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A Spiritual Journey | September 11, 2015



4:04 PM…late day meditation for me.  Balancing chakras first.  NEW MOON approaching…. Getting ready!

Meditation Notes:

• something about ‘judge’ – or being ‘judged’
• see the profile of a male… first with sunglasses on, then without
• getting name William.. or maybe Williams
• ‘Aunt’ … angel
• feels like someone (male) standing above a crowd and yelling out…”is there anyone….who has a message….for another!?…”
• getting ‘The One’ then pain on the left side of head
• hearing the song lyric ♫dude look like a lady♪
• Pain under the left arm – armpit
• Pressure across bridge of nose
• Something about “my bridge story”
• Mary (for?)…then ‘names like Terry’
• ‘Normal’
• Heard “K(name), that’s not right”…then something about “stuff on her GxxDxxx mind”
• “K(name) thinks everything’s gonna be alright”
• Vision – a sidewalk with diamond shaped pattern


A judge denotes feelings of guilt and fear of getting caught.

A sidewalk represents steady progress and direction in life…. or may be experiencing new walks of life.

A diamond shape  symbolizes the many directions that you can take in life and the need to evaluate how to achieve goals.

A pattern may be a metaphor that you are trying to “pattern” yourself after someone you look up to. Or perhaps you are lacking your own identity.

Source: dreammoods.com

Spiritual Journal | August 24, 2015

The Unexpected….

This morning when I woke I saw  a message on my cell phone from my sister… sent  last night (August 23rd) at 10:31 PM.   A life-long friend of her family died in an automobile accident.  I am saddened by the unexpected loss of this young life (he just celebrated his 30th birthday) – and for the devastation of his family and friends. I pray now for their strength and healing.

Today’s Meditation Notes


• immediately the song lyric  ♫love will rock you – never stop you ♪ comes in
• attention to the left or the right ….this is significant [GUIDANCE]
 Pressure…back top of head
• Feeling of frustration…as if happening ‘all this time’
• Feels like not asleep…just ‘pretending‘ to be
• (clear throat)
• Heard “speak up!”

END…I don’t feel ‘connected‘ this morning and am having a hard time releasing this sadness. As I open my eyes, I see the meditation candle has gone out. It’s okay – I am supposed to stop writing now.

Spiritual Journal August 17, 2015

 Monday: Back to School

The weather is very hot and humid again. We really need some ☂ rain. My autumn mums are already blooming, but they don’t ☹look happy . And it is back-to-school time for the kids… cannot believe it is that time again already. With all I have been learning lately – it almost feels like I am back in school as well!

Meditation Notes:

• ‘parallel
• Top of head – itchy!
B-name (like Bonnie)
• ‘retirement
• song lyric ♫ living on the edge ♪  (Aerosmith)
• Left side of chest – across heart, like ‘a pledge
• ‘escalade
conversation with mom
• Way ‘out there
• ‘Hannah’ or H-name
• left ear canal – tickles
• right hand aches – right shoulder aches
• ‘tried to tell you
Vision: people crossing a street (with hills)….red pickup truck with leaves/tree branches in the bed of the truck –truck speeds up as if trying to hit the people crossing the street
• Attention to left side of face
Top of right hand – achy …like from an IV
‘can’t pay for services rendered
• Feels like will or can do something
‘overtime’ [could be over time]

So – I assumed ‘escalade’ was just the automobile. Okay – stop laughing and read on…

Escalade | Define Escalade

noun 1. a scaling or mounting by means of ladders, especially in an assault upon a fortified place. verb (used with object), escaladed, escalading. 2. to mount, pass, or enter by means of ladders.

Hmmm – okay, as in escalator then?  ⏚

Word Origin and History for escalator n. 1900, American English, trade name of an Otis Elevator Co. moving staircase, coined from escalade + -ator in elevator. Figurative use is from 1927.

Source: Dictionary.com

More Pretty Words.

Spiritual Journal August 15, 2015

Saturday: Animal Totems

hawk falcon raptor bird
hawk falcon raptor bird

A pair of Red-Tailed Hawks have been visiting the area every day – sometimes twice a day. If I don’t notice them soaring in the sky above, I can hear them screeching (even if I am in the house). They are coming very close – perching on tree tops and telephone poles – or the  rooftops and chimneys of houses nearby.

Red-tailed Hawk Symbolism

“Red-tails are divine messengers meant to bring guidance from the heavens and ground the guidance out in the physical world.” Source: Red-Tailed Hawk Symbolism – Spirit Animals – Wild Gratitude

Dream…or Vision?

This morning I woke to another dream. I don’t remember much about this one – other than the ‘environment‘.  I remember what I saw, so this makes me think (again) maybe I was having a vision and not a dream? Well, whichever – the setting was at my husband’s and my first house (with the house number 1117 – I so loved that house!) . It was outside, in the yard. The entire ground (yard-grass) was covered with something – it looked  like bamboo matting.

Maybe I was just having a vision of  the grass as it really is right now – it has gone dormant, along with many plants and flowers, due to the lack of rain. But I remember hearing it was going to rain? (well of course – eventually it will). We need rain – we haven’t had any for many days! Water. Agua.  ☔☔☔

Meditation Notes:

  • teeth – front teeth
  • right side of face …cheek
  • song lyrics ♫ I think we’re alone now ♪
  • dreams
  • mild headache around head – across temples
  • S-name (like Sarah)
  • ‘connection’
  • ache – right side of mouth – now headache
  • something with the teeth
  • right side of mouth
  • ‘like you’ve never been bitten’
  • song lyrics after the boys of summer have gone ♪ [D. Henley]
  • right there
  • ‘might be a little pain and discomfort’
  • Heard something about “the drive-through”
  • ‘horses’ 
  • Vision: looked like a farm …a big  pretty green (pine?) tree with a white barn (or building)  behind it
  • Two D-names
  • ‘get your bathing suit on’
  • Feels like…awww – how cute!

End…have a headache and can’t seem to release it.

Spiritual Journal August 13, 2015

Thursday: Time to Heal


10:25 AM: Spent a couple of hours yesterday with my niece – who is in the hospital.  I wish I could heal her – but I know that I can’t. I  can only reflect on all I have learned so far on my journey – and trust in the power of prayer.

Meditation Notes:

  • M-name [like Mike]
  • Feeling of ‘guilt’
  • Getting song lyrics ♫…and the tune – words are wrong – can’t remember name of artist
  • ‘sisters’
  • Attention to throat – down low
  • S-name [Stephanie]
  • Feeling ofsearching’…like mind is searching
  • Same song lyrics ♫…Heart (the artist!)
  • Heard “did you even know?”
  • ‘I can look at a person and just KNOW’
  • Sick feeling – like a gut feeling


♫♪ About the song lyrics ♪♫

Today’s song lyric  was from the song Alone, by Heart.

Spiritual Journal August 12, 2015

stockvault-glass-of-water134666WEDNESDAY: WATER

Woke up this morning and stretched…and ended up with a Charlie-horse in my left calf. Oh, the pain! ∈ Immediately thought – I must need to drink more water.  AGUA.

“Go with the flow, and let the symbolism of water ride on your waves of contemplation.” Source: Symbolism of Water

Meditation Notes:
Kim [or K-name]
• Feels like can’t catch my breath
• Song lyric comes in …♫ comes from up above… are you ready for a thing called love?”♪ [B. Raitt] (Yes! I am)
• Smiling now – peaceful feeling
• Attention to tongue….‘use your voice
• ‘But listen!‘ (being repeated) GUIDANCE
• Feel sorrow now
• Feeling of slowly going backward
• Vision: Words – typed words in purple, a sentence…THIS IS AN INSTANTLY….(some word)…MESSAGE < I think [tried really hard to focus in and read it but couldn’t see the last two words clearly]
• Vision: elevator door….black (walls?) – white (frame) – blue (door)


I knew exactly what this vision of the elevator door symbolized as soon as I reviewed my notes. The elevator symbolizes the  transition between levels of awareness. Because the door was shut, I’m clearly not transitioning –  I’m waiting for the door to open.  And the color of the door – blue, represents the throat chakra.  I have to use my voice to open the door and get on the elevator. I guess my Guides want to make sure I get this message! ☺

Thank You.

Spiritual Journal July 28, 2015

Tuesday: releasing sadness

11:00 AM: Meditation is calling me and I am anxious to start. Suddenly, a feeling of sadness consumes me. I know immediately this is not mine – and I will ask to release it.

Meditation Notes:

• immediately get the song lyric ♫hold me closer, tiny dancer♫ in my head
‘just-like-that’…as if snapping fingers
• (someone’s passing) ‘quick’
‘you must learn’
• Feeling deep sadness
‘it’s not a game’
worried feeling…about husband
• Feels like an ‘epiphany’…a  ‘bright idea
♫Hold me closer, tiny dancer♫
Vision: looks like a ‘belt buckle’ (something metal)
‘your house’… ‘sun porch’… ‘good energy’
• Vision: like the x-ray of a hand
• Something about a ‘vaccine’
• feeling of Love ♥
• ‘it will come back’
S-name (female)
Joe/Jo [or J-name]
• Heard “you love him”
Palms of hands feel warm
‘Pine cone’
• something about a ring …a wedding ring?
• Heard “there’s an aardvark”
‘it was a while ago’
‘tell her what happened’
• Smiling ☺ happy feeling
• Feels like ‘the silliest thing’
‘Noah’s Arc’

END 11:34 AM…And the sadness is gone. Thank You.

A little about the aardvark…

Animal Spirit Guides | Miracles N Magic: AARDVARK 

“If Aardvark shows up it means: Trust your instinctual senses to “sniff out” what’s right for you & what’s not. It’s best to be slow & cautious when starting a new project or relationship until you feel that it’s safe to move ahead. This isn’t the time to be particularly social but rather one to spend in quiet & solitude. Look below the surface of appearances & find out what’s underneath. Evenings will be most productive time for whatever project or creative effort you’re working on.”

Source: Animal Spirit Guides | Miracles N Magic




Spiritual Journal July 27, 2015

MONDAY: Practicing Gratitude

10:22 AM: Feeling so blessed right now…at this very moment. My life feels FULL.  Thank you. ♥♥♥

Meditation Notes:
• ‘I am ready!’ – feels playful
•  C-name (female – like Cheryl)
B-name….sounds like, but with a U-name (female)
B-name (male)
• a feeling of meeting someone for the first time  
• a ‘welcoming’ feeling
C-name (like Chris)
• Vision: a bunch of people – women; busy…buzzing around…preparing (for something?)
• Sudden sharp pain right temple
• Feeling like a rope around throat – very mild pressure
Vision: a ‘New York’ license plate
• the word ‘orange’ – also seeing the color
Vision: 2 (big & curved)
• sudden floating feeling
• ‘one step ahead
• Feels like I’m going to sneeze…like a pepper sneeze! (didn’t ☺)
• See lots of faces appearing in the candle aura…one looks like a monkey
• K-name (female)
• G-name (female)
Left arm – mild ache
• Smiling (feel happy)
‘I’m here’
• K-name (female)
‘My dad
• Big smile! – feel happy! ☺
• Feel pulsing on left side of back…almost like ‘poking’
• (Hear very high-pitched tone in left ear)
• Vision: a photo of 2 females…friends
• Heard “been up here a long time”
• Feels like I can’t keep my eyes open…just want to sleep
• Heard “pricing”
• Feel tingle on right knee
• (I now release’ – my closing ritual just went through my head. Must be time to be done!)

It felt like I had a lot of guests today…one after another… after another. ♥♥♥


Spiritual Journal July 23, 2015

Thursday…AbOUT TIME

Time is flying by quickly again. I remember reading somewhere we each have the ability to control how quickly or slowly time passes for us. I feel like this has something to do with alchemy, maybe? Anyway,  I want to believe this – that we can control time,  but I’m just not feeling it.  And I am trying.


It seems like just yesterday  I learned of my grand-baby, but tomorrow I get to find out (hopefully!) if it is a boy or girl. Everyone keeps asking me what I think? I tell them I don’t want to guess… and respond with what is most important – ‘healthy’. Besides, I have already been told… “it’s a boy“. But I am not allowing myself to feel it… because something BIG inside of me doesn’t want to feel disappointed if the message or feeling is wrong. Not disappointed if the baby is a girl (no way!) – but disappointed I may somehow be influencing what comes to me. I want to allow myself to feel it. I want to trust.

My life is full. And I feel grateful.

Meditation Notes: 1:17 PM

• Attention to right breast
• N-name
• The teeth (repeated)
• (had to clear throat)
• ‘when you stop wanting to so bad’
• ‘every day’
• Feeling happy – smiling
• Attention to teeth – right side – cheek
Sally [or S-name]
• N-name
• ‘Butera’
• Attention to above left eye
• 19
Dark hair
• Felt as if someone walked up to me
• Heard “sorry it’s been so long”
• Julie / Mary [or J-M name]
• ‘wide open’
• Mild headache – also across bridge of nose – feels like pressure
S-B name
• ‘both’
• Heard “there’s (few or two) things I wanted to say to you”
• hear a very high pitched tone in ears
• Got song lyric ♫ hold me closer tiny dancer ♪ (Elton John)
• Felt tingles run through my legs


Today I potted all of my Spider Plant starts… and I have a bunch! The corkscrew willow branch is cleaned up, debarked to its natural beauty, and ready for fairy lights. Creating ambience. Another pretty word.

Spiritual Journal July 19, 2015


CandleToday I could not relax for meditation, so I ended up laying down – on my side – across the bed. I could still gaze at the candle burning at the edge of the dresser.


Meditation Notes 11:56 AM -12:40 PM

  • Julie [or J-name]
  • Cancer survivor
  • ‘Up and down’ feeling (motion)
  • vision: female…jumping into a pool
  • Hearing song and lyric ♫ they’ll be music everywhere ♪
  • vision: two guys –look like cowboys – slow dancing together, but doing ballet-like moves (funny – making me smile, chuckle)
  • Hearing song lyric ♫ why don’t you give love, give love… ♪ (from a song by Queen)
  • M-name
  • Heard “I got this cancer thing and it ruined my life”
  • (at this point I  took a break for prayer † †)
  • Vision: a guy pulling a dog on a leash (yes, pulling)
  • Attention to throat (like scratchy)