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Spiritual Journal July 7, 2015


Today hubby is working on refurbishing the deck, and I made a ‘To Do’ list and am plugging away at it. With only one item remaining on (today’s) list, I added another ‘to-do’ – instead of taking care of the final task. Procrastination.  I still need time to think through this final task, I guess. So I’m taking a break to get some meditation time in.

Meditation Notes: 4:00 – 4:40 PM
• See many faces in candle flame aura…a boy (or young man) with a farmers hat
• something about ‘curtains’
‘stifling hot’
‘Book of Lessons
• (hear the wind suddenly start blowing & whistling loudly)
Soles of feet feel very warm
• Something about (a size?) ‘medium…then ‘almost medium’
• ‘fun feeling
• feels like ‘Testing me’…’always testing me’
• Tingley – outer side of left knee
• Feels like trying to figure ‘it’ out [not sure what ‘it’ was/is?]
• Feel whole body vibrating mildly (just as I was falling asleep ☺)


Journal Notes July 1, 2015 FULL MOON ☪


Angel Numbers 11:11, 1:23 …The rain came again yesterday…and I glanced at the clock as soon as I noticed it raining. 3:33 PM.

Last night I went to bed around 10:30…and as soon as I lay down I started to get a stomach ache – like the IBS-type ache I used to suffer from regularly. I was able to sleep, but I woke this morning with a headache and mild pain in my ears and throat…oh no! I better not be getting sick! Interesting thing is,  as soon as I got up and acknowledged how I was feeling (told the hubby), I immediately felt better!

It is another gloomy day, but I just went outside and grounded. And I called for the sun.☼ It’s now 11:00 am and I’m going to meditate.

Meditation Notes:
• See many faces in the candle flame aura
‘dancing’ ( ♫ dance with me ♪)
Holding hands…my left to (someone’s) right
J-name, L-name
‘the children’
• Feel sadness – deep in solar plexus
• ‘Full Moon’ ‘Set intentions’  {TY} GUIDANCE
• (the darn garbage truck outside distracts me…and the weather band radio will probably sound the weekly alarm next 🙁 )
Hunger feeling
• Seeing blocks of energy and white twinkles of light in the air

Going to stop for now…maybe listen to a meditation audio for a change….feel like I need it…a change ♥

Journal Notes March 5, 2015

March 5, 2015 Thurs       Today’s Angel Number 111

Was up before 6:00 am this morning.  Slept well – think I only woke once (around the 3:15 am time again) but was able to go back to sleep ’til 6:00. I have been busy! Staying focused and taking care of priorities.

Meditation Notes

  • Daily practice {TY} LESSON
  • ‘allow’
  • attention to center of chest – heart chakra
  • left ear canal itches (ughhhh!)
  • attention to left leg/ankle
  • uplifting feeling
  • heard “I think we’re alone now” [spoken words – not as the song]
  • see male face, changes to another man’s face (looks more mature than the first) in candle aura
  • ‘finish’
  • feel hungry
  • ‘I can help’ [is this me thinking this?]
  • energy to the right
  • soles of feet very warm and tingly
  • felt light repetitive poking (like of a fingertip) on right leg
  • thought – all the clues, names of people, writing
  • clear vision of (5?) teaspoons placed in a fan pattern
  • song lyric “I was on your side [sic] when you were loosin'”
  • attention to behind left ear
  • suddenly a bunch of quick, random things came in – seemed like ‘from before’ – but no clarity in any of it 🙁
  • (Am I blocking something? Just feel like I’m not getting it – like nothing is making sense. Oh well, must be a reason. Trust.)

Cell phone rang – forgot to put it on do not disturb. Time to be done and get busy around here!

{TY} indicates I acknowledge and give thanks for the message or lesson
[bracketed comments are notes added after meditation]
(parenthesized notations are typically written during meditation)

Journal Notes March 3, 2015

March 3, 2015 Tues                    Today’s Angel Numbers 9:11 ; 11:17 ; 2:22

Full Moon – Feeling the energy. It is strong.

Woke once during the night – around 3:15-ish. Then woke this morning to some kind of lesson or guidance…didn’t feel like a dream, but felt as if I was being shown something I was doing.  Maybe this was just a message to keep on doing what I’m doing (and eventually it will make sense as to why 🙂 )

Was up and doing my normal morning-routine ‘things’ – and suddenly felt as if I had missed a day. I thought it was Wednesday…What day is it, anyway? PANIC!  I mean – there have been plenty of occasions when it FELT like it should be a day later in the week (like – it’s only Tuesday?? It FEELS like it should be Thursday!), but this was a feeling of losing a day…like I just skipped over it!

Feeling GRATEFUL …just AM 🙂

Meditation Notes

  • listen
  • I am you/he/she & we
  • pain in lower left leg – radiating in front
  • ‘just go there’
  • see waves of energy to my right (peripheral)
  • see many faces in aura
  • feel energy to the left
  • heard lyric “i think we’re alone now”
  • feel happy – smiling
  • ‘descendants’
  • throat itch (cleared)
  • feel little pulsations on left chest, under breast (breathe)
  • something about ‘the arms’
  • right hand and fingers ache – pricking sensation on thumb tip
  • ‘about writing’
  • feels like I cant catch my breath
  • mild headache
  • ‘tying up loose ends’ [TY]
  • (ok then, I would just like to fly!)

laying flat – no notes during but remember the following…

  • 2 golden streaks of light to my right
  • mild vibration in ears
  • breathing IN energy and sending it through entire body
  • uplifting sensations
  • random writing ideas would pop into my head…just let them flow by
  • heard “Hi!”  …sounded like it was MY voice (but I know my mouth didn’t move!)
  • saw white orb shapes with yellow aura, then opened my eyes
  • body felt completely relaxed…almost numb

Going to focus my energy on ‘tying up loose ends 🙂

Journal Notes March 2, 2015

March 2, 2015 Mon

Personal Notes:

What’s up with the moon? I’ll have to check…I’m feeling the energy. I feel motivated today, which made me realize I do still have a problem with procrastination. I really know I shouldn’t, because I feel so much better after I just tackle those things I spend so much effort procrastinating on! I was up very early this morning and had a really productive day (yay, me!) FOCUS – that’s the key.

Got the name “Larry” this morning…. then the smell of rubbing alcohol.

Meditation Notes

• feet are very tingly
• many faces in candle flame aura
• mild ache in upper right arm
• see female in candle aura – shorter dark hair
• pain on right temple
• see the nostrils (breathe)
• right foot feels distended
• feel hungry
• attention to the right
• heard a whisper in right ear “[my name], wake up!”
• saw and felt as if a video got stuck (shifted) and then stopped
• felt it was time to be done….have other priorities to focus on right now

Personal Notes: Sky is still meowing at the wall in the family room…behind the sectional, at the mirror, at the corner. I sat on the couch and tried to LISTEN… but other than a few house sounds, I got NOTHIN’! I did ask hubby to take a video.  In the video, I see the lights…and the orb coming out of the Angel on the shelf in the corner.  Will try to share the video – just not sure how to do that  (yet 🙂 ).


Journal Notes February 28, 2015

February 28,2015 Sat

Personal Notes: Had a fun evening with the sister and friends last night, but feel like I’m moving in slow-motion this morning. Felt compelled to meditate (was considering taking a day off), came upstairs and glanced as the clock as I entered my bedroom. Time is 11:11 am. Message is clear! 🙂

Meditation Notes
• See many faces in aura
• ‘healing’ & ‘daily practice’
• ‘just waiting’
• ‘joking around’
• Have a mild headache
• Uplifting feeling
• Something about front right tooth
• Messages of love, comfort, and healing
• ‘beacons’
• (quick sudden inhale)
• Mild ache in right arm – pressure between eye brows
• Heard “if I’m gonna [sic] do this, I wanna [sic] do it once and for all’
• Hunger feeling
• Heard “FALSE” (male voice)
• Little girl
• Vision of a long white dress
• (Asked about the “false’’ I heard)
• Feels like my eyes are looking to the left – like someone is ‘back there’ [behind me/my left shoulder]
• Hunger feeling again
• ‘Words’ then ‘the hands’
• Heard “usually”
• Words: ‘toll’ , then ‘twelve’ [12]
• ‘Godfather’
Felt it was time to end

Journal Notes February 27, 2015

February 27, 2015 Fri     Today’s Angel Numbers 546, 234
Personal Notes:
Slept through the night for once…don’t remember waking at all.
Well, I did not win the PCH ‘$5000 a Week for Life’ prize. Darn it! I spent a lot of valuable minutes ‘continuing’ through and submitting those online entries, too! 🙂 LOL Better luck next time :p
Today’s Angel Number 567 (it already has shown up at least 3 times this morning!)
Getting ready to meditate (9:45 am) and already I hear the birds chirping outside. I can see them in the tree outside my bedroom window. Silly birds – don’t they know it’s only about 3 degrees out there? The sun is shining though – and these birds are telling me Spring will soon arrive. I am so ready for warmth – and will be opening my windows on the first 50° day!
Well – I guess I must conclude the chirping sounds I hear during meditation are, in fact, the birds on my roof. That’s okay – I’m listening!

Meditation Notes
Pray. Set Intentions. Breathe. Relax. Breathe. Zone. Breathe. Listen. Just focus on inhales and exhales. [At a high level, this is pretty much my meditation process]
• Hear lyric “and tidings of comfort and joy” {TY}
• ‘It is ok to Ask’ {TY}
• See face of a female in candle aura
• ‘One guest’
• (closed my eyes…trust- guide- feel grateful)
• Attention to my chest – ‘heart chakra’ then the hunger feeling
• Thoughts (memories) – asked to release these
• Feel mild pressure in head and ears
• ‘close’
• ‘fly’
• ‘tandem’
• ‘houses’
• Uplifting sensation (not as intense as it used to feel -then BIG breath in)
• Uplifting sensation again –this time feel it through entire body
• Hands & feet are warm and tingly
• Feet feel ‘grounded’
• People ‘waking up’ all around
• Feeling of ‘serious’-ness
• ‘That’s ok’ then ‘Trust-self’.
• Uplifting sensation
• ‘quadrepilegic’
• ‘swing’
• ‘Fell’ (tree? Swing?)
• Julie [or J-name] then Lisa [or L-name}
• Felt like a fingertip touch on chin
• ‘HOPE’ [could be a name?]
• attention to top of head
• Draft from left – attention to the left
• Feel smiling
• Heard “quotes”
• Head feels like it’s tilted to the right
• Todd [or T-name] (Asked Todd who?)
• ‘Krista’s’ [or K-name]
• Something about the ‘feet’ [or maybe feat?]
• ‘Be Mindful.’
• Heard “hi there!” then “lipstick”
• ‘gotcha’
• (one guest at a time)
• Uplifting sensation
• Feel draft across ankles
• Heard lyric “said you’d give me light, but you never told me about the fire” [“Sara”, Fleetwood Mac]
• Upper right arm, by armpit, feels achy
• Mild temple pain
Felt it was time to be done (10:44 am)


Journal Notes February 24, 2015

Personal Notes:
Still waking throughout the night and getting ‘pieces’ of something (dreams?). This morning it was something about ‘solving a crime’? (Hope not – LOL!)
Getting the lyrics to “Sara” (Jefferson Starship)…”storms brewin’ in her eyes” as I go about my morning routine. Then get a text from sister that she woke up to a man’s voice (in her thoughts) saying “Mary Welch doesn’t like me.”  No idea who that is! I told her she needs to start keeping a journal, because this is not the first time she has experienced something like this. I think someone is trying to get a message to her 🙂 .

Meditation Notes 11:10 am (Mitton’s knows it is time…just heard him meow outside my door)
• Kundalini meditation
• See many, many faces fading in and out of the candle aura
• ‘activation’
• Heart stopping feeling in sternum [Heart Chakra]
• ‘FLY’
• Itchy throat (cleared)
• Chills through legs
• ‘such a sad story’
•  Heard “he won the lottery – then someone robbed him” –  “it was a friend”
• ‘the love and healing of Jesus keeps him warm’
• ‘from the graveyard’
• Richard [or R-name]
• ‘complex’
• ‘checkout’
• ‘or’ (oar?)
• ‘one for me and one for them’
• Feeling of Bliss
• Something about ‘safety glasses’ ‘leaving at home’
• ‘automotive’ smell
• Attention to left leg
• ‘check your email’ ‘we’ve been trying to reach you’ (??)
• ‘links’
• Right hand aches – feels like asleep [I am right-handed]
Stopped writing, laid flat – remember the following
• ‘Kundalini’ (repeated)
• attention to the left leg
• heard something about “body is retiring” then “approximately four minutes” then
• opened my eyes and the meditation candle is out

Personal Notes: I have done some light exploration of kundalini in the past. Here is an interesting read on Kundalini Energy.

Journal Notes February 21, 2015

February 21, 2015 Sat

Personal Notes:
Thinking too much about all of these things I’m getting during meditation. I really don’t want to be – and try not to let myself be – consumed by it. Have to remind myself regularly to just TRUST. Everything will make sense – in time.

As I came upstairs to prepare for meditation, a song came into my head. It was the music – a tune – a happy, child-like, sing-a-long tune. No idea what the song is, though.

Meditation Notes
• (spent a long time in prayer)
• Focus. Breathe. [LESSON]
• Man’s face, then dog’s face in candle aura
• Lessons. Learning. Experience it first – then write. [LESSON]
• Very clear vision of a house (see drawings) – think I’ll be going there
• Intention
• Dreams. Flying.
• Trust. [LESSON]
• Felt like fast forwarding.
• Song lyrics “I’m gonna swing from the chandelier. I’m gonna fly like the birds in the sky” (are these even the actual ‘words’ to the song?)
• Uplifting sensation
• Visions of ‘eyes’
• Felt like rewinding
• [Words:]Mary. Muse. Connection. House. Dreams. Floating. Exploring.
• Feeling grateful {TY}

{TY} indicates I acknowledge and give thanks for the message or lesson
[bracketed comments are notes added after meditation]
(parenthesized notations are typically written during meditation)

Journal Entry February 18, 2015

February 18, 2015 Weds

Personal Notes:
Woke this morning at 4:56 am with ‘words’ flowing through my thoughts again. The only word I remember now is “passion”.
(9:55 am) Simba and I bonded this morning…as long as I get down on the floor at ‘his level’ he is pure love. Afterwards, I came downstairs to eat something and heard him meowing loudly from the stairwell, so I went to him, picked him up and carried him down the stairs. Suddenly, my legs got very weak and felt as if they were going to give out on me. I then remembered how, in the past, I used to get this feeling (occasionally)…and always on stairs. I don’t think there is anything physically wrong with me – I just find it strange this would happen. It was like a deja vu moment. It has been many, many years since this leg thing has occurred.
Wasn’t sure if I wanted to meditate after eating, or wait until later, but it wasn’t long before I was back upstairs to get dressed when a song lyric popped into my head. Now Playing –

  •  “forever, forever – you’ll stay in my heart and I will love you” (think it’s Dionne Warwick?- Thanks mama! I wouldn’t know these songs if you hadn’t filled our home with music while I was growing up 🙂 )

Guess I’ll meditate now…
As I sit down – a flash appears to the right in my peripheral vision and mild pain is in my temples. Someone is to my right. I need to get my prayers and protection done quickly – feeling rushed.

Meditation Notes
• See the profile of a Native American (Indian) in the aura (Spirit Guide – Felix?)
• ‘process’ , ‘write it down’ [LESSON]
• 1, 2, 3 (being repeated)
• (hear the house phone ringing – 3x)
• ‘5 (steps?)’ ‘you are at 3’ [LESSON]
• ‘FLY’
• Head hurts [closed eyes]
• Lyric “I’m gonna swing from the chandelier”
• Lyric “sit back, enjoy the show” [C. Crow]
• Attention to left arm – feel vibrations , like tugging
• Feels like smiling – but mild temple pain – and above brow line
• ‘Astral Projection
• ‘a little ‘far out’ there’
• Feel itchy
• Face in aura – young man
• Lyric “New Sensation”
• Feeling very warm
• Feels like fingertip touch in my hair
• Feeling of  ‘going up’
• Feet tingly
• Draft from / attention to left
• Ray [or R-name]
• ‘brother’
• ‘woods’
• Heard “help me”
• Heard “I was 10”
• ‘1973’ then, ‘do the math’ [wondering now if this is me?]
• Ache upper left arm
• Felt like a ‘smirk’ (like the corner of my mouth was up)
• ‘Elroy’ [or E-name] then ‘The Jetsons’  (like Felix,  the cat) [Felix = Spirit Guide, so could this be Uncle Ray? He is E.R. ]
• ‘that’ then ‘that which’ then ‘that witch’  (???)
• ‘Are we done yet?’
• Felt fingertip touch to the lips
• Head hurts (headache)
• (lay down on my left side across the bed)
• ‘fell asleep’, ‘had a dream’, ‘I could fly’ (almost wished I could ‘will’ this to happen – right now!  Brought back Memories 🙂 )
• Seemed to focus on the word ‘Will’….William? Bill? [or W-name]
-Time to be done

Personal Notes: I used to have dreams when I was younger I could fly…well, not actually flying – more like floating! They were wonderful. I remember I used to wake from the dream and then want to go back to sleep so I could continue! The feelings were intense!

Read more about Flying Dreams at DreamDictionary.org