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A Spiritual Journey | September 6, 2015

Tuscan Countryside, Italy

Finding Jocelyn Turner…

This morning as I prepare to  meditate my thoughts return to Jocelyn Turner – and the potential connection. A connection for her…. with her mom.

But… I do not  know Jocelyn Turner. And I did not know Jocelyn Turner’s mother. But I do connect with this story. The minute I discovered it I knew, in my heart… and because a chill went through me as goosebumps permeated my skin  [and maybe I should start referring to these goosebumps as ‘angelbumps‘ – since they are happening quite frequently ☺].

Anyway – the story connects with many things I have tuned-in to during meditation. Some things familiar….about many children,  mommy leaving, mommy’s your daddy And the circumstances of mom’s passing. message is there….to Jocelyn from her mom. This I KNOW.  And I will need to trust I will be guided on what to do.

Today’s Meditation Notes 


‘she almost did’ – ‘lose a child’
• ‘it’s all about trust’
9/6..something about today’s date…[maybe ’96?]
J-name (like JoAnne)
• Feeling of falling forward – face first
‘better finish the bottle’
• (numbers) 10, 52
•something about ‘all the way’
Arletha ♫Ar-lee-tha♪   (Spirit Guide – helping me ♥)…the children
‘looking up’
• ‘detox’

Still working through the SYMBOLISM

A Little about My Spirit Guide Arletha…

I was introduced to Arletha (Letha) in September of 2014. She is my African-American Spirit Guide. In December 2014 she began popping in on my meditation practice frequently…and I was able to learn more about her.  Arletha helps me focus on my breathing during meditation. She typically stays in the shadows and has a connection with ‘the cats’. She also has a connection to ‘the children’…AND  has been helping me with the Jocelyn Turner connection .

Reference Dates: Sept 3, 2014; Dec 5, 2014; Dec 9, 2014; Dec 13, 2014; Dec 24, 2014; Feb 4,2015;

Spiritual Journal August 17, 2015

 Monday: Back to School

The weather is very hot and humid again. We really need some ☂ rain. My autumn mums are already blooming, but they don’t ☹look happy . And it is back-to-school time for the kids… cannot believe it is that time again already. With all I have been learning lately – it almost feels like I am back in school as well!

Meditation Notes:

• ‘parallel
• Top of head – itchy!
B-name (like Bonnie)
• ‘retirement
• song lyric ♫ living on the edge ♪  (Aerosmith)
• Left side of chest – across heart, like ‘a pledge
• ‘escalade
conversation with mom
• Way ‘out there
• ‘Hannah’ or H-name
• left ear canal – tickles
• right hand aches – right shoulder aches
• ‘tried to tell you
Vision: people crossing a street (with hills)….red pickup truck with leaves/tree branches in the bed of the truck –truck speeds up as if trying to hit the people crossing the street
• Attention to left side of face
Top of right hand – achy …like from an IV
‘can’t pay for services rendered
• Feels like will or can do something
‘overtime’ [could be over time]

So – I assumed ‘escalade’ was just the automobile. Okay – stop laughing and read on…

Escalade | Define Escalade

noun 1. a scaling or mounting by means of ladders, especially in an assault upon a fortified place. verb (used with object), escaladed, escalading. 2. to mount, pass, or enter by means of ladders.

Hmmm – okay, as in escalator then?  ⏚

Word Origin and History for escalator n. 1900, American English, trade name of an Otis Elevator Co. moving staircase, coined from escalade + -ator in elevator. Figurative use is from 1927.

Source: Dictionary.com

More Pretty Words.

Spiritual Journal August 12, 2015

stockvault-glass-of-water134666WEDNESDAY: WATER

Woke up this morning and stretched…and ended up with a Charlie-horse in my left calf. Oh, the pain! ∈ Immediately thought – I must need to drink more water.  AGUA.

“Go with the flow, and let the symbolism of water ride on your waves of contemplation.” Source: Symbolism of Water

Meditation Notes:
Kim [or K-name]
• Feels like can’t catch my breath
• Song lyric comes in …♫ comes from up above… are you ready for a thing called love?”♪ [B. Raitt] (Yes! I am)
• Smiling now – peaceful feeling
• Attention to tongue….‘use your voice
• ‘But listen!‘ (being repeated) GUIDANCE
• Feel sorrow now
• Feeling of slowly going backward
• Vision: Words – typed words in purple, a sentence…THIS IS AN INSTANTLY….(some word)…MESSAGE < I think [tried really hard to focus in and read it but couldn’t see the last two words clearly]
• Vision: elevator door….black (walls?) – white (frame) – blue (door)


I knew exactly what this vision of the elevator door symbolized as soon as I reviewed my notes. The elevator symbolizes the  transition between levels of awareness. Because the door was shut, I’m clearly not transitioning –  I’m waiting for the door to open.  And the color of the door – blue, represents the throat chakra.  I have to use my voice to open the door and get on the elevator. I guess my Guides want to make sure I get this message! ☺

Thank You.

Spiritual Journal July 30, 2015

Thursday: Messages through SONG AND MUSIC

I’ve noticed random song lyrics popping into my head again. Frequently. And I know my Spirit Guides and the Angels communicate with me through song and music, both during and outside of my normal meditation practice. This morning the song lyric is ♫it’s gonna take time, it’s gonna take patience and time…to do it right♪ (G. Harrison). I think this is a message to me – from my higher-self. ☺

On Tuesday evening the song was Sweet Emotions…and in my head it’s Aerosmith singing (it’s not  in my voice  – it rarely is, even though sometimes the words are wrong ☺). But I’m getting just the words – sweet emotions – being sung, over and over. I know who this is connected to…and why I was getting the song.  Guidance from the  Angels.

This last week…almost on a daily basis, it is the lyric ♫hold me closer tiny dancer♫ (Elton John) . This is definitely connected to someone, but I’m not sure who…yet. I know my Guides are trying to help me with this connection (see July 23 – July 28 meditation notes).

Puzzle pieces

I started reviewing my journal notes (again) – this is helping me to put more of the puzzle pieces together. Every now and then I find a piece that fits. There are many journal notes I don’t post on this blog…because I believe they are private or of a sensitive nature to others…and because I am still learning how to understand them myself. These are the parts that are clicking though – the puzzle pieces that are suddenly fitting together. Still so much to learn. I need to spend time and focus my energy on continuing to look back. This is how I will learn. And grow.

Meditation Notes:
• A smell…like cardboard
• See colors…red and orange
• Attention to throat/neck
• ‘imbalance’
• song lyric ♫Desire♪
• ‘mom’
• Feels like moving over to the side…stepping over to the right…stepping aside
‘have to go to that place’
• Attention to ears (like inner ear)…then attention to knee
• ‘listen’…then ’not listening’
Vision: bare tree branches…but branches are white….look like they are glowing

stockvault-full-moon157085Tomorrow night is the Blue Moon.

I am ready!

Journal Notes June 28, 2015


As I reflect (or ruminate, as my hubby says) on this last week, it was a very active one, but it was ‘different’ in some way – like the energy was different…kind of just ‘all over the place’. And I think about the darn song lyric – I’m pretty sure I woke to every morning this past week….♫ I saw the sign and it opened up my eyes and I am happy now ♪. Okay, so this frustrates me a little bit. If I did see the sign, I did not recognize it, and I’m walking around with this feeling that I missed something. But if the sign is related to the missing step (yesterday), I should be able to put these clues together, right?

IMG_3516I do know I’m feeling a sense of creative energy these last couple of days. It was probably around the same time last year I started wood burning. So I organized my art supplies…and started thinking of how to re-purpose items to make them usable (or just as artwork). And I burned a lighthouse for the hubby…  even added some rubbed color to it. ☺ Feeling inspired.

Meditation Notes: 10:20 am
• Song lyric ♫ hello it’s me ♪
‘mom’ energy – from the right side, repeating
• Something about ‘in the kitchen’
• K-name
• Messages of healing, love, comfort, support (repeated)
♫Que Cera, Cera – whatever will be, will be ♪
• Feeling of ‘explaining’ it/something
• Heard “it’s quite alright”
• See many faces in candle aura
• Song lyric ♫ Cherokee people ♪
• Something about ‘money concerns’
100 bucks ($100)
• ‘clarity’

We are having a very late Spring here in Ohio. Lots of rain, storms, and wind….unpredictable weather that is more typical in April than late June. But it doesn’t feel Spring-like, it feels more like Fall. I remember getting days like this last summer. Maybe late Spring will mean late summer- with warmth through November or early December? I can only hope.  ☺

Journal Notes June 11, 2015

Thursday 10:40 AM

Today I set my intention for meditation to relax and allow.

Meditation Notes:

  • song lyric ♫looking for the man in the mirror♫
  • the vision of echo’s …there’s a message there
  • ‘aware’
  • ‘listen’
  • feeling of swinging – motion like swaying from side to side
  • dances/the feet/arms swaying in the air
  • feeling of happiness…smiling ☺
  • ‘mom
  • ‘Julie’ [or J-name]
  • energy sweeping up – from chest up through head
  • uplifting
  • feel ‘proud
  • ‘lightworker’
  • song lyric ♫”Let’s Dance”  [Bowie]♫
  • vision – red square box(es)
  • (soles of feet feel very hot)
  • feels like ‘I’ll give it a try’ – something not really comfortable with or about doing…like dancing
  • heard “a baby”
  • vision of some kind of green, spiky leafed plant
  • mom
  • wings
  • song lyric ♪but some of us don’t know why♫ [INXS]
  • happiness. passion. purpose.
  • they can never tear us apart
  • vision: big flash of white light…felt it too

END 11:18 AM

Journal Notes June 8, 2015


Deja Vu…..Connections…..Ascension 101….Spirit Guides

Spent yesterday with the family and friends at the sister’s pool. Sunday Funday! Thank you S&T…and by the way – Happy Birthday 🎂 again, Sister!

Today the weather is warm  – but the skies are cloudy. It looks like it will rain. It will be a good day to do the ‘indoor’ things.

Meditation Notes:

  • mom
  • felt nudge on left hip
  • vision: looked like a wood-slatted wall [like before drywall – bare]
  • attention to mouth – teeth, swallowing
  • vision: [looked like a] funnel cloud
  • heard “it’s moving closer to the house
  • J-name (Jim)
  • stay in the basement
  • (something) feels ‘familiar
  • ‘déjà vu’
  • calendar‘ – ‘events
  • June 2 birthday

[∞♂♀€ My Connection to this bullet…..June 2 was a Full Moon.  The first time I got a connection to my birthday was on June 13, 2014 – ALSO a Full Moon – during meditation I got the numbers 10 and 23. My birthday is 10/23.]

  • ascension 101

[Okay – so I had to do it. I Googled ‘ascension 101’….and here’s what I found :
https://ascension101.com/   and    https://www.facebook.com/pages/Ascension101/340920804286 .  Can’ wait to check these sites out….tools?

  • feel head pressure – like a balloon ready to ‘pop
  • list of 3
  • itching around hairline – [around] neck
  • listening….sounds
  • felt sudden energy from the left sweep through me
  • heard “hey” – sounded like from the left
  • vision: Native American – male – big white feathers – head dress
  • song lyric ♫me and Julio down by the school yard♪ [perhaps Native American has a J-name?…and feel like he may be connected to my hubby because the ♫ song ♪ is connected to him ☺]


I just remembered, as I reviewed today’s meditation notes, that just yesterday I had a major déjà vu moment – when I looked over into the yard and saw the little child laying on the ground  with a very pink baby blanket over top of her. It was EXACTLY as I had seen it in the vision I had during meditation on June 3rd.

Déjà vu, ( i/ˌdeɪʒɑː ˈvuː/; French pronunciation: ​[de.ʒa.vy]) from French, literally “already seen,” is the phenomenon of having the strong sensation that an event or experience currently being experienced, has already been experienced in the past, whether it has actually happened or not. Source: what is deja vu – Google Search



Journal Notes May 25, 2015

Monday – Happy Memorial Day

Had a great time yesterday with the whole family celebrating the holiday. But mom has shingles! Am sending her healing energy †. The pain I had on the left side of my body, at the end of meditation May 22nd….I know that was her. I even got her name in a different bullet-ed note during the same session.

Last night, as I was falling asleep. I suddenly heard strange laughter. Strange, as in it did not sound like the familiar laughter of any of my kids. Did I get up and investigate? Nope. I just told myself I was hearing things. But was I?

Today I prepare for travel to Washington DC. I am really looking forward to this experience! I think the Angels are with me – I am seeing many sequential numbers today (just about every time I glance at the clock) – as well as 11:11 and 11:17.

Going to meditate but not sure if I will be able to shut off my own thoughts.

Meditation Notes:
• Uplifting- feels magnetic
• Song lyrics ♫gonna show you a good thing♪ [J.Timberlake♥]
• Feels like [my bedroom] closet doors are open and the light is on [eyes are closed, and doors are always shut, light always off]
• To the right > brightness
• Feels like energy pushing [into me] from left
Right side of throat feels itchy
• ‘Helping’ ‘mom’
• ‘Tremor’
• Vision of hands on legs
• Relax/breathe
• Attention to teeth
• Left side of face/smiling
Jody [or J-name]
Vision: [looked like] fork [as in a dinner or salad fork]
‘doors are open, lights are on’
• ‘Holiday‘ (repeated)….then ‘take a break – catch your breath – then you’ll know what to do’ {TY} GUIDANCE
END 1:22 am

My break awaits!

Journal Notes May 15, 2015


Got a text from a niece this morning…said she wanted to come see me. As I’m waiting for her to arrive  I’m getting the ♫ Words of Love ♪ song lyrics in my head. It’s been awhile since this song has been around…

When my niece got here she asked if I could talk to a friend of hers about a problem she’s having. I tell her of course, she can bring her over… we can talk. I’m not really sure how I can help her, or if I am even supposed to – so I will just TRUST. I have a child who had a similar problem – so I know I am supposed to be here for her – even though I don’t even know her.

As I waited for my niece to return with her friend, the ♫ Gypsy ♪ song lyrics are now singing to me. Decided I’d do a quick meditation – and ask for guidance.

Meditation Notes:

  • ‘mama’….need to tell
  • support / the ‘right’ kind
  • ‘current’ ‘relationship
  • S-name
  • enables….end
  • ‘You KNOW’
  • feeling of sadness
  • ‘mama’…acceptance (x2)
  • ‘releasing’
  • FEELINGS (strong…strength)
  • ‘this is it’

END > Think I only meditated for about 10-15 minutes. Immediately following ‘this is it’- I knew I was done. And I do believe guidance was given – I know what to do.


Talked to my niece’s friend. A lot of old feelings re-surfaced for me. Especially the sadness. I hope she gets the help she deserves. The first step has already been taken. BELIEVE. TRUST.

And now I remember…”words of love, soft and tender won’t win a girls heart anymore“.



Journal Notes May 9, 2015


Had a great day yesterday…. spent the day with family. Did chakra healing only in the morning. Didn’t feel light-headed or nauseous. ☯ Yay.

Friday evening I got a special request from a very special person in my life – asking me to pray for a friend and their family. I feel blessed. I told this special person I will do this – because every night I pray for every soul suffering from  any dis-ease, whether of the mind, body, or spirit. Love and healing to N and her family. ♥

Hubby left this morning with a buddy for a 4-wheeling expedition in the hills of West Virginia. Feel so blessed he is making time to play and have fun in life – he has a tough job and typically has a hard time turning the job ‘off’ in the evening or on the weekend. Everyone needs a little get-a-way every now and then! So have fun – and stay safe please! ♥

Meditation Notes

  • mom – mouth ▼▼
  • hunger feeling
  • food ▼ …different foods (LOL – I already ate something!)
  • tingles – back of left leg
  • ‘victim
  • dog – racetrack
  • the shoulders – carrying weight
  • you can always go – downtown” ♪
  • unexpectedyou never know
  • back of left calf – tingles
  • Chris/Kris ▼ name

END…for some reason I just stopped. I felt like I was supposed to be done. A few minutes later, my sister called and asked me to go to breakfast with her and her girlfriend Kris ▲.

Later in the afternoon, sister called again to go get lunch – which we decided earlier would be a Moo-Latte from the local DQ (hey! we ate a good breakfast!). She said “we’re getting one and taking it to mom ▲– ’cause she’s not eating enough!”  (she’s having issues with her mouth ▲ and can’t eat many different foods ▲)

Things that make you go hmmm. ♫







Friday  May 8, 2015