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MORE MEDITATION| September 29, 2015

A Spiritual Journey

Tuesday | 11:11 AM


• ♫LOVE is in the water, LOVE is in the air♪
• See a female with dark shorter hair and eyes – high cheekbones
• Love, healing
• Attention to the left ear
• heard “wont ever forget” (something) …(like God?)
• Attention to the throat
• ‘just closed my eyes and went to sleep’
• feels like ‘knew what I was doing’
• Feels like ‘can’t look at it (something)’
• Feels intentional
• ‘Five (5) things’
• Hear voices – 2 females talking
• “that’s not what it’s about” then “it’s what you’re thinking about” and then “that makes no sense”
• ‘interjecting’
• Attention to right side of neck –under ear and down
• D-name (like Dave)
• (asked who is D-name?)
• ‘the redneck romeo’
• Vision: a male –  looked like Gabe Kaplan (from the old TV show Welcome Back Kotter ☺)
• See the color green [represents the heart chakra]
• ♫what will I find?♪will you be there?♪Love♫
• ♫I saw the sign, and it opened up my eyes♪
• Hands/fingers ache
• heard “I’m sorry its taking so long”
• See LOTS of energy movement in the air
• Mild headache – across brow and temples
• ‘Greek’ / ‘Italian’
• Right arm aches
• Feels like people in the background, encouraging something on
• Vision: a big, thick tree trunk [see SYMBOLISM below]
• ‘all of them’
• ‘love’


…represents an inner sense of well being and personality. If the trunk is thick and large, then it denotes a strong, rugged and durable person.


Spiritual Journal | August 26, 2015

Bad Dreams and Symbolism

My friend A. contacted me about  a ‘bad’ dream she had. She said it really bothered her because it was about me. Well, after she relayed her dream to me I had to  agree with why she was bothered by it! But I quickly realized her dream wasn’t prophetic…it was a dream of consequence. And it was full of symbolism. As soon as I started looking at the main elements of her dream I understood this. And  as we  discussed the symbolism of each element,  A. could quickly relate with its true meaning.

I used the Website dreammoods.com to help my friend interpret her dream. And… I guess this is why I was in it!


Feeling ODD 

These last couple of day’s have felt odd. I wish I had a better word to use – but that’s it. Just odd. And this morning I woke early – more than convinced it was Saturday. What’s up with that? Maybe it’s the weather? Its feeling (and looking) a little like Autumn already – cloudy skies and all. Or maybe it’s the moon… another Full Moon is approaching.

Going to meditate now– need to balance,  focus and  maybe even gain some clarity.

Wednesday Meditation Notes

| 10:20 AM – 11:00 AM

  • Seeing a male…almost as if standing behind something
  • Bee sting
  • Something about ‘speed’
  • a boy version’ of something…..’gift
  • T-name (like Todd)
  •  J-name (like Jodi)
  •  a sour smell
  • Song lyric ♫ your love is like bad medicine ♪
  • Vision: from the beach – looking out toward the ocean – dusk – sun setting low – very pretty….
  • T-name (like Terry)
  • ‘please stand up’ – then heard “right there
  • ‘Memorial service’
  • (pause – nothingness)
  • Heard “your bonus check”
  • Heard “went into town for himself” < himself was pronounced very quickly
  • R-name (Ryan)
  • Heard “I’m telling you” then “grab that”
  • Heard “about a month and a half ago”….then “what’s that?”…then “you guys make him laugh”
  • Papa
  • M-M  (maybe initials?)
  • Heard “paper
  • (pause – nothingness)
  • ‘Giovani’ …. ‘last name’….’like Marshal’
  • daddy’s here’
  • ‘Like Stacy?’…then heard “are you changing the subject?” ….go back to M-MMadison – then spelling out the name...

END…okay – I’m still not doing well with asking for clarity. And I know… It’s okay to ask. But  really – I get so caught up in the experience I don’t even know WHAT to ask! And when I do…well, see the last bullet above. ☹

Spiritual Journal Dream August 14, 2015

Friday: The Airport Dream

I woke this morning from a dream. …one of those dreams  I knew instantly I would not forget. I knew this dream was somehow important – and as soon as I started replaying the details in my head – I understood. This dream is symbolic. It is about my journey...

The  Journey Begins

So…I was parking my car in an airport parking lot. This was not the typical paved airport parking lot –  instead it was covered by dirt and grass, reminding me of somewhere you’d park for a concert.  And this parking lot was a very far distance from the actual airport I was departing from. Well,  I parked my car at the edge of this lot, next to a tree-lined wooded area, and got out and began the walk to the airport. No shuttle service. I had to travel through four or five different lots or areas along my path to the airport – and at one point I even had to climb over the roof of a building to continue along my journey.

Destination Ahead

stockvault-airport-and-fog171753Finally, I am able to see the airport facility ahead of me. I am at the local airport (which is only about a 15 minute drive from my house) and am familiar with my surroundings. But  suddenly, I realize I don’t have my information – my ticket or boarding pass –with me. I forgot them!  I quickly decide it won’t be a problem – surely they can find my information in the computer system and print my stuff for me. So I proceed on and into the airport.

Waiting… or Not?

stockvault-travelers-abstract152592As I enter the main building of the airport I immediately notice a large group of people sitting, very still and quietly in what appears to be a waiting area, to my left. I then notice the airline ticket counters ahead of me, as well as the  roped off areas used to manage the typical airline passenger traffic.  The lines are empty – no one is waiting, and there are no workers at any of these counters. I do see one male traveler with a backpack slung over his shoulder at a counter to the right.  He must be using a self-service kiosk.

It is at this point stockvault-airport-signs174325I realize I don’t even know what airline I am supposed to be flying on. How will  I know which counter (or kiosk) to go to for my ticket and boarding pass?

A Helping Hand

Suddenly a woman, behind a  counter ahead of me and to my left, gets my attention. She motions for me to come over to her. She is so friendly and happy –  and wants to tell me all about her recent travels, and that she’s met someone and fallen in love, and she will  be leaving soon to get married. I feel as if  I must know her  – I am so happy for her and hug her tightly. She then tells me, in a matter-of-fact way, that my departure is not until  later in the  evening – at 11:30.


I immediately  decide I’m going back to my car and heading back home …I live close to the airport and there’s no point in sitting there and waiting  – I’ll just come back later.

A Chance Meeting

As I turn to leave the counter, I notice a gentleman to my right. He’s sitting in a chair next to the service counter where the woman had helped me. He is older, with white curly hair. I stop and look at him closely – I know him! I know his face. He was on TV.  As the woman from the service counter  quickly joins us – she says “THIS is my beau!” As I shake his hand, I tell him I know who he is and acknowledge him loudly by the only name  I know – which is the character he played on TV. I can’t think of his stage name – and I am embarrassed by this,  but am so happy and excited to be meeting him – and for the woman, as well!

Helper By My Side

stockvault-reflection-of-people-walking139542After meeting this gentleman, I turn around to leave the airport when a female, from the waiting area I first noticed when I entered the building, approaches me. We chat, and she joins me as I depart for my journey back to my car.

Leaving Stuff Behind

As we leave the building together, a  female airport worker approaches me. She wants me to know that, when I parked my car, I  left something behind –  my cell phone and some type of cable. She told me I left them on the top of my car. I thank her, and she turns away to continue with her duties.

Have Some Fun

stockvault-downtown-at-night128941Suddenly I am back in my car – with my female companion from the airport waiting area in the passenger seat. It is now evening, and it is dark outside. I’m parking my car in a different parking lot now. We proceed to get out of the car and walk.not sure where we we’re going,  but our attire implies we are going out clubbing ☺ and  we are intending to have fun.

Feeling Protected

As we walk along the sidewalk – there is a male, standing  in the shadows against a building, to my left. He motions or calls out to me – and I go over and chat with him for a while (again -I feel as if I must have known him) before I depart to rejoin my female companion, who is waiting for me.

Fear of The Unknown

My companion and I then realize there are three males behind us – calling out to us. We don’t know who these men are –  and  we get a little nervous because we are in an unfamiliar area – so  we decide it would be a good idea to go back and get in the car.

As we turn around to go back to where my car is parked,  I  realize we are now  being chased by these three males. We begin to run, going down a stone stairwell to get back to the parking lot below. I’m  not sure exactly where the car is parked, but  I quickly find it parked right next to another which was similar to mine.


As I dash to my driver side door – I notice the similar car next to mine with lights on, engine running,  and the passenger door wide-open. I quickly glance into the passenger side of this car as I open my own car door. It appears this car has suffered a minor collision with the car next to it. But the car is empty, as if it’s been abandoned. There are no people aroundanywhere.

Facing Fear

I jump into my car as my female companion hurries around to the passenger side – yelling for me to lock my car door. I slam my stockvault-bike---repco-challenger108323hand down onto the door lock –  but before my companion can get into the car, two of the males who have been chasing us jump into the car and climb over top of me and the front seats to get into the back seat of the car. And the third male is taking a bicycle out of the trunk of my car.

I’m now driving somewhere – with the two males in the backseat, the female by my side, and the third male following closely behind on the bicycle. I am not afraid – I don’t feel threatened. And again – now I feel like I must know these guys.

Overcoming Obstacles

And suddenly I am no longer in my car – but am back on the path on my way to the airport . But I am running this time. I am back on the roof of the building. The roof  is covered with some plastic material embedded with large rocks. I have to use my hands to help balance myself as I ‘climb‘ over it. I get to the edge of the roof and realize I must jump. I notice a couple of other travelers quickly navigating the roof and safely  jumping down from the roof’s edge to get to the next lot.

I Can Do This

I know I can do this – but it seems like it is a steeper jump from where I am standing.  But I bend down and grab onto the edge of the roof – and let my body swing over the side.  I’m now hanging off the roof against the side of the building. I look down. It’s really not that far down – probably only four or five feet. I have no fear. I’m not worried that I will break any bones or hurt myself to the point I can’t continue on – so I let go…..

Then I woke up.

Spiritual Journal July 27, 2015

MONDAY: Practicing Gratitude

10:22 AM: Feeling so blessed right now…at this very moment. My life feels FULL.  Thank you. ♥♥♥

Meditation Notes:
• ‘I am ready!’ – feels playful
•  C-name (female – like Cheryl)
B-name….sounds like, but with a U-name (female)
B-name (male)
• a feeling of meeting someone for the first time  
• a ‘welcoming’ feeling
C-name (like Chris)
• Vision: a bunch of people – women; busy…buzzing around…preparing (for something?)
• Sudden sharp pain right temple
• Feeling like a rope around throat – very mild pressure
Vision: a ‘New York’ license plate
• the word ‘orange’ – also seeing the color
Vision: 2 (big & curved)
• sudden floating feeling
• ‘one step ahead
• Feels like I’m going to sneeze…like a pepper sneeze! (didn’t ☺)
• See lots of faces appearing in the candle aura…one looks like a monkey
• K-name (female)
• G-name (female)
Left arm – mild ache
• Smiling (feel happy)
‘I’m here’
• K-name (female)
‘My dad
• Big smile! – feel happy! ☺
• Feel pulsing on left side of back…almost like ‘poking’
• (Hear very high-pitched tone in left ear)
• Vision: a photo of 2 females…friends
• Heard “been up here a long time”
• Feels like I can’t keep my eyes open…just want to sleep
• Heard “pricing”
• Feel tingle on right knee
• (I now release’ – my closing ritual just went through my head. Must be time to be done!)

It felt like I had a lot of guests today…one after another… after another. ♥♥♥


Spiritual Journal July 19, 2015


CandleToday I could not relax for meditation, so I ended up laying down – on my side – across the bed. I could still gaze at the candle burning at the edge of the dresser.


Meditation Notes 11:56 AM -12:40 PM

  • Julie [or J-name]
  • Cancer survivor
  • ‘Up and down’ feeling (motion)
  • vision: female…jumping into a pool
  • Hearing song and lyric ♫ they’ll be music everywhere ♪
  • vision: two guys –look like cowboys – slow dancing together, but doing ballet-like moves (funny – making me smile, chuckle)
  • Hearing song lyric ♫ why don’t you give love, give love… ♪ (from a song by Queen)
  • M-name
  • Heard “I got this cancer thing and it ruined my life”
  • (at this point I  took a break for prayer † †)
  • Vision: a guy pulling a dog on a leash (yes, pulling)
  • Attention to throat (like scratchy)




Spiritual Journal July 7, 2015


Today hubby is working on refurbishing the deck, and I made a ‘To Do’ list and am plugging away at it. With only one item remaining on (today’s) list, I added another ‘to-do’ – instead of taking care of the final task. Procrastination.  I still need time to think through this final task, I guess. So I’m taking a break to get some meditation time in.

Meditation Notes: 4:00 – 4:40 PM
• See many faces in candle flame aura…a boy (or young man) with a farmers hat
• something about ‘curtains’
‘stifling hot’
‘Book of Lessons
• (hear the wind suddenly start blowing & whistling loudly)
Soles of feet feel very warm
• Something about (a size?) ‘medium…then ‘almost medium’
• ‘fun feeling
• feels like ‘Testing me’…’always testing me’
• Tingley – outer side of left knee
• Feels like trying to figure ‘it’ out [not sure what ‘it’ was/is?]
• Feel whole body vibrating mildly (just as I was falling asleep ☺)


Journal Notes June 2, 2015

Tuesday ☪ FULL MOON ☪

stockvault-full-moon157085Angel Number 1023

My cats have been especially vocal again lately…especially Simba. And Mittons demands attention from me…in the form of petting. I think it’s the Full Moon energy.


I’ve been noticing the beam of light again as I pass by my basement door. It looks like the basement light is on…I can see the light through the crack of the closed door. But as I open the door to check – it is dark down there. It was around this same time last year I started noticing the beam of light again at the basement door – the light that first appeared in early 2013.

Meditation Notes:

  • quick, soft thrust of energy into sternum area
  • mild headache – above brow line & at temples
  • song lyric ♫”house to house“♪
  • chatter
  • (raising vibration)
  • heard “take a place
  • heard “(something) is gonna be floating around here” (male voice)
  • vision: man’s head/face at a doorway as door is closing…dark hair, facial hair, brown hat
  • legs feel heavy
  • hear somebody saying something – voice is very low/deep, gruff …sounded like “flo…rubby” [???]
  • heard “that was it, huh?” (female voice)
  • feeling of jerking from side to side – like some type of dancing
  • ‘find your spot
  • feel coolness down legs
  • heard “listen carefully”
  • song lyric ♫”celebrate good times, come on”♪
  • vision: looks like etched metal (ornament?) …in someone’s hand…showing me
  • handmade
  • D-name
  • memory: about a child’s death
  • heard “counseling
  • grief
  • (getting song lyrics [to song “Jane” by Jefferson Starship])
  • attention to back of right foot – above heel
  • heard “Bec-ki“...stuttering voice
  • heard “but the hands won’t (or don’t) do the work
  • headache – across brow line
  • (feel energy all around)
  • END…headache!

The energy I felt during meditation stayed with me throughout the day. The palms of my hands and soles of my feet tingled. Two toes on each foot felt a strange ‘numbness‘. I also had a ‘heady’ feeling. I made sure I grounded with the energy of the Earth – frequently and intentionally. But by 5:00 pm my body called for rest. Yes, another power nap.


Journal Notes May 21, 2015


IMG_3453Today I’m writing with my new pens. My new Paper♥Mate Flair pens in 12 assorted colors. ☺ I had the 4-pack, but the 12-pack was calling my name. Just one of my many quirks…but I’ve always been a ‘pen’ person.The pen needs just the right flow of the ink on the paper – and I need to FEEL it.

And I know I’m not the only person who has this quirky ‘pen’ thing…both sisters as well as my son do, too (so maybe it’s just a quirky family thing?)

Before I meditate today, I will pray and ask for comforting energy to be sent to R’s dad, who has cancer. †††

Meditation Notes:

  • attention to throat, then back of right leg
  • something feels ‘too hard’
  • attention to the heart ♥ – heavy feeling
  • heard “how you feeling?”
  • S-namefemale
  • feels ‘hard to breathe
  • feels like ‘to the right
  • (clear throat)
  • hear music ♫ [Angels]
  • skin on left hand feels super sensitive
  • ache throughout left leg and up the back
  • hearing the ♪Solsbury Hill♫ song
  • (uplifting feeling)
  • pain – left temple
  • gambling/dogs/racetrack [go back in notes May 9th]
  • Jim [or J-name]
  • attention to arms – as if ‘scooping’ something up with them
  • up on a hill
  • heard “circumstances
  • letters ‘J-D-R
  • smell of rubbing alcohol
  • (something about) ‘solving a crime‘ [need to go back to when I first got this same message…think I woke one morning to this] See February 24th
  • feel pressure through ears
  • crime/solve/little girl missing [go back in notes – also May 9th]
  • sudden ache across left knee
  • pain above left brow
  • vision: (car?) headlights through trees – dark night
  • heard “doing great” then “done
  • [opened my eyes] see two male faces in candle auraone younger male and another with light (white?) wavy hair
  • [also  see] what looks like 1/2 Angel, 1/2 fairy figure
  • feet and legs are very chilly
  • ‘profile’
  • 599‘…then ‘good night
  • heard: “had (something) all over the place, and they’re never gonna die”
  • heard: “….talking to me, Patsy?”
  • attention to heart ♥- now feel happy/smiling ☻
  • ‘farm’
  • ‘cancer’
  • something about reorganizing or changing something
  • pain through left side of throat/neck/upper arm/under arm/along ribs/underarm [see May 25 notes]

END….Wow! Lots of notes today!

Today’s Angel Number 333 appears  just as I am thinking about knowing, feeling, writing, healing….and don’t forget about the number.

Journal Notes March 28, 2015

 March 28, 2015 Sat  Today’s Angel Numbers 9:11; 10:10

I woke up in the middle of the night to someone yelling at me. I don’t know what was being said, but it felt like someone really wanted my attention. And I heard it as if someone was in my room, at the foot of my bed…but no one was there. It didn’t scare me, it made me angry because it was the middle of the night and I was tired. :-/

Had a fun evening last night with some girlfriends who came over for girls night. Asked my friend T. who “Bill” is?  She has no idea…but my friend M. mentioned her dad’s name is (was) Bill.  My gosh – I got that connection on Thursday! My friend M. even knew the Wedding Bell Blues” song that came in with the name when I received it during meditation on both Feb 15th and Feb 23rd.   I hope I can make a connection for her, if this is who Bill is. ♥

This morning as I’m preparing to meditate a new song lyric begins playing through my head…”the heat is on” ♫ – then some thought about “in the alley” followed about another song lyric “we’ve only just begun” ♪.

Meditation Notes

  • thought about ‘alcohol inhibits abilities’ (probably because I drank a little too much wine last night ☻)
  • see a man in the candle aura…nice looking, with sunglasses and short beard and mustache – maybe in his 40’s or early 50’s
  • words ‘fun’ then ‘boy’
  • thought about the ‘mirror photo’ then the ‘walrus’
  • got ‘be mindful‘ then ‘pay attention to feet [is this a reminder again to stay grounded?]
  • feet are tingling
  • uplifting feeling and right foot feels distended [energy?]
  • something about ‘high efficiency‘ then ‘someone’s trying to prevent you from going there’ (asked who?)
  • got ‘YOU’ [?!?!?!?]
  • (listen, relax, breathe)
  • felt like my head quickly ‘shifted’ to the left
  • vision looked like the lead tip of a pencil pointed straight at my eye
  • got ‘things to do, places to go, people to see’ (playful tone)
  • ‘my father’
  • heard “don’t touch that thing”
  • something about ‘lost 3 pounds of money’
  • feels like light fingertip touches in my hair on top of my head
  • felt like a blast of warmth from the left
  • [lesson] stay grounded (feet) but use your head {TY}
  • ‘mom’ then ‘forgiveness’
  • something about ‘dry cleaning (business?)’
  • ’18’
  • ‘adding it up’ then felt a mild jolt and had a vision of just bright ‘light’
{TY} indicates I acknowledge and give thanks for the message or lesson
[bracketed comments are notes added after meditation]
(parenthesis notations are typically written during meditation)


Tuscan Countryside, ItalyLater in the day the words villa primo came into my head. I don’t know what this means – so I Googled it – but could only find a vacation rental in Tuscany, Italy  by this name (but I’ll take it! ). Reminds me of the first time I got a word I didn’t know….astroflow (Sept 14, 2013 – I’ll write more about this soon).



Journal Notes March 20, 2015

March 20, 2015 Fri  Spring Equinox-Super Moon-Lunar Eclipse
Today’s Angel Number 6:54
How appropriate I would be starting Book 4 of my journaling today. Synchronicity – endings and new beginnings. Woke up very early this morning – before 6:00 am – to a slamming headache. Felt like sinus pressure. The cats became very vocal once they realized I was awake, and soon both Simba and Sky were taking turns meowing at my dresser mirror (click here to view the Video page). Sky painted the mirror with her paws again… wonder if the next sunny day will reveal more secrets in the mirror? At around 9:00 am the ♪ lyric “you’re a grand old flag” started playing through my head again. Then a thought about my daughter’s car and a flat tire pops into my head – but her car is in the driveway and the tires look fine. As I sit down to make some journal notes, the pressure in my head reminds me of being in an airplane during takeoff.

Meditation Notes
• See a male in what looks like a white sailor cap
• Feel mild pain in sternum
• Heard “the number”…don’t forget about it
• ‘ability to change your life’
• (asked for clarity on ‘the number’)
• Got 12
• Feeling of ‘lifting’
• Vision of white skeleton bones against dark (black) background
• ‘you are there’
• Hearing a song lyric “(na-na), don’t be a hero” ♫ [know the ‘na-na’ is some name]
• Feeling of intense ‘shifting’ [heady feeling]
• Feels like energy enters my area from the left and goes past me toward the right
• Feel mild vibration on bed
• Feeling of ‘lifting’ (more intense than first – felt really good…did not want to break from it in order to write)
• (asked – who is with me?)
• Attention to sternum/chest/heart
• Vision of several dogs playing together (was like watching a video)
Suddenly felt very tired, so I decided to lay down across the bed and take a quick nap. Felt mild vibrations through my entire body for a while, then slept for a short time.

Around noon today, daughter tells me about a crazy dream she had last night…and then gets to the part about her car being dented and her car tires being flat! Is this why something about my daughter’s car and a flat tire popped into my head earlier this morning?

Wow – feeling so very tired today. I took ANOTHER nap this afternoon. I clearly must have picked up this virus I was trying so hard to ward off.