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A Spiritual Journey | September 11, 2015



4:04 PM…late day meditation for me.  Balancing chakras first.  NEW MOON approaching…. Getting ready!

Meditation Notes:

• something about ‘judge’ – or being ‘judged’
• see the profile of a male… first with sunglasses on, then without
• getting name William.. or maybe Williams
• ‘Aunt’ … angel
• feels like someone (male) standing above a crowd and yelling out…”is there anyone….who has a message….for another!?…”
• getting ‘The One’ then pain on the left side of head
• hearing the song lyric ♫dude look like a lady♪
• Pain under the left arm – armpit
• Pressure across bridge of nose
• Something about “my bridge story”
• Mary (for?)…then ‘names like Terry’
• ‘Normal’
• Heard “K(name), that’s not right”…then something about “stuff on her GxxDxxx mind”
• “K(name) thinks everything’s gonna be alright”
• Vision – a sidewalk with diamond shaped pattern


A judge denotes feelings of guilt and fear of getting caught.

A sidewalk represents steady progress and direction in life…. or may be experiencing new walks of life.

A diamond shape  symbolizes the many directions that you can take in life and the need to evaluate how to achieve goals.

A pattern may be a metaphor that you are trying to “pattern” yourself after someone you look up to. Or perhaps you are lacking your own identity.

Source: dreammoods.com

Spiritual Journal August 1, 2015


Had the sisters over last night to celebrate the Full Moon. We sat in the front yard – in a circle under the moon . We held hands and giggled. I believe in Magic…and I wished for magical blessings for us. New Moon Magic. I’m sure my sisters didn’t hear me though – they were too busy being silly. But that’s why I love them so much! ♥


My niece was also here for a while last night, and she said she had an experience while she was alone in my house. She said she saw ‘someone’ in the family room. Two ‘someones’, as a matter-of-fact.

She told me she was putting ice-cream in the kitchen freezer when she noticed something in her peripheral vision. So she glanced over to her right and saw what she described as a glowing light, like an aura – in the corner of the family room. She then walked over to the ‘coffee pot corner’ of the kitchen and just stood there, because she could see directly into the family room corner from this spot. She said she then saw ‘people’ – a couple, holding hands – sitting on the corner of the sectional (couch). She initially thought it was my son, but then remembered he was at work. She said whoever she was seeing then rose (as if a person was standing up) and waved at her.  She said she felt this was a male energy… but wasn’t sure about the other.


So…this is the same room, the same exact location of the ‘back tapping‘ experienced by both my son and my sister while sleeping on the same section of the family room couch. I think back now to prior meditation notes – from January (the date 1-23 to be exact) when I heard “better talk to him first for a  while” followed by ‘I sat in the living room and talked to the room’.  Is this the room  – and is there somebody here I’m supposed to talk to?


I have tried a couple of times (in the recent past) to connect with this energy in the family room. I’ve tried in the dining room, too. I know it is here…I can feel it. The cats absolutely can feel it as well. But I haven’t had much success connecting…and I think it’s because it still scares me a little. I have to fight with the pin-prick goosebumps permeating my body… I have to remind myself it is the energy causing my body to react this way, and it is not the result of  fear.  I’m still having a hard time separating the  two – but I’ve decided I will keep trying to establish a connection  with this energy – because I want to know. Who is here? And why?
So I  will ask – and my Spirit Guides will help  me. They understand my fear. 

Spirit Guides in my mirror!

Meditation Notes: 2:45 PM – 3:10 PM

Beginning meditation with Chakra balancing….Root, Sacral, and Throat.

counting: the number 6
Vision: looked like a lampshade (shaped object) in the middle of a lawn (grass)
• sudden memory of the first house I lived in as a child – the side yard – suddenly felt as if I was there (like a flashback)
• Ache under right upper arm
female: K- name (or hard C-name)

IMG_2905Decided to pray….for love and healing to all in need.

I want. I believe. I trust. I receive.  

And so it is.

Spiritual Journal July 31, 2015


Good reads about the Blue Moon….

Source: Tania Gabrielle | Numerologist.com
Source: Kari Samuels | Numerologist.com


During meditation yesterday I saw the colors red and orange. These colors are associated with the Root Chakra (red) and Sacral Chakra (orange). Shortly after these colors appeared, my attention was drawn to my throat [Throat Chakra (blue)], followed by the word ‘imbalance’.  So, as I begin meditation today, I will focus on healing and balancing these three chakras.

meditation notes: 2:00 PM   
Colorful sticks made from wood.
Colorful sticks made from wood.

• before I even begin my opening process – all kinds of physical sensations…     lower back tooth aches…
• burning sensation across chest
• mild pain – left shoulder into neck…left side of throat
• attention to left elbow
• feeling of ‘going up’
• ‘new moon magic
Mild headache
Vision:looked like Popsicle sticks
‘I totally remember’

END…. Only got 10 minutes today! Shoot.

New moon magic…Are you ready? 

Next New Moon – August 14, 2015. “New Moons are about starting fresh and beginning projects, while Full Moons mark the completion of a cycle.” Source: New Moon Magic: May 2015 | Gala Darling

Spiritual Journal July 25, 2015

Saturday – visions
Meditation Notes: 11:38 AM – 12:09

• the song lyric ♫Que sera, sera – whatever will be, will be – the future’s not ours to see♪ comes into my head almost immediately
song lyric changes to ♫Welcome to the Hotel California♪
Tom – or T-name
• ‘it’s okay to ask’
• something about ‘witch’, then ‘she’s a Wicca’, then ‘that’s a pretty word’
• Vision: as if looking above a house…see the top of the house…the roof line against the horizon
• ‘there’s a fire in the house’
• Something feels ‘uncomfortable
• (felt like a very long pause….silence, peaceful)
• Uplifting feeling – almost like an upward swirling motion
• Song lyric ♫hold me closer, tiny dancer♪
• Smiling – feel good, happy
• Suddenly remember an earlier vision [see below]
Hunger feeling
• right foot feels very distended…as if my toes are pointed down (like a ballet dancer)…the soles of my feet are very tingly
• The ♫hold me closer, tiny dancer♪ lyric pops into my head again
• I feel the uplifting sensations & feelings..almost like going up an elevator…the motion…it comes to me four times before I finally open my eyes, and know… I am done

Another pretty word…Wicca

I also got this word during meditation about one year ago (one day before the August 11, 2014 Full Moon). As I look back through my journal, I see an association to a name almost every time there is reference to  ‘witch‘ or ‘Wicca‘ – so I think I understand what this is about.

So, What is Wicca?  “Wicca is an eclectic religious belief system centering around gods, goddesses, and nature worship.  Gary Cantrell, a well-known Wiccan author says Wicca is based on “harmony with nature and all aspects of the god and goddess divinity.”

Read more here…

Source: What is Wicca?|Definition|Roots Are Ancient Agrarian Celtic Society

VISION…or dream?

During meditation today, I suddenly remembered an earlier vision I had – maybe this morning? Or yesterday? I know… does it really matter when? Well, the vision was of an outdoor stove …like a cook top. I remember my grandparents had one of these stoves, and would always cook on it when we went camping. And I also remember with this vision came something to do with ‘gypsies‘ – a feeling about a grandmother (dad’s mom) who may have been referred to as a gypsy.

So that was it – the vision that I forgot about until I meditated this morning…and suddenly remembered it. Now that I think about it, this may have actually been a dream I was remembering, not a vision?


This hunger feeling it is not a stomach hunger. This feeling of hunger expands through my chest (heart chakra) and down into my solar plexus. Just like stomach hunger, this hunger feels like food will satisfy it – but I KNOW I am not physically hungry when this feeling erupts in me. And it’s deeper than that. At one point I related it to (using and)  sending energy, but most recently it resonated as a feeling of love.  A hunger for more? Yes. Always.

a VISION today

I was floating on a raft in the pool today, enjoying the sun and the quiet, when I had a vision

I saw a child. A brown (or dark) haired child, laying on the cement along the edge of the pool. Actually. laying on (his) stomach with (his) head propped up by (his) elbows. He was watching me…and smiling. I think this was a little boy, but I’m not sure….could have been a little girl with a cute pixie-type haircut. ☺

Spiritual Journal July 20, 2015

Monday – Happy Birthday SJ ♥

I woke around 3:00 AM and lay awake for about an hour before finally drifting back to sleep. In the hour I was awake, I became aware of the ‘energy surges’ that have started again. Hot flashes, heat flashes, powers surges…whatever you choose to call them, they’re back.

It’s 12:22 PM as I sit to meditate. Almost immediately I get the Elton John song lyric ♫ It’s sad, so sad…it’s a sad, sad situation – and it’s getting more and more absurd ♪ – and I understood the significance of this song in my head.

Meditation Notes:

• Something about somebody ‘washing (his) finger(s) all night long’
• (sudden thought about today’s horoscope – feels important)
Vision: flower – Black Eyed Susan…just 1 [I have always referred to this flower as a Brown Eyed Susan, though ☺]
• Got the word ‘purple’
• Vision: like a fat block letter…capital V [maybe a roman numeral 5?]
• Song lyric ♫strawberry fields forever ♪
• Got word and saw the color ‘Violet!’…feel happy – smiling

Today’s Horoscope

I try to make a point to look at my horoscope every day, and because I was born on the cusp, I make a point to read both the Libra and Scorpio horoscope via an app called The DailyHoroscope by Comitic.

Here is today’s Libra horoscope, the one that feels important …. “You have set yourself a very lofty goal in your work life, Libra. Your ambition is strong, and you are a very driven and determined person. Even though you are surely capable of attaining this goal, you may have underestimated what it will take to get there. Beyond the connections you will need to make and the investment of yourself you will have to make, this will also require a lot of study and sacrifice. You can do this, but don’t do it wearing your rose-colored glasses. Face it realistically and with hope. The challenges will be positive if you handle them optimistically.”


Black Eyed Susan is the flower of the Solar Plexus. The Solar Plexus chakra is associated with personal power, identity, and sovereignty. Read more about Flower Symbolism here.

stockvault-rainbow-clouds143806Purple…or Indigo, and Violet: Purple is associated with the Brow, or 3rd Eye, chakra – vision, intuition, perception. Violet is associated with the Crown chakra – connection to creator, higher self, spirit. Read more about The Spiritual Meaning of Colors here.

Journal Notes June 24, 2015



Found out today my son lost his job. He said something to an employee, in defense of someone else – but it was something he should NEVER have said. He is angry now. He needs to learn the lesson… don’t dwell on what happened because he cannot change it, and move forward. So much easier said than done – this I know! But now I remember the vision of the two males and the radiator cap exploding. Because not only did my son get fired, but so did another male employee who was also trying to defend this person.


As I prepare to meditate (late…it is 2:21 PM) I suddenly remember another vision I had (I think yesterday?)…it was really just colors – but the colors and the words (names of the colors) were being repeated. Orange. Yellow. Green… I immediately think this must be associated to the chakras…the sacral chakra, solar plexus chakra, and heart chakra. So today I will balance my chakras before I begin meditation. 

Meditation Notes:
• Feeling as if hand under the chin, with fingers squeezing the cheeks…like ‘pucker’ for a kiss
• ’open your eyes
• Sole of right foot – burning/hot sensation

Stopped writing…just didn’t feel like I was supposed to write…just ‘relax and allow‘. I did open my eyes for awhile – and there seems to be a lot of energy-activity around me.☺♥


Journal Notes June 4, 2015


Meditation Notes:
Throat – right side- dry/itchy
• ‘today’s the day
• ‘cries with eyes open’
• (something about) ‘government
Full Moon
• ‘not allowed’
‘ready to see’
‘allowing it’
• Feel mild vibrations through body [stopped writing in journal…just went with the energy]
• ‘pizza & chips in the morning
• Heard “I’ve stopped
Vision: female – long blond hair – side part
• Feel tingles on top of head – scalp – crown

I’m still carrying this tired feeling around with me and have been napping daily. I hope it’s only the moon energy – and that this tired feeling will soon pass.

About Vibrations – JUNE 2, 2015

Check out this Blog discussing Inner Body Vibrations & Other Unusual Symptoms.


Thank you Denise Le Fay (Transitions).

Journal Notes June 2, 2015

Tuesday ☪ FULL MOON ☪

stockvault-full-moon157085Angel Number 1023

My cats have been especially vocal again lately…especially Simba. And Mittons demands attention from me…in the form of petting. I think it’s the Full Moon energy.


I’ve been noticing the beam of light again as I pass by my basement door. It looks like the basement light is on…I can see the light through the crack of the closed door. But as I open the door to check – it is dark down there. It was around this same time last year I started noticing the beam of light again at the basement door – the light that first appeared in early 2013.

Meditation Notes:

  • quick, soft thrust of energy into sternum area
  • mild headache – above brow line & at temples
  • song lyric ♫”house to house“♪
  • chatter
  • (raising vibration)
  • heard “take a place
  • heard “(something) is gonna be floating around here” (male voice)
  • vision: man’s head/face at a doorway as door is closing…dark hair, facial hair, brown hat
  • legs feel heavy
  • hear somebody saying something – voice is very low/deep, gruff …sounded like “flo…rubby” [???]
  • heard “that was it, huh?” (female voice)
  • feeling of jerking from side to side – like some type of dancing
  • ‘find your spot
  • feel coolness down legs
  • heard “listen carefully”
  • song lyric ♫”celebrate good times, come on”♪
  • vision: looks like etched metal (ornament?) …in someone’s hand…showing me
  • handmade
  • D-name
  • memory: about a child’s death
  • heard “counseling
  • grief
  • (getting song lyrics [to song “Jane” by Jefferson Starship])
  • attention to back of right foot – above heel
  • heard “Bec-ki“...stuttering voice
  • heard “but the hands won’t (or don’t) do the work
  • headache – across brow line
  • (feel energy all around)
  • END…headache!

The energy I felt during meditation stayed with me throughout the day. The palms of my hands and soles of my feet tingled. Two toes on each foot felt a strange ‘numbness‘. I also had a ‘heady’ feeling. I made sure I grounded with the energy of the Earth – frequently and intentionally. But by 5:00 pm my body called for rest. Yes, another power nap.


Journal Notes May 31, 2015


Had a great time in Washington DC last week. What an awesome experience it was. I did my daily chakra healing and balancing each day, but needless to say, did not have time for any type of formal meditation. The break was good for me, though. ☺

My daughter told me last night she wants to move out in the Fall. I will support her decision – guide and advise her. She’s being very mature about it – it seems she’s really thought through the financial aspect. But still…

Meditation Notes:
Tingley on scalp – like fingertips touching it
• Song lyric ♫she’s a little runaway♪ (Bon Jovi)
Pain around neck/throat
• Feeling of ‘pushing down
• J-name
• need to ‘go there’…’that place’ [felt like GUIDANCE]
• felt like being taken away or walking away
• uplifting ♥♥
pain across chest
• (clear throat)
• ‘dad home
END….I kept getting the “she’s a little runaway” song lyric throughout today’s session. Hmmm….

Journal Notes May 14, 2015


Yes – I believe the pain I had been feeling through my left side…as well as the face pressure, itchy throat, and feeling of not being able to hold my head up (during meditation yesterday) was L. The good news for me is the pain is gone  . The bad news for L is she is still in the hospital undergoing a battery of tests. Sending healing. 

It’s been a really busy day so far. It’s now 3:39 pm and I’m going to meditate. I feel like I could nap though….so I just might allow myself to do that! If it happens, it happens. ☺

Meditation Notes:
•’Dream’ – ‘Dorothy’ – ‘OZ’
• Attention to upper teeth – both sides of mouth
• Doing things ‘in order
• The word ‘vision’ (repeated)
• A vision – of what looked like a porch on a house – with a distinct A-frame roof over the porch
• ‘birth’; ’giving birth
• Attention to sternum….heart
• Explaining or interpreting something (like in a picture or photo)
• ♪ Solsbury Hill ♫ song
• Right wrist bone aches…..ouch!! [pain was as if writing too much!]
• A vision – photo of a pretty girl with long blond hair
• Quick shooting pain – right breast
END…forgot to put my phone on DND…got a text from my niece.

My niece wanted to ask if she could bring a friend from work over on Saturday for a Tarot Card reading. Yes! The more I practice, the quicker I will learn! Thank you niece!