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Spiritual Journal July 31, 2015


Good reads about the Blue Moon….

Source: Tania Gabrielle | Numerologist.com
Source: Kari Samuels | Numerologist.com


During meditation yesterday I saw the colors red and orange. These colors are associated with the Root Chakra (red) and Sacral Chakra (orange). Shortly after these colors appeared, my attention was drawn to my throat [Throat Chakra (blue)], followed by the word ‘imbalance’.  So, as I begin meditation today, I will focus on healing and balancing these three chakras.

meditation notes: 2:00 PM   
Colorful sticks made from wood.
Colorful sticks made from wood.

• before I even begin my opening process – all kinds of physical sensations…     lower back tooth aches…
• burning sensation across chest
• mild pain – left shoulder into neck…left side of throat
• attention to left elbow
• feeling of ‘going up’
• ‘new moon magic
Mild headache
Vision:looked like Popsicle sticks
‘I totally remember’

END…. Only got 10 minutes today! Shoot.

New moon magic…Are you ready? 

Next New Moon – August 14, 2015. “New Moons are about starting fresh and beginning projects, while Full Moons mark the completion of a cycle.” Source: New Moon Magic: May 2015 | Gala Darling

Spiritual Journal July 25, 2015

Saturday – visions
Meditation Notes: 11:38 AM – 12:09

• the song lyric ♫Que sera, sera – whatever will be, will be – the future’s not ours to see♪ comes into my head almost immediately
song lyric changes to ♫Welcome to the Hotel California♪
Tom – or T-name
• ‘it’s okay to ask’
• something about ‘witch’, then ‘she’s a Wicca’, then ‘that’s a pretty word’
• Vision: as if looking above a house…see the top of the house…the roof line against the horizon
• ‘there’s a fire in the house’
• Something feels ‘uncomfortable
• (felt like a very long pause….silence, peaceful)
• Uplifting feeling – almost like an upward swirling motion
• Song lyric ♫hold me closer, tiny dancer♪
• Smiling – feel good, happy
• Suddenly remember an earlier vision [see below]
Hunger feeling
• right foot feels very distended…as if my toes are pointed down (like a ballet dancer)…the soles of my feet are very tingly
• The ♫hold me closer, tiny dancer♪ lyric pops into my head again
• I feel the uplifting sensations & feelings..almost like going up an elevator…the motion…it comes to me four times before I finally open my eyes, and know… I am done

Another pretty word…Wicca

I also got this word during meditation about one year ago (one day before the August 11, 2014 Full Moon). As I look back through my journal, I see an association to a name almost every time there is reference to  ‘witch‘ or ‘Wicca‘ – so I think I understand what this is about.

So, What is Wicca?  “Wicca is an eclectic religious belief system centering around gods, goddesses, and nature worship.  Gary Cantrell, a well-known Wiccan author says Wicca is based on “harmony with nature and all aspects of the god and goddess divinity.”

Read more here…

Source: What is Wicca?|Definition|Roots Are Ancient Agrarian Celtic Society

VISION…or dream?

During meditation today, I suddenly remembered an earlier vision I had – maybe this morning? Or yesterday? I know… does it really matter when? Well, the vision was of an outdoor stove …like a cook top. I remember my grandparents had one of these stoves, and would always cook on it when we went camping. And I also remember with this vision came something to do with ‘gypsies‘ – a feeling about a grandmother (dad’s mom) who may have been referred to as a gypsy.

So that was it – the vision that I forgot about until I meditated this morning…and suddenly remembered it. Now that I think about it, this may have actually been a dream I was remembering, not a vision?


This hunger feeling it is not a stomach hunger. This feeling of hunger expands through my chest (heart chakra) and down into my solar plexus. Just like stomach hunger, this hunger feels like food will satisfy it – but I KNOW I am not physically hungry when this feeling erupts in me. And it’s deeper than that. At one point I related it to (using and)  sending energy, but most recently it resonated as a feeling of love.  A hunger for more? Yes. Always.

a VISION today

I was floating on a raft in the pool today, enjoying the sun and the quiet, when I had a vision

I saw a child. A brown (or dark) haired child, laying on the cement along the edge of the pool. Actually. laying on (his) stomach with (his) head propped up by (his) elbows. He was watching me…and smiling. I think this was a little boy, but I’m not sure….could have been a little girl with a cute pixie-type haircut. ☺

Journal Notes April 24, 2015


IMG_3275Have been seeing many (1-4) repeating and sequential numbers this week…111, 1234, 231, 234, 423, 444 as well as 911 and 1117. Angels †

<<   This is a screen snap from my iPhone…do you see what I see (other than the time♥)?


Meditation Notes

  • Chills through legs
  • ‘unlock’
  • attention to sternum then left side of throat
  • ‘mom’
  • lyric ♪ “break free from the pain”
  • pain in left temple
  • ‘subject’ / ‘teacher’
  • ‘no echo’ – feels like (something/someone) ‘not coming back’
  • ‘lessons’
  • song lyric ♫ “wake me up before you go”
  • ‘boxes’
  • pressure in ears
  • (something about) ‘swallow’
  • song lyrics and music jumbled (‘Wake Me Up Before You Go Go’ by Wham! ☻)
  • vision of a female (eyes closed)
  • vision of a wooden dock [on the shore, by water]- with something wooden laying flat on top of it
  • “Esther” [or E-name]
  • song lyric “send me an Angel” ♫


Journal Notes April 22, 2015


Meditation Notes 

  • mild burning sensation – back of left leg/knee area up through thigh
  • [song lyric] ♫”I love you so, I always will” **
  • [feeling of] sadness/heavy heart
  • barrier‘ – feels as if ‘putting a wall up’ and/or being ‘up against a wall’
  • feels like ‘waiting & anxious’ (asked for what?)
  • heard “to hear from you
  • vision of drawing ‘faces’ – figuring out the ‘dimensions’
  • ‘figure it out’ then ‘put it away’
  • digest(ion)’
  • yesterday‘ (feel like this means ‘look back’)
  • the shaky-foot thing [too funny – sister will understand this]
  • [song lyric] ♪ “Da doo ron ron” **
  • mild pain in forehead
  • lyric ♫ “words of love, soft and tender won’t win it” 
  • END

Connection to the Name: Bill

** “I love you so, I always will”  from the song Wedding Bell Blues-(The 5th Dimension) begins with the lyric  “Bill, I love you so, I always will”

**”Da Doo Ron Ron” song by The Carpenters has the lyric “his name was Bill



Journal Notes April 19, 2015


Today’s Angel Numbers: 456; 911; 123 (I woke suddenly this morning at 4:56 am)

Dreams About Walking

This morning I took a long walk outside and around the neighborhood. As I walked, I remembered I used to have ‘walking’ dreams.  These dreams typically started with me walking on a familiar road. I would realize or acknowledge that I had walked a great distance from home, but it always felt as if I had covered this great distance in a very minimal amount of time. And then I would look back, considering my trip back (by foot) and become overwhelmed with the distance and amount of time it would take me to get back home. The dream would typically take me through considering some ‘options‘ to get home quickly, but there always seemed to be a risk of some sort involved (like traveling by bicycle at night on an unlit road, or getting an offer from a stranger to take me home). As I recall these walking dreams today, I do not remember ever actually getting back home, either. I haven’t had a walking (or flying) dream in many, many years… and don’t recall any circumstances in my life which might have triggered these repetitive dream themes at the time – I just know I had them but don’t anymore. Dreams of consequence or prophetic? Maybe both – but there must be a reason I am remembering them.☺

Here’s one interpretation of Walking DreamsFor me, I believe these dreams symbolized my progress toward reaching my life goals – and turning back was not an option.

Meditation Notes
  • legs ache
  • ‘sleeping’
  • ‘daughter’
  • ‘drink plenty of water’
  • song lyric “won’t you stay with me awhile” ♫
  • right hip around into back hurts
  • D-name
  • ‘gasoline’ smell
  • END (too many distractions!)

Journal Notes April 18, 2015


Saw the pretty, very red cardinal in my Dogwood tree again this morning, then the song lyric “lean on me, when you’re not strong enters my head. As I’m preparing my brunch, I start to think about mindful eating (find more about mindful eating here) and healthy food choices (like fruits and veggies ☺). As soon as I realized my thoughts had wandered to this, I glanced at the kitchen clock and saw the time – 11:17. I wasn’t surprised I would catch this number, but what was odd was the time on the stove clock (which is directly below the one I glanced at showing 11:17)  was different…it was displaying 11:19.  Surely I would have noticed sooner than now if these clocks were not synced – they are in the kitchen, which is where I spend most of my time. Well, I could have taken this as a sign of how my day would be… just a little OFF. All day. I tried a couple of times to meditate, but it just felt ‘off’. I really can’t explain it any better than that – just off.

Meditation Notes (Take One) OUTSIDE 11:30 am

  • getting the song lyric “Saturday night’s alright [Elton John]
  • ‘worried about their child‘ … [at the time I FELT like this was Me, worried about My daughter, but as I look now at the word “their” I now wonder, and should have asked “who is worried about their child?”]
  • The feelings of ‘worry’ seemed to want to consume me, so I decided to just let my attention go to ‘being outside’… listening and observing… the birds chirping. the baby morning dove, about 10 feet directly in front of me,  drinking from a puddle of water on the pool cover, the dragonfly doing a dance above the pool cover – back and forth, up and down, all around and then finally flies up high in the sky to meet its partner and fly away…

I’m soaking up every ounce of ‘outside’ I can get today, so I spent a couple of hours this afternoon doing some wood burning on the back deck.

Meditation Notes (Take Two) OUTSIDE 5:00 PM

  • attention to the throat
  • chills through body
  • ‘hyperactive’
  • feeling ‘wobbly’
  • ‘you can let that go now’ then as if flicking the wrist and snapping fingers
  • ‘daughter’
  • song lyric “hold on for one more day”
  • ‘don’t look down….look ahead’
  • ‘started thinking too much’
  • ‘cope’
  • the breeze caught a hold of my journal pages and flipped back to my notes from Wednesday April 15... hmmmm. Are these notes ‘connected‘?)
  • END




Journal Notes April 16 – 17, 2015


Had a really busy morning… the entire week has been busy, so far. I have so many to-do’s on my list that it is difficult to shut down during meditation. The only thing I recall from today’s meditation (around 1:00 PM) was the song lyric looking for the man in the mirror” (M. Jackson, Man in the Mirror). I also remember a burning sensation in my throat.


SONY DSCWhat a strange day! My youngest child left for her first weekend get-away today – with her boyfriend, on a plane, many states away. I thought I was totally okay with this – she is a young adult, and I did the same around her age when I flew to California by myself for a couple of weeks to visit my girlfriends. But – it’s NOT okay. I have been filled with nervous, anxious energy all day long.  After I took her to the airport, I stopped at mom’s and gave her a BIG hug. NOW I understand how and why she always worried whenever I traveled…even into my adult life! I love you Mom.

Despite the anxious energy hanging with me throughout the day, I was reassured with Angel NumbersIt seemed every time I glanced at the clock the time would be a repeating or sequential number. I meditated outside this afternoon and just focused on clearing and cleansing my energy.

Journal Notes April 15, 2015


Thoughts this morning about intuition, and being intuitive.  I do believe everyone is intuitive – but many people just don’t recognize it, acknowledge it, or know how to use their intuition. And that’s about as deep as I’ll get on this topic, because the Web is loaded with information about it, and it’s up to each individual to re-discover their own intuition in their own way (but – it is there, if you really want to tap into it!)

So, after the intuition thoughts, and while I’m making my bed this morning, the song lyric “Bill, I love you so, I always will starts in my head (first came to me back in February). I suddenly remember last night, as I was falling asleep… the same song lyric came into my head. I was very tired, but promised I would try to connect to whoever this song is attached to in the morning (today). Then the “words of love, soft and tender won’t win it song lyric enters…. so I think it’s time to meditate now.

I am going to set my intention.ALOUD.

Meditation Notes

  • ‘too soon’ – someone’s passing
  • feel very tired – could just sleep
  • sounded like someone/thing ran across my roof (?)
  • song lyric “Bill, I love you so, I always will”
  • “fala lala la, la la lala” (Deck the Halls, Christmas carol)
  • pain – left back then down into arm, then attention to bottom teeth/jaw, then mild pain across brow line
  • song lyric ♪ “strangers in the night”
  • am smiling ☺feel happy
  • words: numerology; residual; crossings
  • smell of (onions?)
  • (clear throat)
  • ‘I’m OK with it
  • vision: looked like the number 7 upside down – L [now I see it! the letter “L“]
  • feel wave of energy going up and down body – ‘scan’
  • song lyric “hold on for one more day”
  • ‘reindeer antlers’ …. (funny) like they are on a wall and jokes about the deer antlers being from a ‘reindeer’
  • ‘WOW – just Wow’
  • ‘sweep it away’ (back and forth, zigzag motion)
  • song lyric “let your worries pass you by”
  • uplifting feeling ♥
  • Char/Shar [or Sh-name]
  • ‘my own step-daughter’
  • END (the weather band radio went off, otherwise I would have stayed with this connection. I know there is a message here…I can FEEL it)

Journal Notes April 10, 2015

April 10, 2015 Fri

Today’s Angel Numbers 1117; 123

Still had moments of total exhaustion yesterday and had to take a power nap. Went to bed very early last night (around 9:30 pm) but had a hard time sleeping – even though I was feeling very tired. First, my teeth started to bother me. It was very strange – almost as if I had braces on them again and they were shifting and causing mild pain. No sooner was I about to drift off to sleep when a bright white light was pointed directly into my left eye. I quickly opened my eyes, expecting to find my daughter shining her cell phone flashlight at me, but the room was empty. Nobody there that shouldn’t have been…just the cat sleeping on the foot of the bed.

Meditation Notes

  • Dad’
  • feel twitch on right elbow
  • hear music playing over words –  the words – music is drowning out the words so I can’t hear them
  • eyes are watering
  • mild headache
  • felt like something being wrapped around the head
  • attention to right breast
  • see someone to my left [in peripheral] in the mirror
  • Got ‘for Mary’ [or M-name]
  • eyes are burning and tearing
  • mild pains through lower abdomen
  • ‘I just said (something)’
  • feels like my head/mind is spinning
  • face and upper chest itches (could be from the tears rolling down my face?)
  • Feels like I’m supposed to be doing something (else?)
  • ‘Go with it’ – no frustrations – that’s ok


I’m learning more about these feelings I get when I meditate…they are NOT mine even though I FEEL them as if they are.  This is something I need to focus on – acknowledge them and then release them so I don’t carry them around with me through the day! And to make sure I do this (in case I forget during mediation) I have made sure to incorporate releasing into my closing ritual…

I now release any thoughts or feelings which are not mine or no longer serve my highest purpose. – Namaste


Journal Notes April 9, 2015

April 9, 2015 Thurs

Today’s Angel Numbers 1117; 321; 333

Woke a couple of times last night, then very early this morning to the first spring thunderstorm. But YAY! Spring! Got up early, got a lot of things done, and felt meditation calling me. As I glanced at the clock it is 11:17 am. I have been asking the Angels for signs….and have been seeing this 1117 number daily.

Meditation Notes

  • feel slightly nauseous
  • mild tingles through feet and legs
  • song lyric “let your worries pass you by” ♫
  • ‘paralyzed‘ and feeling of fear
  • tingles at hairline front left
  • ‘sometimes it takes over’ {TY]
  • feels like I’m lost (I asked to release these feelings as I know they are not mine) [this is also a reminder to include ‘releasing’ when I ‘close’ after meditation}
  • feel mild vibrations through body
  • attention to throat – down into esophagus
  • song lyric “hold on for one more day” ♪
  • feeling of a kiss on the cheek – up close to the right ear  
  • ‘tune in’ (to very subtle thoughts and feelings); focus on breathing; align; center [Lessons/Guidance] {TY}
  • ‘coaching’ [yes!]{TY}
  • quick pain through right breast *
  • someone’s ‘not ready yet’
  • song lyric “all of my love” ♫ [Zepplin]
  • ‘connected’
  • feel magnetic pull ‘zipping’ up through entire body
  • something about ‘zipper‘ (?)
  • right breast – zipper, pocket, hand going into pocket and grabbing breast (see Connections ♥ April 10th)
  • Chris [or C-name]
  • Tell them “If you connect to anything PLEASE post a comment” [Guidance about this Blog ☺]
  • body feels tense...relax {TY}
  • got ‘green‘ then saw green (eyes closed)
  • see my aura around my hand – it is pale blue. I closed my eyes and see three layers of color ...pale blue, dark dusty red, and gold
  • suddenly had to clear throat
  • feel warmth along back (calf) of right leg
  • ‘wanted to explore’ (something) but ‘just need to let it go’ 
  • something smells funny- as something’s ‘not right’
  • sudden ‘poking’ feeling or right arm..like being prodded to ‘write it’
  • smell (odor) again
  • ‘arson’
  • felt like something (energy?) pushed against the right side of my head & face
  • arson – smells – not right
  • feel pressure in my head – pushing up through head
  • attention to the left side of the body
  • song lyric “let your worries pass you by” ♫
  • felt like ‘it was just one of those things’
  • feeling the head pressure again

END: noticed the heels of my feet feel as if they are numb…as if I was pressing them hard and deep into the bed.

*this pain in my right breast  – I have been getting it sporadically since yesterday

And so, dear readers, “If you connect to anything (from my meditation notes) PLEASE post a comment!” ♥