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Connections ♥

Making connections ♥ today. Things started with the sister telling me she felt a connection to my April 7th Meditation Notes, and that snowballed into several other connections with things I experienced over the last week or so.

Yesterday I noted this thought during meditation • Tell them “If you connect to anything PLEASE post a comment” … I think I was just giving myself advice about the blog – but the thought was so random and I think this message applies especially to the sisters!

The pain I was feeling in my right breast on Wednesday and Thursday –  that was  mom’s (she’s okay, but was concerned when she was having the pain). I also asked her today about her teeth and think my teeth bothering me last night (it was as if all of my teeth were shifting or moving in my gums) as I tried to sleep was her as well. It seems my ability to feel what other people feel (empathy) is especially sensitive to my immediate family members – especially mom. ♥

And I realized the vision of a book with pictures – like a yearbook or scrap-book from April 5th meditation symbolizes ‘looking back’. ♥☺

April 10, 2015



Journal Notes April 10, 2015

April 10, 2015 Fri

Today’s Angel Numbers 1117; 123

Still had moments of total exhaustion yesterday and had to take a power nap. Went to bed very early last night (around 9:30 pm) but had a hard time sleeping – even though I was feeling very tired. First, my teeth started to bother me. It was very strange – almost as if I had braces on them again and they were shifting and causing mild pain. No sooner was I about to drift off to sleep when a bright white light was pointed directly into my left eye. I quickly opened my eyes, expecting to find my daughter shining her cell phone flashlight at me, but the room was empty. Nobody there that shouldn’t have been…just the cat sleeping on the foot of the bed.

Meditation Notes

  • Dad’
  • feel twitch on right elbow
  • hear music playing over words –  the words – music is drowning out the words so I can’t hear them
  • eyes are watering
  • mild headache
  • felt like something being wrapped around the head
  • attention to right breast
  • see someone to my left [in peripheral] in the mirror
  • Got ‘for Mary’ [or M-name]
  • eyes are burning and tearing
  • mild pains through lower abdomen
  • ‘I just said (something)’
  • feels like my head/mind is spinning
  • face and upper chest itches (could be from the tears rolling down my face?)
  • Feels like I’m supposed to be doing something (else?)
  • ‘Go with it’ – no frustrations – that’s ok


I’m learning more about these feelings I get when I meditate…they are NOT mine even though I FEEL them as if they are.  This is something I need to focus on – acknowledge them and then release them so I don’t carry them around with me through the day! And to make sure I do this (in case I forget during mediation) I have made sure to incorporate releasing into my closing ritual…

I now release any thoughts or feelings which are not mine or no longer serve my highest purpose. – Namaste


Journal Entry March 25, 2015

March 25, 2015 Weds   Today’s Angel Number 1111

Slept well last night…do not remember waking AT ALL!

Meditation Notes

  • vision of then thought of ‘a stage’
  • that darn “foolin'” song enters my head [Def Leppard]
  • ‘mother’
  • attention to right side of face – feels drawn down….stroke (?)
  • felt like ‘holding something in the mouth’…not swallowing
  • word ‘suffer’ but felt like ‘didn’t suffer’
  • smiling – feel happy
  • something about ‘eating’
  • vision of hands – as if resting on the lap area
  • vision of sheet or blanket with fingertips gliding under and along the edge
  • feeling of ‘frustration’

END…I sat up on the bed for this entire session.

Not sure who the ‘mother’ connection is with/for (yet!)  I did ask though!

Today I’m looking back through my journal notes to find a connection (I hope) with the houses I always see. It’s a good day for ‘busy’ stuff… it’s rainy out (but warmer) and the house is calm and quiet.



Journal Notes March 23, 2015

Journal Notes March 23, 2015 Mon

Weekend Angel Numbers 222; 1023; 1111; 456; 123, 1010; 44

I spent the better half of the weekend trying to nurse myself back to good health. Despite my best efforts, this virus the kids have has now attached itself to me… magnified by how the energy has already been affecting me, and….wham! Clearly, my self-healing skills are lacking. I’d love to say I’m feeling much better today! But….I’m not. Oh well – I will drink plenty of water and rest between the little spurts of energy I’m feeling (thanks to the sunshine ☼) and remain optimistic I will feel better soon!

Over the weekend the “Jeopardy” (TV game show) music kept playing through my head. Then I heard the hubby humming the same tune – and assume this must be why I have it…but why does he have it? LOL – vicious circle. Every now and then, the “you’re a grand old flag” ♫ (song) lyric would enter in as well. Wondering where I’m picking this one up from?

I have continued to meditate daily (between naps ☺) but am not setting intention other than to receive energy to balance and heal. I let the thoughts flow by, but on Saturday some stayed with me to note after.

Meditation Notes Sat March 21

  • ‘wrapping’ something up (like wrapping a finger)
  • Names and word: ‘Becca – Sue – sisters
  • ‘outside’ followed by uplifting feeling
  • yesterday’ followed by uplifting feeling
  • ‘last night’ followed by uplifting feeling
  • 3 places’
  • vision of a very pretty red brick house…picture window in front
  • it’s ‘what they need to tell you’  then
  • ‘the houses

There are those words again…outside & yesterday…and now ‘last night’. I think I will go back to when I first received the two words to try to find the connections. I understand ‘last night’…Friday night…with the sister and hubbies at her house. Fun times with LOTS of laughter! And then there is the house thing again… always visions of houses, and now messages about the houses (but YAY!).

Later Sat afternoon I got the Jocelyn Turner name again, then the Partridge Family song lyric ♫ “I think I love you”. Hope I can find this connection soon!

Meditation Notes Mon March 23

  • lower back and hips are very achy – especially on the right side – then feels like a burning sensation on the right hip (asked to release this) and noticed my backside was tingling – as if falling asleep (also noticed this sensation when meditating over the weekend)





Journal Notes March 20, 2015

March 20, 2015 Fri  Spring Equinox-Super Moon-Lunar Eclipse
Today’s Angel Number 6:54
How appropriate I would be starting Book 4 of my journaling today. Synchronicity – endings and new beginnings. Woke up very early this morning – before 6:00 am – to a slamming headache. Felt like sinus pressure. The cats became very vocal once they realized I was awake, and soon both Simba and Sky were taking turns meowing at my dresser mirror (click here to view the Video page). Sky painted the mirror with her paws again… wonder if the next sunny day will reveal more secrets in the mirror? At around 9:00 am the ♪ lyric “you’re a grand old flag” started playing through my head again. Then a thought about my daughter’s car and a flat tire pops into my head – but her car is in the driveway and the tires look fine. As I sit down to make some journal notes, the pressure in my head reminds me of being in an airplane during takeoff.

Meditation Notes
• See a male in what looks like a white sailor cap
• Feel mild pain in sternum
• Heard “the number”…don’t forget about it
• ‘ability to change your life’
• (asked for clarity on ‘the number’)
• Got 12
• Feeling of ‘lifting’
• Vision of white skeleton bones against dark (black) background
• ‘you are there’
• Hearing a song lyric “(na-na), don’t be a hero” ♫ [know the ‘na-na’ is some name]
• Feeling of intense ‘shifting’ [heady feeling]
• Feels like energy enters my area from the left and goes past me toward the right
• Feel mild vibration on bed
• Feeling of ‘lifting’ (more intense than first – felt really good…did not want to break from it in order to write)
• (asked – who is with me?)
• Attention to sternum/chest/heart
• Vision of several dogs playing together (was like watching a video)
Suddenly felt very tired, so I decided to lay down across the bed and take a quick nap. Felt mild vibrations through my entire body for a while, then slept for a short time.

Around noon today, daughter tells me about a crazy dream she had last night…and then gets to the part about her car being dented and her car tires being flat! Is this why something about my daughter’s car and a flat tire popped into my head earlier this morning?

Wow – feeling so very tired today. I took ANOTHER nap this afternoon. I clearly must have picked up this virus I was trying so hard to ward off.

Journal Entry March 13, 2015

March 13, 2015 Friday the 13th (if you’re superstitious☻)

Both the kids have some nasty virus…for one it is mostly sinus congestion and head pressure, but the other is also running a fever with flu-like symptoms. Both are also complaining of insomnia.  I though, slept until 8:00 AM this morning and just trusted that I must have needed the 10 hours of sleep I just got…probably will need the energy to keep myself healthy and virus-free.

Meditation Notes

  • see a figure holding a child (infant/baby) [candle aura]
  • ‘childbirth’
  • pain in sternum – like mild burning – then attention to heart
  • (‘you don’t need to figure it out – just trust’)
  • chest feels very tight
  • something about ‘drinking’
  • Stacy [or S-name]
  • tingling sensation – like a line running across the right knee
  • attention to left cheek – like a palm pressing lightly against the cheek
  • Feel very HAPPY
  • vision of a flash of beautiful blue color (with edges – crystal -like) [see journal drawing]
  • (shut down thoughts and spent time in healing meditation]


Energy seems strange today – can’t really put my finger on it though. Feeling anxious and uptight. Wondering what’s going on with the moon? Daughter (who has this virus) is telling me about the blocks of energy she is seeing in the air. And she feels sharp shooting pains in her head and face – like she is getting ‘shots.’  Sure hopes this virus passes quickly…and no one else gets sick.


Journal Notes March 7, 2015

March 7, 2015 Sat       Today’s Angel Number 111

Had a dream last night….well, I think it was a dream, but maybe it really happened?  I saw the little white spider – the same one I had noticed a couple of weeks ago crawling around the bottom edge of the lampshade on the nightstand next to  my bed. The same one I couldn’t bring myself to kill because really, it wasn’t hurting anyone (but I really do not like spiders – just ask the hubby!) Anyway, I saw this little white spider scurrying across my nightstand.  That’s it – that’s the ‘dream’. So, maybe it was real?  The point is, I was hoping to have the flying dream :). I have been asking for the last couple of nights….and instead – I get a dream about a spider?  I should probably see if the spider has some spiritual significance?

 Symbolic Spider Meaning   and Spider Spirit Animals

Okay – so I do understand why I saw and then dreamt about the spider. Thank you. ♥

Have been chilly all day – which is strange because it is starting to warm up outside.  The air inside the house doesn’t seem as dry, though – so maybe this is why it feels colder.

Meditation Notes

  • right arm itches / left arm feel a twitchy sensation
  • attention to left leg
  • ‘okay, at this point take an aspirin’
  • ‘terrible’
  • lyric “why you have to be so rude?”
  • ‘what’s going on?’
  • ‘I’m gonna [sic] need to know how to do this’
  • back of left leg aches, then down the leg
  • attention around the mouth/lips
  • coolness over hands then tingles through the legs
  • (had to clear throat – then suddenly coughed)
  • left thigh aches – then top of left foot (now backside is getting numb)
  • laid flat on bed – stomach started to hurt and had to end (Weird!)


My Top 10: How Meditation is Helping Me Explore My Spirituality

My Top 10: How Meditation is Helping Me Explore My Spirituality

  1. it brings me closer to God
  2. it calms and quiets my body and mind
  3. it allows me to be in the present moment
  4. it creates a feeling of bliss
  5. it increases my level of awareness, allowing me to carry it with me throughout the day
  6. it opens me to new discoveries about myself
  7. it exposes, explores and strengthens my intuition
  8. it challenges me to face my fears, to learn how to trust, to forgive, and to love unconditionally
  9. it leads me to my passion
  10. it takes me on a journey, laden with many paths, to discovering my Truth… who I AM


Journal Entry February 18, 2015

February 18, 2015 Weds

Personal Notes:
Woke this morning at 4:56 am with ‘words’ flowing through my thoughts again. The only word I remember now is “passion”.
(9:55 am) Simba and I bonded this morning…as long as I get down on the floor at ‘his level’ he is pure love. Afterwards, I came downstairs to eat something and heard him meowing loudly from the stairwell, so I went to him, picked him up and carried him down the stairs. Suddenly, my legs got very weak and felt as if they were going to give out on me. I then remembered how, in the past, I used to get this feeling (occasionally)…and always on stairs. I don’t think there is anything physically wrong with me – I just find it strange this would happen. It was like a deja vu moment. It has been many, many years since this leg thing has occurred.
Wasn’t sure if I wanted to meditate after eating, or wait until later, but it wasn’t long before I was back upstairs to get dressed when a song lyric popped into my head. Now Playing –

  •  “forever, forever – you’ll stay in my heart and I will love you” (think it’s Dionne Warwick?- Thanks mama! I wouldn’t know these songs if you hadn’t filled our home with music while I was growing up 🙂 )

Guess I’ll meditate now…
As I sit down – a flash appears to the right in my peripheral vision and mild pain is in my temples. Someone is to my right. I need to get my prayers and protection done quickly – feeling rushed.

Meditation Notes
• See the profile of a Native American (Indian) in the aura (Spirit Guide – Felix?)
• ‘process’ , ‘write it down’ [LESSON]
• 1, 2, 3 (being repeated)
• (hear the house phone ringing – 3x)
• ‘5 (steps?)’ ‘you are at 3’ [LESSON]
• ‘FLY’
• Head hurts [closed eyes]
• Lyric “I’m gonna swing from the chandelier”
• Lyric “sit back, enjoy the show” [C. Crow]
• Attention to left arm – feel vibrations , like tugging
• Feels like smiling – but mild temple pain – and above brow line
• ‘Astral Projection
• ‘a little ‘far out’ there’
• Feel itchy
• Face in aura – young man
• Lyric “New Sensation”
• Feeling very warm
• Feels like fingertip touch in my hair
• Feeling of  ‘going up’
• Feet tingly
• Draft from / attention to left
• Ray [or R-name]
• ‘brother’
• ‘woods’
• Heard “help me”
• Heard “I was 10”
• ‘1973’ then, ‘do the math’ [wondering now if this is me?]
• Ache upper left arm
• Felt like a ‘smirk’ (like the corner of my mouth was up)
• ‘Elroy’ [or E-name] then ‘The Jetsons’  (like Felix,  the cat) [Felix = Spirit Guide, so could this be Uncle Ray? He is E.R. ]
• ‘that’ then ‘that which’ then ‘that witch’  (???)
• ‘Are we done yet?’
• Felt fingertip touch to the lips
• Head hurts (headache)
• (lay down on my left side across the bed)
• ‘fell asleep’, ‘had a dream’, ‘I could fly’ (almost wished I could ‘will’ this to happen – right now!  Brought back Memories 🙂 )
• Seemed to focus on the word ‘Will’….William? Bill? [or W-name]
-Time to be done

Personal Notes: I used to have dreams when I was younger I could fly…well, not actually flying – more like floating! They were wonderful. I remember I used to wake from the dream and then want to go back to sleep so I could continue! The feelings were intense!

Read more about Flying Dreams at DreamDictionary.org


Journal Entry February 12, 2015

February 12, 2015 Thurs

Personal Notes:
Was so tired last night. Went to bed as soon as I was home from bowling and slept until after 7:00 am this morning. Do remember waking once during the night – to thoughts of Dustin. Sad feelings-felt like I needed to cry.Feeling ‘drained’ today.
Did yoga and meditation …no notes written but remember a couple of things, so I captured them below.

Meditation Notes
• Saw word ‘winner’
• Vision of hands against a white background
• Vision of bare feet & toes
• Vision of a prism-like glass object – felt like a mirage (see drawing)

I am SO tired…this is not like me. Took a nap in the afternoon.