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A Spiritual Journey | September 2, 2015

WEDNESDAY | 11:15 am

Book of Lessons

stockvault-open-book144296Today is day #3 of reviewing my journal and updating the Book of Lessons. And I’m finding the lessons… and the guidance. And the messages and the connections. Trying NOT to let it overwhelm me, though. Trying to stay grounded and balanced. And to Trust.

One day at a time. No need to feel lost.

Now I meditate before I move back to my ‘To Do’ list. Meditate for ME . Not sure if I will write today…but know I should affirm my intention at the start.

Immediately I get a song lyric… ♫after the boys of summer have gone♪. So,  I think today I’ll be writing.

Meditation Notes

11:25 am – 12:02 PM

• Mild headache…then heady feeling…then ache across the chest
♫another one bites the dust♫
R-M name
• Right foot feels distended
♫another one bites the dust♫
‘it’s not uncommon’
‘missing a step’ > like a ‘program’ 6-steps, 12-steps
• Lampshade…..SYMBOL…like covering/protecting the ‘light’
• Feeling happy
• Itch – shoulder then to neck then to top of head….like father/son/holy ghost
• ‘Catholic’
• Left hand and arm aches
♫gonna let it rain♪ then ♪ shine a light right on me♪
• Attention to left side of neck & throat
♫another one bites the dust♫
‘connecting energy through consciousness’
SHINE…just the music ♫
• Pain – lower left abdomen then around to lower back
• Feels like I’m going to sneeze! (didn’t)
• Front of face pressure – like skin is lifting/pulling from face
• Asking for the pain and discomfort to RELEASE/go away… ‘I want it to’ (BIG inhale)…then ‘Focus on what you want – not on what you don’t want’   {Thank You!}
• Teach. Heal.
• ‘Spirituality’
• Suddenly lots of weird words and visions…time to END

END…Not sure what happened at the end – maybe I lost focus? But the words and visions did not make me feel comfortable, so decided it was time to be done.

Spiritual Journal | August 22, 2015

Endings and Beginnings

stockvault-path-in-nature124348Today I approach the last page of my Journal – Book #4. It feels appropriate…a new chapter begins!  The Angels are with me…giving me signs with numbers (like 33, 911, 1117) and  random music in my head.

♬  ♩   ♪  ♫  ♬  ♩   ♪  ♫  ♬  ♩   ♪  ♫  ♬  ♩   ♪  ♫

Today’s Meditation Notes

SATURDAY | 11:55 AM-12:30 PM

Abstract background of beautiful color smoke waves.• female  – young, pretty, dark hair
• Hearing music ♪ ♫
• vision: palm of hand resting on top of head
• feels like GOD
Left temple, mild pain
• ‘Lord, come with me now’
• feeling of much pain and sorrow
• ‘God will let you release it’
• Vision: a man’s torso with a suit jacket, shirt, tie….like a Groom (?)
• (BIG inhale)
Stopped writing and just let go….lots of visuals, words, and ‘pieces’ of thoughts (like sentences). Didn’t try to focus in on anything… think I just needed to let it flow through.


stockvault-mannequin-close-up113936During meditation today – after the music … from the Angels – I had a vision. I have noticed some of  my visions lately have feelings associated with them (or maybe they always have and I haven’t always noticed?) … like the vision three days ago – of  throwing my head down on my arms and sobbing – which actually came in with the feeling of deep sorrow. Today was a vision of the palm of a hand laying against the top of my head…but I could almost feel this…as if this was the hand of God, on my head. And with the feeling came the message

You are worthy. You know you are not perfect – and in God’s eyes – that is true perfection.

Businessman | Hand drawing social network


Tomorrow I meet with a couple of friends from high school…I believe we have connections.

Julie and Stephanie…are you ready!?  ♥♥

Spiritual Journal July 30, 2015

Thursday: Messages through SONG AND MUSIC

I’ve noticed random song lyrics popping into my head again. Frequently. And I know my Spirit Guides and the Angels communicate with me through song and music, both during and outside of my normal meditation practice. This morning the song lyric is ♫it’s gonna take time, it’s gonna take patience and time…to do it right♪ (G. Harrison). I think this is a message to me – from my higher-self. ☺

On Tuesday evening the song was Sweet Emotions…and in my head it’s Aerosmith singing (it’s not  in my voice  – it rarely is, even though sometimes the words are wrong ☺). But I’m getting just the words – sweet emotions – being sung, over and over. I know who this is connected to…and why I was getting the song.  Guidance from the  Angels.

This last week…almost on a daily basis, it is the lyric ♫hold me closer tiny dancer♫ (Elton John) . This is definitely connected to someone, but I’m not sure who…yet. I know my Guides are trying to help me with this connection (see July 23 – July 28 meditation notes).

Puzzle pieces

I started reviewing my journal notes (again) – this is helping me to put more of the puzzle pieces together. Every now and then I find a piece that fits. There are many journal notes I don’t post on this blog…because I believe they are private or of a sensitive nature to others…and because I am still learning how to understand them myself. These are the parts that are clicking though – the puzzle pieces that are suddenly fitting together. Still so much to learn. I need to spend time and focus my energy on continuing to look back. This is how I will learn. And grow.

Meditation Notes:
• A smell…like cardboard
• See colors…red and orange
• Attention to throat/neck
• ‘imbalance’
• song lyric ♫Desire♪
• ‘mom’
• Feels like moving over to the side…stepping over to the right…stepping aside
‘have to go to that place’
• Attention to ears (like inner ear)…then attention to knee
• ‘listen’…then ’not listening’
Vision: bare tree branches…but branches are white….look like they are glowing

stockvault-full-moon157085Tomorrow night is the Blue Moon.

I am ready!

Journal Notes June 6, 2015


Meditation Notes:

  • stockvault-shadow115987hear sirens in the distance [March 24]
  • feel someone to my right
  • shadow of person [my eyes are closed]
  • shadow comes closer to me
  • trying to open eyes to see clearly [but feels like I] ‘can’t’
  • feels like struggling
  • pain left side neck & shoulder
  • let that go‘ [GUIDANCE] {TY}
  • mild headache – across brow line [brow/3rd eye chakra]
  • (coughed – cleared throat)
  • like a swipe down the right side of face
  • J-name (Jim) [May 1]
  • ‘4 minutes’ [February 24]
  • ‘quick’ [May 18]
  • ‘the lottery’[ February 24]
  • B-name (Bill) [May 1] [May 18] [May 22]
  • ‘not important
  • heard “that’s not the case
  • itchy – deep down in throat [bottom of neck]
  • hear music – the beat – like a marching band [December 23]
  • feeling of ‘staying’ – ‘finish’
  • feeling of ‘falling down‘ then as if ‘not breathing
  • [feels like] something stuck in throat
  • quick pain bottom of right leg
  • Solsbury Hill[May 1]
  • heard “pssst
  • scratching the chin
  • feeling of ‘wonder/wondering’
  • itch on chin now feels like a wound
  • attention to behind left knee [back of left leg]
  • last call
  • bad taste in mouth :-/



Many pieces of today’s meditation are familiar…they feel connected. I’m linking back [to dates] when these ‘pieces’ first came to me. They must be important – if they are being repeated. It feels as if someone is trying to tell me something….and I feel like it is about how they died.

Journal Notes May 21, 2015


IMG_3453Today I’m writing with my new pens. My new Paper♥Mate Flair pens in 12 assorted colors. ☺ I had the 4-pack, but the 12-pack was calling my name. Just one of my many quirks…but I’ve always been a ‘pen’ person.The pen needs just the right flow of the ink on the paper – and I need to FEEL it.

And I know I’m not the only person who has this quirky ‘pen’ thing…both sisters as well as my son do, too (so maybe it’s just a quirky family thing?)

Before I meditate today, I will pray and ask for comforting energy to be sent to R’s dad, who has cancer. †††

Meditation Notes:

  • attention to throat, then back of right leg
  • something feels ‘too hard’
  • attention to the heart ♥ – heavy feeling
  • heard “how you feeling?”
  • S-namefemale
  • feels ‘hard to breathe
  • feels like ‘to the right
  • (clear throat)
  • hear music ♫ [Angels]
  • skin on left hand feels super sensitive
  • ache throughout left leg and up the back
  • hearing the ♪Solsbury Hill♫ song
  • (uplifting feeling)
  • pain – left temple
  • gambling/dogs/racetrack [go back in notes May 9th]
  • Jim [or J-name]
  • attention to arms – as if ‘scooping’ something up with them
  • up on a hill
  • heard “circumstances
  • letters ‘J-D-R
  • smell of rubbing alcohol
  • (something about) ‘solving a crime‘ [need to go back to when I first got this same message…think I woke one morning to this] See February 24th
  • feel pressure through ears
  • crime/solve/little girl missing [go back in notes – also May 9th]
  • sudden ache across left knee
  • pain above left brow
  • vision: (car?) headlights through trees – dark night
  • heard “doing great” then “done
  • [opened my eyes] see two male faces in candle auraone younger male and another with light (white?) wavy hair
  • [also  see] what looks like 1/2 Angel, 1/2 fairy figure
  • feet and legs are very chilly
  • ‘profile’
  • 599‘…then ‘good night
  • heard: “had (something) all over the place, and they’re never gonna die”
  • heard: “….talking to me, Patsy?”
  • attention to heart ♥- now feel happy/smiling ☻
  • ‘farm’
  • ‘cancer’
  • something about reorganizing or changing something
  • pain through left side of throat/neck/upper arm/under arm/along ribs/underarm [see May 25 notes]

END….Wow! Lots of notes today!

Today’s Angel Number 333 appears  just as I am thinking about knowing, feeling, writing, healing….and don’t forget about the number.

Journal Notes May 2, 2015


Angel Number 234

Meditation Notes
Visionfemale – dark short hair – very blue eyes
• Feeling of Christmas-time
• Right side of face pulsating
• Heard “I lost my vision” (being repeated)
• Hear the Solsbury Hill music ♫
• Feels hard to breathe
• Smell of cigarettes
• ‘grandma
• Pain left side of head
• “interpreting
• “no (or know) it’s not there

It’s a beautiful day…and I plan on being OUTSIDE for most of it!

Journal Notes April 11-12, 2015


Angel Number
again today

stockvault-flames103884 Smudged sister’s house (and did mine this week, too). Unfortunately, I had no energy the rest of the day. At first I thought this was because I smudged…maybe I carried something home with me (nothing personal, sister☺) ? No- I know better. It was TGIF at the other sister’s house last night. Will I ever learn? I didn’t even meditate today – but know now it surely would have been to my benefit to do so! Lessons.


Today’s Angel Number 222

As I sat to meditate I noticed the flame of my mediation candle flickering wildly. I took a deep breath, focusing on the candle flame, and thought “relax“. The flickering flame quickly stilled, and mild chills ran through my entire body.

Meditation Notes

  • ‘realm reader’
  • hear music
  • palms of hands are very warm
  • vision and feeling like ‘stuff’ is passing by me very quickly (eyes closed)
  • Mary [or M-name], then felt ‘yes’
  • ‘went to all the houses’
  • 1117‘ – ‘your first’
  • ‘you will, too’
  • (asked if Mary is OK?)
  • felt sadness – heart chakra
  • END

Oh!  I need to contact Mary – check on her. I really have never stopped worrying about her since I tried to connect with her last year in November (2014). I was trusting my intuition by reaching out to her in the first place, and ended up confused because I felt like she was ‘brushing me off’. Not the connection I was expecting. But , I suspected then she might not be well. I will call her this week.

By the way – the houses! Mary also has a connection to the houses. And it seems eventually, I will too.

Journal Notes April 10, 2015

April 10, 2015 Fri

Today’s Angel Numbers 1117; 123

Still had moments of total exhaustion yesterday and had to take a power nap. Went to bed very early last night (around 9:30 pm) but had a hard time sleeping – even though I was feeling very tired. First, my teeth started to bother me. It was very strange – almost as if I had braces on them again and they were shifting and causing mild pain. No sooner was I about to drift off to sleep when a bright white light was pointed directly into my left eye. I quickly opened my eyes, expecting to find my daughter shining her cell phone flashlight at me, but the room was empty. Nobody there that shouldn’t have been…just the cat sleeping on the foot of the bed.

Meditation Notes

  • Dad’
  • feel twitch on right elbow
  • hear music playing over words –  the words – music is drowning out the words so I can’t hear them
  • eyes are watering
  • mild headache
  • felt like something being wrapped around the head
  • attention to right breast
  • see someone to my left [in peripheral] in the mirror
  • Got ‘for Mary’ [or M-name]
  • eyes are burning and tearing
  • mild pains through lower abdomen
  • ‘I just said (something)’
  • feels like my head/mind is spinning
  • face and upper chest itches (could be from the tears rolling down my face?)
  • Feels like I’m supposed to be doing something (else?)
  • ‘Go with it’ – no frustrations – that’s ok


I’m learning more about these feelings I get when I meditate…they are NOT mine even though I FEEL them as if they are.  This is something I need to focus on – acknowledge them and then release them so I don’t carry them around with me through the day! And to make sure I do this (in case I forget during mediation) I have made sure to incorporate releasing into my closing ritual…

I now release any thoughts or feelings which are not mine or no longer serve my highest purpose. – Namaste


Journal Notes March 23, 2015

Journal Notes March 23, 2015 Mon

Weekend Angel Numbers 222; 1023; 1111; 456; 123, 1010; 44

I spent the better half of the weekend trying to nurse myself back to good health. Despite my best efforts, this virus the kids have has now attached itself to me… magnified by how the energy has already been affecting me, and….wham! Clearly, my self-healing skills are lacking. I’d love to say I’m feeling much better today! But….I’m not. Oh well – I will drink plenty of water and rest between the little spurts of energy I’m feeling (thanks to the sunshine ☼) and remain optimistic I will feel better soon!

Over the weekend the “Jeopardy” (TV game show) music kept playing through my head. Then I heard the hubby humming the same tune – and assume this must be why I have it…but why does he have it? LOL – vicious circle. Every now and then, the “you’re a grand old flag” ♫ (song) lyric would enter in as well. Wondering where I’m picking this one up from?

I have continued to meditate daily (between naps ☺) but am not setting intention other than to receive energy to balance and heal. I let the thoughts flow by, but on Saturday some stayed with me to note after.

Meditation Notes Sat March 21

  • ‘wrapping’ something up (like wrapping a finger)
  • Names and word: ‘Becca – Sue – sisters
  • ‘outside’ followed by uplifting feeling
  • yesterday’ followed by uplifting feeling
  • ‘last night’ followed by uplifting feeling
  • 3 places’
  • vision of a very pretty red brick house…picture window in front
  • it’s ‘what they need to tell you’  then
  • ‘the houses

There are those words again…outside & yesterday…and now ‘last night’. I think I will go back to when I first received the two words to try to find the connections. I understand ‘last night’…Friday night…with the sister and hubbies at her house. Fun times with LOTS of laughter! And then there is the house thing again… always visions of houses, and now messages about the houses (but YAY!).

Later Sat afternoon I got the Jocelyn Turner name again, then the Partridge Family song lyric ♫ “I think I love you”. Hope I can find this connection soon!

Meditation Notes Mon March 23

  • lower back and hips are very achy – especially on the right side – then feels like a burning sensation on the right hip (asked to release this) and noticed my backside was tingling – as if falling asleep (also noticed this sensation when meditating over the weekend)





Journal Notes February 21, 2015

February 21, 2015 Sat

Personal Notes:
Thinking too much about all of these things I’m getting during meditation. I really don’t want to be – and try not to let myself be – consumed by it. Have to remind myself regularly to just TRUST. Everything will make sense – in time.

As I came upstairs to prepare for meditation, a song came into my head. It was the music – a tune – a happy, child-like, sing-a-long tune. No idea what the song is, though.

Meditation Notes
• (spent a long time in prayer)
• Focus. Breathe. [LESSON]
• Man’s face, then dog’s face in candle aura
• Lessons. Learning. Experience it first – then write. [LESSON]
• Very clear vision of a house (see drawings) – think I’ll be going there
• Intention
• Dreams. Flying.
• Trust. [LESSON]
• Felt like fast forwarding.
• Song lyrics “I’m gonna swing from the chandelier. I’m gonna fly like the birds in the sky” (are these even the actual ‘words’ to the song?)
• Uplifting sensation
• Visions of ‘eyes’
• Felt like rewinding
• [Words:]Mary. Muse. Connection. House. Dreams. Floating. Exploring.
• Feeling grateful {TY}

{TY} indicates I acknowledge and give thanks for the message or lesson
[bracketed comments are notes added after meditation]
(parenthesized notations are typically written during meditation)