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Social networks defined by social circles
Social networks defined by social circles

Today I met with Julie and Stephanie (and her daughter). My sister was here, too  (for moral support – of each of us, I think!)  We sat on the back deck and went through my journal notes. We made connections on some  things , but I know there is much more for them.  Did I ask enough questions? Did I LISTEN?

I keep reminding myself I don’t need to understand these message(s) – but it sure feels like it would help! ♥ These are not my messages – but theirs. The one thing I am sure of is this – only messages of healing, love, comfort and support  (and I’d like to add ‘hope‘ to this) for all concerned.

Well, my friends – I hope we  connect again….  ♥♥♥

Spiritual Journal August 13, 2015

Thursday: Time to Heal


10:25 AM: Spent a couple of hours yesterday with my niece – who is in the hospital.  I wish I could heal her – but I know that I can’t. I  can only reflect on all I have learned so far on my journey – and trust in the power of prayer.

Meditation Notes:

  • M-name [like Mike]
  • Feeling of ‘guilt’
  • Getting song lyrics ♫…and the tune – words are wrong – can’t remember name of artist
  • ‘sisters’
  • Attention to throat – down low
  • S-name [Stephanie]
  • Feeling ofsearching’…like mind is searching
  • Same song lyrics ♫…Heart (the artist!)
  • Heard “did you even know?”
  • ‘I can look at a person and just KNOW’
  • Sick feeling – like a gut feeling


♫♪ About the song lyrics ♪♫

Today’s song lyric  was from the song Alone, by Heart.

Spiritual Journal August 11, 2015


11:17 AM: This morning I went outside and grounded for about an hour…watered all of the potted plants and the flower beds. ☼ When I finished, I sat down and prayed for healing energy for those in need. There are a few people who especially need healing right now – and I know I was supposed to pray for them.

As I prepare now to meditate – taking a moment to think about my day, the word ‘agua‘ comes to me. Water. But in Spanish?

Breathe. Balance. Anchor. Protect. Pray. Love. Light. Ask.

Meditation Notes:

• song lyric ♫ your love keeps lifting me higher and higher ♪
‘preconceived’….’notions’ [another pretty word]
• Something ‘didn’t come in that way’
• Vision: clover….a ’shamrock’
‘that was then, this is now’
• Vision: a closed eye with very long eyelashes
K-name…like Kaylee(?)
• Vision: face of a female…(black and white – no color)
• Vision: a fork (the eating utensil)….looked like it was stuck in a cloud
• Smiling – feel happy
• UPLIFTING – like an explosion from my shoulders through my head
• Vision: pretty lavender plant


IMG_CATPAWS….Mittons (the cat) is meowing intently at me from outside my bedroom door. I swear – it sounds like he is saying “hel-loooo”…then either “Bob” or “mom” ☺. I really need to try to record him doing this! Did get a cute pic of his paws under my bedroom door. He really wanted to come in!

Journal Notes June 27, 2015



Busy, busy, busy! 2:58 PM meditation…just for me! No notes. But as I prepare my meditation space,  I again remember a vision. I have had it several times…but different variations of the same vision. I see steps…like stairs, but only a couple (2-3) of them. And it seems as if I am stumbling on them…. going up a step or down, I either skip one (feels intentional) or miss one (feels unintentional) – but in any situation I stumble. As I remember this vision, I immediately understand the message….I am missing a step – but I don’t know what it is?  I was told this in May and am now being reminded with these visions.  


Today’s meditation consisted of Chakra Healing. As I focused on sending blue light to my throat chakra, the message was being repeated…”missing a step, skipping a step”. Then the song lyric ♫ I saw the sign ♪ pops into my thoughts.
What? And I immediately get a vision…of steps going up…but more like brown wooden ladder-type steps (with no backs/risers). I then heard “five (5) minutes” followed by ‘going up’. I stopped writing notes at this point – and just went with it…and it was pretty awesome!


So – I think I understand what step I am missing (or skipping), especially since the messages today began at the throat chakra

Throat Chakra Color Blue and Creativity

“When your fifth chakra is open, you experience waves of creative energy, you receive flashes of creative insights and you are propelled to create. This is a conscious creation and you utilize the energies of all your lower chakras. You access the Divine and the universal knowledge and you integrate it with your personal truth. When you express your truth (whether it is writing, dancing, singing, or painting), you create from the throat chakra.”

Source: Throat Chakra Colors

As I look back through my journal, creating has appeared three times in the last week….June 23rd, 25th and 26th. Well, if this is the step I’m missing it is something I can easily correct ☺… the inspiration to create is already consuming me! ♥

Journal Notes June 21, 2015


Happy Father’s Day ♥  Happy Summer Solstice ☼

Yesterday the weather was a rainy and damp. A dark and gloomy day that made me feel drained… so I lit a candle and spent the day cuddled on the couch.

This morning I felt very sad – as if I’m feeling sorry for myself,  and lonely. Why? I have no reason to feel this way. Around noon I went into  my bedroom and sat on my bed, and the tears just began to flow. No thoughts were even going through my head at the time… just this incredible feeling of sadness. So of course I tried to justify the feeling…find something to feel sad about.  But I am not sad about anything…I am not lonely. I have no reason to feel sorry for myself. But there must be some purpose to my feelings. How silly. I just needed to RELEASE…something.

The family will be over later today to enjoy the sunshine ☼ (YAY! It’s back!) I’m going to meditate, now that the tears are done, and ask to release that which is not mine or no longer serves my highest purpose. Let go and let God.

Meditation Notes:
• feeling (someone’s) sadness
• It doesn’t make sense…there is no ‘one’ reason for it
• (asked – How can I help?)
• First you must WANT to (I do) ♥
• And (someone) must WANT to heal
• Divine Energy. Reiki. Light.
• Feels like ‘can’t shake it’
Dance. Moonlight. Release.
• Attention to the heart – mild poking pain – then down around rib cage into back – then left upper jaw into cheekbone
• Song lyric ♫shut up and dance with me♪
Cabbage – garden vision of garden
• Feels like getting lost in thought
• Working through the ‘grammar’ (words)
END… felt very strange towards the end of meditation…confused!?!
If this is how (someone) is walking around feeling every day…it really sucks.  Maybe a dance in the moonlight will help? ☺

IMG_3489This evening, while the family was still here, someone noticed a patch of grass in my back yard….close to the back corner where the fire pit is. This patch of grass is much darker than the rest of the lawn, and is in the shape of a heart . I’m not sure what caused this, but I do know the lawn was just cut yesterday. Well, after everyone left this evening, I was drawn to the moon…and that little patch of heart-shaped grass. I went outside and stood in the middle of the heart – let my bare feet sink into the warm grass, raised my eyes to the moon and my arms to the air. I didn’t dance… but I breathed. Long, slow, deep breaths. RELEASE.

Journal Notes May 25, 2015

Monday – Happy Memorial Day

Had a great time yesterday with the whole family celebrating the holiday. But mom has shingles! Am sending her healing energy †. The pain I had on the left side of my body, at the end of meditation May 22nd….I know that was her. I even got her name in a different bullet-ed note during the same session.

Last night, as I was falling asleep. I suddenly heard strange laughter. Strange, as in it did not sound like the familiar laughter of any of my kids. Did I get up and investigate? Nope. I just told myself I was hearing things. But was I?

Today I prepare for travel to Washington DC. I am really looking forward to this experience! I think the Angels are with me – I am seeing many sequential numbers today (just about every time I glance at the clock) – as well as 11:11 and 11:17.

Going to meditate but not sure if I will be able to shut off my own thoughts.

Meditation Notes:
• Uplifting- feels magnetic
• Song lyrics ♫gonna show you a good thing♪ [J.Timberlake♥]
• Feels like [my bedroom] closet doors are open and the light is on [eyes are closed, and doors are always shut, light always off]
• To the right > brightness
• Feels like energy pushing [into me] from left
Right side of throat feels itchy
• ‘Helping’ ‘mom’
• ‘Tremor’
• Vision of hands on legs
• Relax/breathe
• Attention to teeth
• Left side of face/smiling
Jody [or J-name]
Vision: [looked like] fork [as in a dinner or salad fork]
‘doors are open, lights are on’
• ‘Holiday‘ (repeated)….then ‘take a break – catch your breath – then you’ll know what to do’ {TY} GUIDANCE
END 1:22 am

My break awaits!

Chakra Healing – Head Pressure & Buzzing

May 13, 2015

I have been noticing little periods of intense pressure in my head the last couple of days. The first occurred yesterday when I was reading the Tarot cards for my niece. The pressure came on very quickly…just as I was making the connection with the 3 cards I was reading…almost at the exact moment I realized what the cards were saying. It felt like my head was buzzing….I good, excited type of buzzing feeling.

Today the pressure returned…as I was standing in the middle of the closet I was cleaning. The BIG closet…in my bedroom. It was around 2:00 PM, so I thought it was a good time to take a break from my task, maybe try to meditate and connect with the energy I was feeling.

I do believe the daily chakra healing I am doing, opening and balancing my energy centers, is why I am feeling this head pressure and buzzing.

And not being one to reinvent the wheel, here’s one of many Web links about this topic…


Source: Ascension Signs and Symptoms of the Spiritual Awakening and Expanded Consciousness


Journal Notes May 13, 2015


Around 1:15 am this morning my daughter sent me a text she had to call 911 because her roommate L was so ill. I could tell last night when they were here L wasn’t feeling very good. Sending prayers and healing energy. 🙏

This morning my left side is still a little achy – mostly the left shoulder up into the neck. I remember last night, as I tried to sleep, the pain/ache radiated all the way down to the top of my left hand.

I did chakra healing this morning and tried to follow with mindful meditation, but the shoulder and neck pain turned into a burning sensation traveling all the way up to the left side of my face (??). I didn’t notice the upper body tension like I had yesterday when I did the chakra healing – but as I tried to move forward with mindful meditation the pain seemed to take over. I decided to focus only on releasing the pain (tension?)  – and thankfully was able to relieve it a bit.

Cool weather is back.  I knew it was coming…and I am READY. Today is ♫ cleaning out my closet ♪ day. Just one closet…one BIG closet! It needs cleared, de-cluttered, and reorganized. And as silly as it sounds, I’m looking forward to doing it!

Meditation Notes: (2:00 PM)

  • ‘yellow‘  [color associated with the Solar Plexus chakra]
  • feels like lips movingmurmurs
  • top of head itchy
  • horn’…. ‘unicorn’
  • attention to top of left leg
  • mom
  • scratching top of head – as if ‘I don’t know/don’t get it
  • what’s wrong?’
  • tension – left side – face,shoulder,neck, hand
  • heard “It’s for L-name right now
  • feel pressure – front of face
  • feels like I can’t rest my head back – like chin is down
  • something about Target (the store) – the TV commercial – music/jingle
  • throat itches – feels dry

END – So –  I need to talk to my daughter about L! I believe this is who I’m picking up (feeling) during meditation….and maybe even the pain on my left side I’ve been experiencing the last couple of days.


Journal Notes May 12, 2015

Happy Birthday Daughter! ツ

Well – I still have the achy pain in my left arm, shoulder, and neck.  I tried to release the aches last night as I was trying to go to sleep – but they are still here this morning, so they must belong to me.  Aleve time.

This morning when I practiced chakra healing I felt, and then released, a lot of upper body tension. YAY! I didn’t realize how tense I was. I hope this resolves the aches I’m having on my left side.

I followed chakra healing with mindful meditation.

Meditation Notes:
• feel pain/ache – lower back
• number ‘11
• ‘Pop’ / Grandpa
• Attention to heart
• Feels like smiling
• ‘steady
Arms – using the arms
• ‘painting
• Attention to the heart
• hearing the Solsbury Hill song/music in my head ♫ “pack your bags I’ve come to take you home
• Uplifting feeling (twice ☺)
Vision and feeling of clouds across the sky – view as if from a mountain or hill-top
• Soles of feet are warm and tingly
• ♪ Up, up and away in my beautiful balloon ♫…uplifting sensations – Thank You!

IMG_3179My niece stopped over around 3-3:30 today to visit. We did a Tarot (3 Card Spread)  reading for her. I knew what her cards were about as soon as I started the reading…even though she told me she didn’t have a specific question.  I can’t share any details, but the cards she pulled revealed what she really wanted to know.

Journal Notes May 11, 2015


Today’s Angel Numbers 55, 555 ;11:11; 1,2,3; 333

Woke up this morning feeling grateful. For all that I have. I know I often use the word blessedbut this truly is the best word to describe how I feel. It is an overwhelming feeling of ‘goodness’ – and the overwhelming is more like an uplifting – not the feeling of stress so often associated with overwhelmed feelings.

I realize the old thoughts following this feeling of gratefulness – you know, the ‘if it’s this good, something bad will probably happen’  kind of thoughts – are no longer part of this grateful feeling I carry. Instead, it is an excited anticipation of “what’s next!” And it is a feeling of contentment – of understanding I am where I am supposed to be, right now – in this moment. And I know there is more…and it will be good.

As I worked through my chakra healing today I had two very specific thoughts come in. One at the solar plexus chakra and another at the crown chakra. This is the first time since I started this daily healing practice a ‘thought’ has invaded the process…so I knew it must be important. Perhaps some things I need to work on.

I followed my chakra healing with an attempt at mindful meditation. I only heard one little message…

Meditation Notes:

  • It’s a boy”  …. and then silence (feel this is connected to May 6th or before)

Early this afternoon I realize I am listening to the Fleetwood Mac Song “Gypsy” playing in my head.

Later, as I stand at the kitchen sink, washing my hands for the at least 8th time today – I wonder why I do this (wash my hands so often)? Random thought about OCD behavior…and I glance at the clock. It is 3:33.
Read about this Angel Number at  ANGEL NUMBERS – Joanne Sacred Scribes: Angel Numbers – Number Sequences – Repeating 3’s 3 33 333 3333(Angel Number 333)

My left upper arm, through the shoulder and into my neck, has been achy and bothersome all day. Did I sleep funny last night? The ache reminds me of the tendonitis I once suffered from – but I cannot think if anything I’ve done that would cause this. I don’t think it’s mine….so if I’m feeling this for you – please let me know!