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THE ROSE| October 16, 2015

A Spiritual Journey

11:45 – 12:30  AM

  • ♪I’m back in the saddle again♪
  • Remembering the visions from Wednesday – when I sat on the sun porch after work (I didn’t do any writing, though):
  1. VERY pink flower…a rose on a long thick green stem….
  2. A white house
  3.  A pattern – of flower symbols ✿ ✿ ✿ ✿ ✿ ✿

The visions may symbolize  fresh love and new romance [pink rose], the soul and self  [house],  and suggests that life has become monotonous and repetitious [pattern].

  • left arm – feels like a muscle pinch
  • chills through legs
  • ‘you’re not really looking at anything’….GUIDANCE….{TY}
  • Attention to left side of neck
  • Vision: a (right) hand…the knuckles  [hard work and diligence]
  • Vision: of a black girl ‘gathering groceries’ (pushing a shopping cart)…wearing workout style clothes
  • Heard “everyone just asked for her to do ‘dat [sic]”
  • Then “sometimes I just feel like I could do this all day”
  • ‘wooden spoons’
  • ‘balance’
  • Vision – boxes…like cardboard boxes
  • Something about ‘graffiti drunk’
  • Attention to the throat
  • song lyric ♪all you need is someone to lean on♪
  • Heard “The Buckeyes win”
  • Sudden feeling of doubt about a decision made
  • The past – can’t change it
  • Heel of right foot – feels like its digging down into the ground
  • feels like ‘they’re telling me (something)’
  • S-name….B-name….Christmas tree…
  • ’disposable


IMG_3850Okay, so I think the ‘wooden spoons’ and ‘The Buckeyes win’ came to me  because we are going to M&A’s tomorrow for the Chili Cook-off – and to watch the Buckeyes play football.

And I just finished a set of wooden spoons to give to A.

But will  the Buckeyes win? We’ll see. ☺

MEDITATION | October 13, 2015

A Spiritual Journey

Tuesday 8:20 PM

  • immediately the song lyric ♪all I’ve got is a photograph and I realize you’re not coming back, anymore♪ enters
  • E-name (like Ernie)
  • believe this is the Uncle
  • something about ‘coffee and cigarettes’
  • see a pretty purple color – would describe it as ‘grape’
  • a word > ‘stumbler’
  • Attention to lower back teeth



1. a walker or runner who trips and almost falls; 2. someone who makes mistakes because of incompetence.

Source: http://www.thefreedictionary.com/stumbler

BALANCE & GRATITUDE | October 13, 2015

A Spiritual Journey

Tuesday 8:20 PM

Right now, at this moment, I am both physically and mentally exhausted. Yet I feel compelled to write, despite the fact I have not made a journal entry since October 6th nor updated this blog since September 22nd. But I have learned to trust – and know I am exactly where I am supposed to be at this very moment.

So, my life has been a whirlwind of activity for the last three weeks.

Total Lunar Eclipse September 27 | New Moon  in Libra October 12


Something about the Total Lunar Eclipse on September 27… this event triggered some major changes for me. Don’t laugh, because I absolutely felt it. I actually began to feel a shift in the energy the day of the eclipse – and I was ready (September was really a tough month for me)!

And with this eclipse came a sudden sense of exhilaration and inspiration.

Inspiration to let go of a lot of ‘stuff’. Material stuff – as most (I hope) of the emotional ‘stuff’  was released last month.  And, through this process of letting go, I am rediscovering all that I already have. I am finding treasures – and am filling my heart with precious memories.  And I am feeling grateful. I am getting my home ready to welcome a new life into our family (my grand baby). And I am feeling grateful. I am following through on promises I made to myself, and on commitments made to others. I am  spending some time creating through art when I feel inspired. I am meditating and staying grounded. I am focusing on the present moment – and on what I want my reality to be. I am learning and I am growing. And I am finding balance.


I am also trusting my intuition – and today I started a new part-time job. It just felt right – and I knew it was meant to be.  So, despite being physically and mentally exhausted at the moment, I am – once again – feeling grateful.  ❤

GUIDANCE | October 2, 2015

A Spiritual Journey

Friday | 11:42 AM – 12:09 PM

  • ♫I saw the sign and it opened up my eyes♪
  • Open eyes  [Yay…I get it!]
  • BIG inhale
  • Left hand aches [receiving energy]
  • Back of right leg (upper)
  • ‘winning’ (something)
  • ♫turn it on again♪
  • ‘disparate’ (information) [different in kind; not allowing comparison; things so unlike that there is no basis for comparison]
  • ‘levitating’ then ‘ body lifting up’
  • ‘using energy – makes you tired’ [Yep ☺]

END: Feels like stuff (messages) are ‘on hold’ – but that’s okay. I TRUST. I really want to continue to absorb it all – and focus on NOW.

As I review these notes, I am beginning to gain a greater understanding of what is coming through. Today’s messages are for me. More lessons…guidance is a better word. Guidance about my process…and what is next. And I’m looking forward to it, too!


FEELINGS | September 25, 2015

A Spiritual Journey

Friday | 5:21 PM

I feel like I am learning many lessons right now – at an almost overwhelming rate. Lessons about myself, how I relate to others, the truth behind what makes me sad… or angry.  And why. More lessons about trust. And releasing fears. My family is helping me – both with and through this process. And it is painful for me at times, but I know it is time to release what is holding me down.

I feel (and know) I still have a lot of work to do on ME. But I will do this with the love and respect. For myself.

  • Right ankle – almost like a sting
  • ♫right in to the danger zone♪
  • Feel coolness across feet and up legs
  • Vision and feeling – like something from the ground exploding up and into the air
  • Smell of gardenia
  • H-name… like something very ‘general
  • grandma
  • feels like  ‘sorry
  • the word ‘yoga
  • Vision/scenario – sitting at a table, talking and writing something down

EXPLOSION:  may represent repressed anger; rage or anger being held in has come to the surface; subconscious is trying to get your attention.

AUTUMN EQUINOX |September 24,  2015

A Spiritual Journey: Thursday September 24,  2015


stockvault-autumn-colors102368As much as I love summer, the onset of Autumn has always been my favorite time of the year. I often wonder if this is because I was born in October? It seems like at this time each year I  feel a sense of rebirth… and an even stronger desire to balance my hopes, dreams, and aspirations with my actions.

The Autumn Equinox (Sept 23rd)  not only brings in the  perfect balance of light and dark, but it represents letting go (of the growing cycle). It’s a time to harvest – to look back on what has manifested the last year – and what has not.  How appropriate I would feel a strong connection to this  – especially this year.

For me, it’s a time to celebrate balance and invite renewal – so bring it on!

I have focused on my daily meditation practice these last couple of days on welcoming the energy the Autumn Equinox…

“Living in balance physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually is the root of energy and delight. Be merciful to yourself daily and make personal time and space to work with the energy. Give yourself time to reflect and connect. Practice aligning all the elements and Spirit into a unified field in your body.”

Source: Cosmic*Intelligence*Agency | Equinox Intention Mission Activation

“It is a magical, exciting time that comes but once a year. Celebrate Autumnal Equinox by focusing your energies to: Prepare for the winter ahead – Become attuned to the dark and the light within yourself – Create a balance that will carry you forward into the coming winter.”

Source: Autumnal Equinox

A Spiritual Journey | September 22, 2015


I woke this morning to three words…


Of course I knew these words must have meaning for me. I am knee-deep in trying to understand and connect the symbolism of my dreams and visions, so there is most likely a message for me in these words. Plus, I used the word ‘clubbing’ to describe  how I felt in one part of the Airport Dream.


Clubbing symbolizes a sense of belonging.

 But what about south and east?


✧ life, expectations, and questions
✧ Chinese zodiac: Physical strength, health, adventure, loyalty
✧ Celtic symbolism:  fire, energy, passion, creativity
✧ Time phases:  Present – Now
✧ Native American: beginnings/purity
✧ Astrological Zodiac: Fire/Leo…….FIRE = ACTION


✧ inner wisdom, rejuvenation, and spiritual enlightenment
✧ Chinese zodiac: Trust, sincerity, love, compassion
✧ Celtic symbolism: air, communication, new beginnings, new     growth
✧ Time phases: Future
✧ Native American: salvation/spirit
✧ Astrological Zodiac: Earth/Taurus EARTH=Physical Manifestation

source: Symbolism of the Compass – Meaning of the Four Directions

  • ‘Channeling’
  • Felt warmth across entire body – like a mini, mild hot flash
  • ‘It is not our thoughts that hold us hostage, but our fear of being judged by others for expressing our thoughts.’ [LESSON]
  • ‘Gratitude is positively acknowledging what you have without focusing any thought on what you don’t.’ [LESSON]
  • Vision: an arm  with thin bands wrapped around it

THE VISION MEANING –  reach out and care for people – reach out to others; reconnect with an old friend ♥


“The Angel Number 33 is a message from your angels that any positive changes or projects you are considering right now will be well worth your while, and you will be assisted in the undertaking.”
source: Angel Numbers – Joanne Sacred Scribes

A Spiritual Journey | September 21, 2015

cropped-cropped-stockvault-mannequin-close-up1139362-e1427762560356.jpgMEDITATION NOTES

MONDAY | 11:35 AM

Today I received lessons and guidance…

• ‘A LOT to remember‘…’its OK to just FEEL it‘   [this is familiar…see Oct 22, 2014]
• ’10 minutes’ …
• The ‘process’ – you weren’t ready yet
• ‘Go back…think about it…you almost did lose a child
• ‘Your mind‘….’hunger
• Attention to left hand
• ‘Healing
• see many faces in candle aura….’pick one’ then tingle across right knee cap [remember… the aura of my candle flame is my crystal ball, so to speak]
• ‘the zone‘… ‘auras
Left arm aches….
‘Relax. Let go. Just be.



My niece came over this evening for some assistance with meditation. We sat outside on the front porch and I guided her through the basics. I can  only try to share with her what works for me – and with the understanding what works for me may not work for others. But there are some very basic practices which I focus on… and I am grateful to be able to share through my own experiences.

  • Get comfortable…take a few moments to Hear, See and Feel your current Environment (may then want or need to close your eyes)
  • Pray, Surround, Protect and Anchor yourself… for me it is in the light of (the highest and most divine) God
  • Breathe… Inhale – Hold – Exhale: Slowly – three (3) times – keeping your attention focused on each inhalation and exhalation
  • Relax… Now, as your breath returns to normal, relax each portion of the body – beginning with the feet and working upward through the forehead
  • And now, just continue to focus on breathing

It really is that simple.  ~ Namaste

A Spiritual Journey | September 20, 2015



Spent the last week reflecting. I meditated almost daily, but the focus of  this ritual was to just go inward. To let go…and to let God.

I am working through thoughts, feelings, and emotions which have been resurfacing for me. I am learning a lot about myself – and it’s not always pretty. In fact, it is sometimes quite emotionally painful for me. But with this pain comes understanding…and acceptance. And letting go.

I am spending some time learning more about symbolism, numerology (mostly about my own numbers), and  reviewing the lessons and guidance I have received over the last year.

During this period of retrospection  I continue to receive signs… in the form repeating numbers and visions. And I am practicing gratitude. 


“Creativity sparks new ways of doing things, which positively affects both work and play.”

“Pay particular attention to your dreams, daydreams, visions, recurring thoughts and feelings.”

source: ANGEL NUMBERS – Joanne Sacred Scribes


mailbox on a post.

SYMBOLISM:  a mailbox  represents important information you are about to receive.


I am grateful for:

family and friends
artisans and craftsmen
the inspiration of nature
Summer turning to Autumn
the beauty of the sunset

A Spiritual Journey | September 19, 2015



I woke several times throughout the night again… one occurrence was at 3:21 AM.  I have been noticing the sequential numbers appearing frequently, either waking at this time or noticing them  throughout the day … 2:34, 5:43, 4:56, etc. And 11:11 is repeating – appearing daily. Angel Numbers. Thank You.

“When Angel Number 1111 appears repeatedly it signifies that an energetic gateway has opened up for you, and this will rapidly manifest your thoughts into reality.”

Source: ANGEL NUMBERS – Joanne Sacred Scribes: ANGEL NUMBER 1111

Today’s Meditation Notes:

12:38-1:29 PM

My niece’s friend K. is coming here tonight for another Tarot reading  – so today I will focus my meditation on any connection(s) for her – for her highest and most divine purpose.

• Almost immediately I get a vision –of two holding hands (feels like 2 females)
• Then the song lyric ♫and tidings of comfort and joy♫  
• Attention to the right side of the mouth…to the cheek (like mild pressure)
• Feels like there is a ‘sense of urgency’ about something
• Feeling as if ‘never done anything like this before…it just happened’
• Feeling of ‘wanting something very badly’
• Something about ‘a state of mental illness [perhaps as if ‘not thinking clearly’]
• Pain/attention to left side of nose and then left temple
• Pressure through bridge of nose
• A ‘barn 
Weight – restricting ability to do something – like ‘hard to get around’
• then immediately ‘bite your tongue’
• attention to upper right leg – outer thigh
• tingle up through the left leg
• K-name
• a ‘busy life’
• something about ‘cleaning up crap …or old sh!t’ [sorry, this is how it came in – as a vision of someone doing this☺]
• Vision of hand slapping on a table – feels like  ‘that’s it!’
• Pain left nostril
J-name (like Jim)
• (asked Jim who?) then E-name (like Elliott)

END….unfortunately I had to end today’s session because the cats are behaving badly outside my bedroom door. I guess I need to start locking them out on the sun porch again.


My niece and K. came over this evening. I did a 3 card Tarot reading for K. based on a situation she is dealing with. She did not tell me what the situation was – and she pulled her own cards. As I looked at the meaning of each of the cards I interpreted them  based on how each made me feel.  I understood, at a high-level, her situation based on the 3 cards she pulled. And, within the cards, was the guidance she was seeking.

After we talked about the Tarot cards, I got brave and shared today’s meditation notes with her (well, I almost could not wait to share them with her!)

Am I surprised she connected with what was written? And that the connection was with the one person she wanted most? Well, no… and yes!  And I feel truly blessed, yet again.

Thank You, K.! Grandma is watching over you.♥