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JUST THE NOTES| September 28, 2015

A Spiritual Journey

Monday | 10:45 AM

cropped-cropped-stockvault-mannequin-close-up1139362-e1427762560356.jpgMEDITATION NOTES:
  • TS-name
  • See three (3) faces in aura
  • BIG inhale
  • Lower throat/right side/scratchy
  • LOVE
  • Feels like ‘it’s been awhile’
  • N-name (like Nikki)
  • There are three (3)
  • ‘don’t try to figure it out’
  • ‘officer’…then feels like ‘sorry, officer’
  • Long pause
  • something about ‘charm’ – being charming


A Spiritual Journey | September 14, 2015



Over the weekend I felt this need to ‘prepare’ for the New Moon and the energy to follow. Remember, New Moons are the time of new beginnings. So I am clearing my space, dealing with some unfinished business, and focusing my intention on love, health, and balance.

This New Moon is especially significant because it corresponds with one of TWO eclipses this month!

Learn more about September’s TWO powerful eclipses at numerologist.com.

Saturday I smudged the house. This ritual was overdue and I knew it.  I can typically rely on my three cats to let me know when there is ‘bothersome’ energy around – and they have been letting me know for the last three weeks. In retrospect, it may have been a good idea to smudge myself as well. ☯

Read about How to Smudge here.

Today’s Meditation Notes:

  • Shooting pain  upper back of left leg
  • B-name (like Bridgette)
  • ‘neighbor’ then ‘wouldn’t use real name’
  • Hungry feeling
  • something about a ‘memory’
  • Attention to left arm
  • chills up legs
  • ‘nail biting’ (feels like someone does or did this)
  • D-name
  • sudden feeling of doubt
  • Pain across bridge of nose
  • ‘today is the 14th’
  • Mild headache
  • something about ‘auras’
  • Feels like I can’t focus
  • ‘water’ then ‘sign’
  • Top of left hand aches…and now brrrrr…I’m feeling very chilly.

Time to stop… and put some warmer clothes on. And probably should drink some water. 

Water Symbolism ⚓

“The symbolism of water has a universal undertone of purity and fertility. Symbolically, it is often viewed as the source of life itself as we see evidence in countless creation myths in which life emerges from primordial waters.” Source: Symbolism of Water

“In Tarot, the traditional Suit of Cups is the suit of water. It is receptive, a vessel, and a symbol of the deep, primordial unconscious mind and womb. Water shows us the images, or imprint, of things. Emotions, feelings, and psychic knowledge are all represented by water in the Tarot tradition. Water flows and changes, and it carries away what it cleanses.” Source: Water as a Spiritual Element

A Spiritual Journey | September 6, 2015

Tuscan Countryside, Italy

Finding Jocelyn Turner…

This morning as I prepare to  meditate my thoughts return to Jocelyn Turner – and the potential connection. A connection for her…. with her mom.

But… I do not  know Jocelyn Turner. And I did not know Jocelyn Turner’s mother. But I do connect with this story. The minute I discovered it I knew, in my heart… and because a chill went through me as goosebumps permeated my skin  [and maybe I should start referring to these goosebumps as ‘angelbumps‘ – since they are happening quite frequently ☺].

Anyway – the story connects with many things I have tuned-in to during meditation. Some things familiar….about many children,  mommy leaving, mommy’s your daddy And the circumstances of mom’s passing. message is there….to Jocelyn from her mom. This I KNOW.  And I will need to trust I will be guided on what to do.

Today’s Meditation Notes 


‘she almost did’ – ‘lose a child’
• ‘it’s all about trust’
9/6..something about today’s date…[maybe ’96?]
J-name (like JoAnne)
• Feeling of falling forward – face first
‘better finish the bottle’
• (numbers) 10, 52
•something about ‘all the way’
Arletha ♫Ar-lee-tha♪   (Spirit Guide – helping me ♥)…the children
‘looking up’
• ‘detox’

Still working through the SYMBOLISM

A Little about My Spirit Guide Arletha…

I was introduced to Arletha (Letha) in September of 2014. She is my African-American Spirit Guide. In December 2014 she began popping in on my meditation practice frequently…and I was able to learn more about her.  Arletha helps me focus on my breathing during meditation. She typically stays in the shadows and has a connection with ‘the cats’. She also has a connection to ‘the children’…AND  has been helping me with the Jocelyn Turner connection .

Reference Dates: Sept 3, 2014; Dec 5, 2014; Dec 9, 2014; Dec 13, 2014; Dec 24, 2014; Feb 4,2015;

Spiritual Journal | September 1, 2015


Being Thankful

stockvault-rainbow-clouds143806Yesterday ended up being a really great and productive day. Thank You! It actually felt as if time slowed down for me.


I started updating my Book of Lessons. In addition to all of the lessons and guidance, there is symbolism throughout my journal…starting with the nostrils almost 2 years ago [see October 2013]. And I think I may have found Jocelyn Turner. But still so much to learn…

Today I meditated on the sun porch. The a/c is on inside – so it’s easier to close me onto the porch than the cats. Plus, good energy is out there!

Meditation Notes: 

11:19 AM-12:02 PM

• Attention to the left
Mary > bridge for others
• (allow me) ”to dance
• Vision – male and female dancing together
• Heard “no- I could see her doing that
J-E name (like John Edwards) [☺♥]
Dancing ……that’s Gretchen! [see May 14, 2015 and July 27, 2015]
• Smiling – feel happy
‘such a beautiful soul’
Played in Bedford County
J-L-name (like John Logan)
E-name (like Eddie)
• ‘I’m talking about country, boys’
• ♫your love is like bad medicine♪ keeps popping into the background
D-name (like Dan)
• Draft past the right shoulder
‘working on the grammar
Lungs – vision like a picture of the lungs
Allowing it…smoking
June 1st 
B-name (like Becky)
The 80’s
• feel vibrations…like dancing


Spiritual Journal | August 31, 2015




I have been waking again throughout the night …to thoughts, words, visions. Remember something about mom, and tomatoes (again) and numbers…a vision with numbers…like a house number… 3133.

Maybe there is a message for me with the numbers

Repeating Angel Numbers – 3’s and 1’s (31, 331, 313, 311 etc)

Source: ANGEL NUMBERS – Joanne Sacred Scribes: Repeating Angel Numbers – 3’s and 1’s (31, 331, 313, 311 etc)

I woke early this morning feeling inspired….but now I’m suddenly feeling a little lost? Not sure why…I made my To Do list ☺. Think I will meditate on it…

Meditation Notes:

• Left leg – pain shooting up calf
M-name (like Mike)
• ‘It’s all about trust’…’Letting go is hard – but it doesn’t mean you don’t care’….’Heal’
• ‘dawn’
‘Eyes’ – reflections of things
Scratchy throat
• ♫your love is like bad medicine♪
• attention to right side of face
• Mild pain across temples & bridge of nose
Itchy feeling
• its ‘zapping your energy’
• Something about fake hair….how fake a girl’s hair is
S-name (like Susan)

Yesterday I meditated to Heal and Balance, and to release. I probably should have skipped trying to write during today’s meditation, because the whole thing just felt a little… off.

But today’s meditation did renew my inspiration. And  I have decided…finally…to get my Book of Lessons updated. It is a priority now. And  I think it is long overdue.

Goodbye, procrastination…. I’m ready to let you go!


Spiritual Journal | August 29, 2015


I hope the Full Moon tonight brings an end to whatever has been hanging with me this past week.   I’ve felt super sensitive – to EVERYTHING… and everyone.  This feeling of sadness  has now completely zapped my energy. But  I do realize there are things I need to release and heal…and I am  now ready to let them go.

Today’s Meditation Notes:

Saturday | 11:31 AM – 12:31 PM

  • M-name (like Mary)
  • Vision: the letter J (big fat letter)
  • Heard something about “wrapping up napkins”
  • Vision: a big blue book (looked like a dictionary)
  • ‘the eyes’
  • Headache
  • Heard “spirit” …then “vocations”  [another pretty word♥]
  • my arms are very stiff right now’….
  • daughter
  • ‘work it out
  • (long pause……..)
  • Vision: an older woman in a bed – like a hospital bed -bed is on the ceiling though – above me
  • something about ‘your accountants name
  • Heard a name with “T-S” initials…name came in LOUD
  • Felt like ‘it took all that time…to get (something)…’
  • heard “FLY!”
  • Attention to right arm
  • the number ‘14
  • Heel of left foot – prickly feeling
  • Something with the left eye…feels like a ‘wink’
  • Grandma
  • Pat – P-name – Patrice
  • Vision: the lower right arm and hand against something very white, like a sleeve – arm skin is dark, maybe tan
  • Right hand – all knuckles are achy
  • ♫they call me the working man♪
  • vision: a Disney photograph [it’s a picture of me and T-S!] ☺
  • B-name ( like Brandon)…another B-G name
  • ♫they call me the working man♪
  • Pain above right eye/brow
  • (uplifting feelings)
  • Hear whistling – nice tune – 4 beats (low-high-low-high) ☺
  • Attention to right upper lip
  • ’can you get there?’
  • heard “Bo”,,,maybe ‘bow’
  • Something about ½ hour session…only $15.00
  • ‘sneaky’ then ‘is it allowed to be?’
  • memory – about the Angels

END….I know who this connection is for. ♥

Yesterday’s Meditation Notes:

Friday | 10:15 – 11:00 AM

stockvault-sculpture168854• see a female – blond or light hair…then two Angels
• Attention to lower throat
♫hold me closer tiny dancer♪… the ‘highway’
• something about rings – wedding rings
Mild temple pain
‘your aura is PINK’
Vision: bride and groom – see very long white veil

Spiritual Journal | August 27, 2015

Sadness and the Sun

I slept until after 8:00 AM today –  but as soon as I was up and moving around a sense of sadness filled me…and stayed with me – stockvault-sunshine108979until I finally went outside and grounded it away.  And hello sunshine ☀ – you’re  back!

I’m not sure why I was feeling this heavy sadness…. was it even mine?  Seems I’ve been asking myself this question a lot lately. But I do know grounding ( and the sun) helped me release it.  And shortly after grounding – I  even remembered the dream I woke to this morning.  I can’t share the details of my dream – but I will say there was a message in it …as well as an ‘action‘ for me to take.

So …keep yourself grounded, stay in the light – and pay attention to your dreams. ♥

☼ ☼ ☼ ☼ ☼ ☼ ☼ ☼ ☼ ☼ ☼ ☼ ☼ ☼ ☼ ☼ ☼ ☼ ☼ ☼ ☼ ☼ ☼ ☼ ☼ ☼

Thursday |  Meditation Notes:

11:13 – 11:45 AM

• immediately getting the song lyric ♫I will remember you♪….then ♫ in the arms of an Angel
• ‘She has it’...the little speck of light and something about her
• Feeling shoots from center of my chest up through my throat
‘tried to tell you
song lyric ♫shine a light right on me♪ (“Shine“)
• Feels like shaking head side to side…feels like ‘no – don’t want to’  
S-name…. then ‘daughter’
• ‘come on – get up’ (as if get out of bed)
• (BIG Inhale)
• Papa….God… God is with her
•‘3 years’


During meditation today I was told about the messages I am connecting with… (the) ‘messages are not from you – but through you’.  Thank you

Then I was told…. Be ALL to One…You.   Balance.

Spiritual Journal August 16, 2015

Sunday – 

Businessman | Hand drawing social network

Meditation Notes

Hard C or K-name (like Corrine)
• song lyric ♫ love is like a rock ♪
pain in right shoulder into neck
Hard C or K-name (like Chris)
‘get the cat out’
Something dropping – down
• Feel itchy
‘oh, here we go’
• song lyric ♫ love is like a rock ♪

Never Been Bitten…a Premonition

My sister called today to tell me about an event last night (actually, it happened very  early this morning). She said she got a call around 1:30 AM from her son. He told her someone was breaking into his girlfriends garage- and he  intercepted the intruder- trying to steal things. The thief was someone he knew…and they got into a brawl… and this guy actually BIT my nephew on the leg!!

Update: 8/18/15 After a little further discussion  with the sister, I clearly picked up on this event during meditation on August 15th…the day before the event occurred.  Hmmmm ………. 

• something with the teeth
• ‘like you’ve never been bitten
• Song lyrics ♫ after the boys of summer have gone
• ‘right there
• ‘might be a little pain and discomfort’

Spiritual Journal August 14, 2015

Friday New Moon ♎ ♏

Setting my intentions! ☯

Number 19

Yesterday, the number 19 kept popping into my head.  I’m not sure if this is an Angel Number for me, a date, or someone is trying to make a connection?

Just in case…and considering the dream I woke to this morning…

About Angel Number 19

“Angel Number 19 is a message from your angels that your goal has almost come to completion, or that a phase or situation in your life is coming to an end. The angels want you to know that one door is closing as another is opening. Your angels ask that you remain positive throughout these transitions and look forward to wonderful new beginnings and auspicious opportunities.”
Source: ANGEL NUMBERS – Joanne Sacred Scribes: ANGEL NUMBER 19


I did not practice meditation today, but instead took a much-needed power nap around 5:00 PM. I didn’t actually sleep though – my head was filled with visions…one after another, after another…

I remember a few things I saw – like the diamond ♢ symbol with a circle in the middle of it, and a very bright orange object, then something textured – like snake-skin, and dark pink ✽ flower symbols  against a white background

Spiritual Journal August 10, 2015

MONDAY: Nursery Rhymes

This morning my head fills with song lyrics…many songs, and even a nursery rhyme. This Old Man”This old man, he played one, He played knick-knack on my thumb; With a knick-knack paddywhack, Give the dog a bone…”  Strange I’d get this …maybe I’m just practicing (to be a nana ☺).  Sitting down to write has helped to turn the songs and rhymes off in my head, but they have been replaced by that airplane pressure sensation. As I acknowledge this feeling, the feeling of hunger fills me. I am hungry – it’s almost 11:00 AM and I haven’t eaten yet, but I’m going to meditate now anyway. While the house is still quiet.

Meditation Notes:  11:00 – 11:40 AM
♫ On and on and on ♪ [not even sure what song this is]
• Something ‘going down the drain’
Life goes… ♫on and on and on ♪
• Feeling – like ‘just one more time’ – like I really want it badfeels like I’m addicted to itbegging for it.
• Sudden pain shooting up the top front of left leg
‘reviewing’ somethingsome past experience
• having a sudden thought…random memory…
• ‘that’s her!’

‘Trust…just totally trust…then you will FEEL’
New York
‘Who’s Joe?’
• Feels like my mind is searching for something (again!)…then pulls back
• Vision: 2 people…something (smaller) in between them
B G [maybe initials]
Brian [or B-name]…then saw this name with the strike-through as Brian
‘they will come to you’
• ‘this is how it starts’

END…hmmmm. Some interesting notes today. ♥ I’m intrigued with the New York  note . New York has come up a couple of times in the past.  October 1, 2014; October 17, 2014; July 27, 2015 – I wonder if these are connected? And how?

And who is Joe? (July 27th & 28th)

Until tomorrow….