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A Spiritual Journey | September 21, 2015

cropped-cropped-stockvault-mannequin-close-up1139362-e1427762560356.jpgMEDITATION NOTES

MONDAY | 11:35 AM

Today I received lessons and guidance…

• ‘A LOT to remember‘…’its OK to just FEEL it‘   [this is familiar…see Oct 22, 2014]
• ’10 minutes’ …
• The ‘process’ – you weren’t ready yet
• ‘Go back…think about it…you almost did lose a child
• ‘Your mind‘….’hunger
• Attention to left hand
• ‘Healing
• see many faces in candle aura….’pick one’ then tingle across right knee cap [remember… the aura of my candle flame is my crystal ball, so to speak]
• ‘the zone‘… ‘auras
Left arm aches….
‘Relax. Let go. Just be.



My niece came over this evening for some assistance with meditation. We sat outside on the front porch and I guided her through the basics. I can  only try to share with her what works for me – and with the understanding what works for me may not work for others. But there are some very basic practices which I focus on… and I am grateful to be able to share through my own experiences.

  • Get comfortable…take a few moments to Hear, See and Feel your current Environment (may then want or need to close your eyes)
  • Pray, Surround, Protect and Anchor yourself… for me it is in the light of (the highest and most divine) God
  • Breathe… Inhale – Hold – Exhale: Slowly – three (3) times – keeping your attention focused on each inhalation and exhalation
  • Relax… Now, as your breath returns to normal, relax each portion of the body – beginning with the feet and working upward through the forehead
  • And now, just continue to focus on breathing

It really is that simple.  ~ Namaste

Journal Notes June 21, 2015


Happy Father’s Day ♥  Happy Summer Solstice ☼

Yesterday the weather was a rainy and damp. A dark and gloomy day that made me feel drained… so I lit a candle and spent the day cuddled on the couch.

This morning I felt very sad – as if I’m feeling sorry for myself,  and lonely. Why? I have no reason to feel this way. Around noon I went into  my bedroom and sat on my bed, and the tears just began to flow. No thoughts were even going through my head at the time… just this incredible feeling of sadness. So of course I tried to justify the feeling…find something to feel sad about.  But I am not sad about anything…I am not lonely. I have no reason to feel sorry for myself. But there must be some purpose to my feelings. How silly. I just needed to RELEASE…something.

The family will be over later today to enjoy the sunshine ☼ (YAY! It’s back!) I’m going to meditate, now that the tears are done, and ask to release that which is not mine or no longer serves my highest purpose. Let go and let God.

Meditation Notes:
• feeling (someone’s) sadness
• It doesn’t make sense…there is no ‘one’ reason for it
• (asked – How can I help?)
• First you must WANT to (I do) ♥
• And (someone) must WANT to heal
• Divine Energy. Reiki. Light.
• Feels like ‘can’t shake it’
Dance. Moonlight. Release.
• Attention to the heart – mild poking pain – then down around rib cage into back – then left upper jaw into cheekbone
• Song lyric ♫shut up and dance with me♪
Cabbage – garden vision of garden
• Feels like getting lost in thought
• Working through the ‘grammar’ (words)
END… felt very strange towards the end of meditation…confused!?!
If this is how (someone) is walking around feeling every day…it really sucks.  Maybe a dance in the moonlight will help? ☺

IMG_3489This evening, while the family was still here, someone noticed a patch of grass in my back yard….close to the back corner where the fire pit is. This patch of grass is much darker than the rest of the lawn, and is in the shape of a heart . I’m not sure what caused this, but I do know the lawn was just cut yesterday. Well, after everyone left this evening, I was drawn to the moon…and that little patch of heart-shaped grass. I went outside and stood in the middle of the heart – let my bare feet sink into the warm grass, raised my eyes to the moon and my arms to the air. I didn’t dance… but I breathed. Long, slow, deep breaths. RELEASE.

Journal Notes June 4, 2015


Meditation Notes:
Throat – right side- dry/itchy
• ‘today’s the day
• ‘cries with eyes open’
• (something about) ‘government
Full Moon
• ‘not allowed’
‘ready to see’
‘allowing it’
• Feel mild vibrations through body [stopped writing in journal…just went with the energy]
• ‘pizza & chips in the morning
• Heard “I’ve stopped
Vision: female – long blond hair – side part
• Feel tingles on top of head – scalp – crown

I’m still carrying this tired feeling around with me and have been napping daily. I hope it’s only the moon energy – and that this tired feeling will soon pass.

About Vibrations – JUNE 2, 2015

Check out this Blog discussing Inner Body Vibrations & Other Unusual Symptoms.


Thank you Denise Le Fay (Transitions).

Journal Notes June 3, 2015


Angel Numbers 911; 1111

Today I am being called to go outside. The weather has been very dark and cool the last couple of days, but this morning I can see the sun ☼- despite a mostly cloudy sky. And the air is warming back up.

As I go about my morning routine the song lyric ♫ I saw the sign and it opened up my eyes and I am happy now ♪ plays in my head. What sign? But I am happy. ☺

10:20 AM: I decided to try meditation outside (since outside is calling me). I need to feel the warmth of the sun against my skin, breathe the fresh air into my lungs, and hear the music of the birds chirping – and the breeze through the trees.

Meditation Notes:
•Attention to right side of face/teeth
Air round me suddenly chilly
•Vision: Sun symbol ☼
Vision: orange outline [of what] looked like a ‘witches hat
Vision: tower – like a radio or telephone tower
•Sudden quick energy to lower throat/upper chest area
•Feel surprised
•Red – lots of red
•Chills through legs
•See sideways beam of orange light [eyes are open]
•Vision: pink blanket/baby blanket
•Vision: very pregnant belly
•‘help me’
•Pain front middle top right leg
•Song lyric ♫ I saw the sign
END 10:40…my backside is numb…this lounge chair needs a cushion!

20 minutes! It felt like much longer!

Journal Notes June 1, 2015


Today I woke to a feeling of a ‘fresh start’ – and it’s especially appealing after last week. It’s as if what I experienced in DC…the history, architecture, the energy…has sobered me as well as revitalized me.

Today is a milestone for me. I left Corporate America a year ago today …after 31 years of employment. I have been at home since – and this last year has been one of the best of my life. How my world has changed! I like this new reality I live in…a LOT! Happy Anniversary to me. ☺


As I acknowledge this milestone I am suddenly struck by the number… 31!

This number has appeared frequently since late last year.  I first got  the number 1931 in December, then 31.82 in January . The number 31 appeared again during meditation on January 27th  as well as on February 13 (which is 31 reversed), and it appeared frequently on March 9th .

Well, I was 19 years old when I started my 31 year career in corporate America – just after graduating high school in 1982.  Hmmmm…..

So, is there symbolic or spiritual significance to this number?

Source: Meaning of the Number 30 and 31 in the Bible

“31 in Scripture: One of the Hebrew names of God is El, composed of the Hebrew letters Lamed (representing 30) and Aleph (representing 1), which totals to the number 31. Josiah, considered the best king of Judah after Israel split into two nations, began his reign at the age of eight and ruled for 31 years (640 to 609 B.C.). One of the most commonly occurring names in God’s word is Moses, which appears in 31 books. One of most frequently mentioned women in Scripture is Rebekah (Isaac’s wife), whose name appears 31 times. The book of Luke contains materials from 31 Old Testament books, the second highest in the New Testament.”

Source: ANGEL NUMBERS – Joanne Sacred Scribes: ANGEL NUMBER 31

“Angel Number 31 is an indication from your angels that they are helping you to gain a positive and optimistic outlook and are helping to empower you so that you can walk your chosen path with confidence and grace. Be prepared to expand and develop your personal spirituality in new and exciting ways.”


It is chilly this morning – only 48º outside with an expected high of 60º. I hope, after the extreme heat of last week, the outdoor temperature will feel refreshing.

Meditation Notes:

  • attention to left ear
  • hear ‘seagulls’…feels like at the beach/ocean/shoreline
  • quick nauseous then fearful feeling
  • heart is pounding
  • heard “….my behavior
  • heard “you might learn something
  • Oct 31st
  • middle of back – left side – twitch then tingly
  • sensation around throat
  • S-name
  • daughter / loss
  • feeling like ‘shocked’ [about something]
  • coolness up the back of the right leg
  • J-name
  • pain in head – above brow line then through temples
  • attention to right ear
  • body feels very tense (relax)
  • feels like ‘trying too hard’


Journal Notes May 31, 2015


Had a great time in Washington DC last week. What an awesome experience it was. I did my daily chakra healing and balancing each day, but needless to say, did not have time for any type of formal meditation. The break was good for me, though. ☺

My daughter told me last night she wants to move out in the Fall. I will support her decision – guide and advise her. She’s being very mature about it – it seems she’s really thought through the financial aspect. But still…

Meditation Notes:
Tingley on scalp – like fingertips touching it
• Song lyric ♫she’s a little runaway♪ (Bon Jovi)
Pain around neck/throat
• Feeling of ‘pushing down
• J-name
• need to ‘go there’…’that place’ [felt like GUIDANCE]
• felt like being taken away or walking away
• uplifting ♥♥
pain across chest
• (clear throat)
• ‘dad home
END….I kept getting the “she’s a little runaway” song lyric throughout today’s session. Hmmm….

Connections: Writing May 24, 2015



It feels like the story I am being guided to write about and share is being ‘outlined’ for me. Synchronicity. Today I understand why I had the (May 22nd) dream about my daughter getting run over by the car. It wasn’t an omen – it wasn’t even about her. The dream came to remind me of another child’s tragedy, another parent’s nightmare. The dream came to remind me of  my son’s friend, Chris.

And if the dream didn’t allow me to FEEL this tragedy all over again, yesterday Chris stopped by our house to visit. We probably haven’t seen him since last summer. But his appearance at my home helped me understand. Chris is an important part of the story.  His story is tragic. Yet it makes perfect sense that he would reappear  in my life right now, at this moment. He came (unknowingly) to remind me of his story…and to remind me that it could have been my child. He came to let me feel it again. His tragedy, and the circumstances surrounding his tragedy, and the events that followed.

Abstract background of beautiful color smoke waves.This is all part of my learning process. LESSONS, I call them. Remembering life events, and the feelings associated with those events. Especially the one’s you don’t WANT to remember. Writing with feeling. As I look back through my journal, I have been told.


Journal Notes May 22, 2015


New Moon energy is with me…mixing in with the energy of the Mercury Retrograde. I was up late last night, past midnight, and remember waking a couple of times throughout the night. I have stopped looking at the clock when I wake.

I woke this morning around 8:00 am from a very disturbing dream about my daughter. In this dream, my daughter walked right out into traffic and was run over by a car. It was as if she wasn’t even paying attention to the fact there was traffic flowing in both directions – or she didn’t care. She walked right in front of a car and was run over. The car then BACKED UP over top of her a second time. I ran to her, as she lay on the ground, and knew she was broken…but she moved… she was still alive! I looked around at all of the people who had gathered – they were just STANDING there – doing NOTHING. I screamed ‘someone call 911!”…And then I woke up to an overwhelming feeling of sadness. I remember this feeling –the same overwhelming sadness I felt when I learned about what happened to my son’s friend Chris. Somebody else’s child. Stupid, tragic mistake. He wasn’t thinking. Life changing mistake.

Well – the sun ☼ is shining today, after a couple of days of chilly and cloudy weather. Let the warm up begin. Have a lot to do to get ready for the family Memorial Celebration we will host here on Sunday – so I will meditate now (9:40 am).

Meditation Notes:
• (uplifting)
• Felt like legs/feet shifted side to side
• ‘Cannot not think’ [this May 18th message is] ‘for me’ [LESSON]
• ‘truancy
• ‘enables
J-name (like Jake)
• ‘Book of Lessons
Bossy –like ‘do it this way
• Heard “…heartbreaking to tell you…”
• Left ear canal itches
• song lyric ♫heart’s going boom, boom, boom
Bill [or B-name]
• Bean…baby….no baby (feel confused)
• Feel sad
Soles of feet tingling [energy]
• Feel hungry [using energy]
END….want to give kudos to my Guides and the Angels for sticking with me through this daily practice. For guiding and assisting me. ♥ Thank You.

Journal Notes May 20, 2015


It has been an extremely busy day. Sister is on vacation this week, so we met for brunch then went bargain shopping at the discount stores. Got the cutest little ankle-length black dress with a lacy back…now just need a reason to wear it. ☺

I can’t believe it’s 3:30 PM  already. I’m going to try to meditate now, but won’t be surprised if I end up falling asleep.

Meditation Notes:

  • pain left temple
  • heard (something about) “my house that way
  • heard “female
  • left leg aches – now left arm
  • ‘conveyor belt‘ (also felt the motion)
  • heard “my patients” [could have been “my patience“]
  • attention to the heart & lungs
  • feel pressure in head
  • heard “you know, …think it will last for around….” [as if I was overhearing just a piece of a conversation]
  • Theresa [or T-name]

END….hubby’s home…think I will lay down now and try a power nap. Going back over to hang out with sister this eve while the guys golf.

Journal Notes May 17, 2015


stockvault-multicolor-crayons127750Yesterday was just a busy day. I did chakra meditation in the morning, but skipped the mindful meditation. Didn’t even do any writing in my journal – which is fine because I think I am on overload with writing – and thoughts about writing!

My niece brought her friend, and her friend’s sister, to my house last night for a Tarot Card reading. I think one connected with the cards more than the other. We will try again….I’m still learning. Practice! 🌟🌟🌟


Realized today who the C-name R-name (came to me as Carly Rae on May 1st) could be. There is a connection to the Jim name and this person. Jim would be the father. Hmmm……

Today’s Meditation Notes:

  • a lot to remember
  • that is why we write‘ {TY} [Guidance]
  • feel tightness across chest
  • reversed’
  • left arm aches
  • got/felt ‘what the heck was that!?
  • heard “Rebecca” [or R-name]
  • Solsbury Hill ♪ song lyrics
  • sun porch
  • heard “she’s beautiful
  • (clear throat) [beginning to think there is significance to the throat clearing every time I meditate….]
  • something about…’what she was told
  • I’ve come to take you home ♫ [from the Solsbury Hill song]
  • felt hurried -‘hurry’
  • fingernails – picking [I suddenly started picking at a nail…I have NEVER done this during meditation]
  • quick, mild pain above left eye

END: Believe I just received validation the CR- name (person) is who I believe it is. ♥♥♥ 

{TY} indicates I acknowledge and give thanks for the message or lesson
[bracketed comments are notes added after meditation]
(parenthesis notations are typically written during meditation)