying. It felt like my head was buzzing….I good, excited type of buzzing feeling.

Today the pressure returned…as I was standing in the middle of the closet I was cleaning. The BIG closet…in my bedroom. It was around 2:00 PM, so I thought it was a good time to take a break from my task, maybe try to meditate and connect with the energy I was feeling.

I do believe the daily chakra healing I am doing, opening and balancing my energy centers, is why I am feeling this head pressure and buzzing.

And not being one to reinvent the wheel, here’s one of many Web links about this topic…


Source: Ascension Signs and Symptoms of the Spiritual Awakening and Expanded Consciousness


Journal Notes April 18, 2015


Saw the pretty, very red cardinal in my Dogwood tree again this morning, then the song lyric “lean on me, when you’re not strong enters my head. As I’m preparing my brunch, I start to think about mindful eating (find more about mindful eating here) and healthy food choices (like fruits and veggies ☺). As soon as I realized my thoughts had wandered to this, I glanced at the kitchen clock and saw the time – 11:17. I wasn’t surprised I would catch this number, but what was odd was the time on the stove clock (which is directly below the one I glanced at showing 11:17)  was different…it was displaying 11:19.  Surely I would have noticed sooner than now if these clocks were not synced – they are in the kitchen, which is where I spend most of my time. Well, I could have taken this as a sign of how my day would be… just a little OFF. All day. I tried a couple of times to meditate, but it just felt ‘off’. I really can’t explain it any better than that – just off.

Meditation Notes (Take One) OUTSIDE 11:30 am

  • getting the song lyric “Saturday night’s alright [Elton John]
  • ‘worried about their child‘ … [at the time I FELT like this was Me, worried about My daughter, but as I look now at the word “their” I now wonder, and should have asked “who is worried about their child?”]
  • The feelings of ‘worry’ seemed to want to consume me, so I decided to just let my attention go to ‘being outside’… listening and observing… the birds chirping. the baby morning dove, about 10 feet directly in front of me,  drinking from a puddle of water on the pool cover, the dragonfly doing a dance above the pool cover – back and forth, up and down, all around and then finally flies up high in the sky to meet its partner and fly away…

I’m soaking up every ounce of ‘outside’ I can get today, so I spent a couple of hours this afternoon doing some wood burning on the back deck.

Meditation Notes (Take Two) OUTSIDE 5:00 PM

  • attention to the throat
  • chills through body
  • ‘hyperactive’
  • feeling ‘wobbly’
  • ‘you can let that go now’ then as if flicking the wrist and snapping fingers
  • ‘daughter’
  • song lyric “hold on for one more day”
  • ‘don’t look down….look ahead’
  • ‘started thinking too much’
  • ‘cope’
  • the breeze caught a hold of my journal pages and flipped back to my notes from Wednesday April 15... hmmmm. Are these notes ‘connected‘?)
  • END