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A Spiritual Journey | September 6, 2015

Tuscan Countryside, Italy

Finding Jocelyn Turner…

This morning as I prepare to  meditate my thoughts return to Jocelyn Turner – and the potential connection. A connection for her…. with her mom.

But… I do not  know Jocelyn Turner. And I did not know Jocelyn Turner’s mother. But I do connect with this story. The minute I discovered it I knew, in my heart… and because a chill went through me as goosebumps permeated my skin  [and maybe I should start referring to these goosebumps as ‘angelbumps‘ – since they are happening quite frequently ☺].

Anyway – the story connects with many things I have tuned-in to during meditation. Some things familiar….about many children,  mommy leaving, mommy’s your daddy And the circumstances of mom’s passing. message is there….to Jocelyn from her mom. This I KNOW.  And I will need to trust I will be guided on what to do.

Today’s Meditation Notes 


‘she almost did’ – ‘lose a child’
• ‘it’s all about trust’
9/6..something about today’s date…[maybe ’96?]
J-name (like JoAnne)
• Feeling of falling forward – face first
‘better finish the bottle’
• (numbers) 10, 52
•something about ‘all the way’
Arletha ♫Ar-lee-tha♪   (Spirit Guide – helping me ♥)…the children
‘looking up’
• ‘detox’

Still working through the SYMBOLISM

A Little about My Spirit Guide Arletha…

I was introduced to Arletha (Letha) in September of 2014. She is my African-American Spirit Guide. In December 2014 she began popping in on my meditation practice frequently…and I was able to learn more about her.  Arletha helps me focus on my breathing during meditation. She typically stays in the shadows and has a connection with ‘the cats’. She also has a connection to ‘the children’…AND  has been helping me with the Jocelyn Turner connection .

Reference Dates: Sept 3, 2014; Dec 5, 2014; Dec 9, 2014; Dec 13, 2014; Dec 24, 2014; Feb 4,2015;

Spiritual Journal August 11, 2015


11:17 AM: This morning I went outside and grounded for about an hour…watered all of the potted plants and the flower beds. ☼ When I finished, I sat down and prayed for healing energy for those in need. There are a few people who especially need healing right now – and I know I was supposed to pray for them.

As I prepare now to meditate – taking a moment to think about my day, the word ‘agua‘ comes to me. Water. But in Spanish?

Breathe. Balance. Anchor. Protect. Pray. Love. Light. Ask.

Meditation Notes:

• song lyric ♫ your love keeps lifting me higher and higher ♪
‘preconceived’….’notions’ [another pretty word]
• Something ‘didn’t come in that way’
• Vision: clover….a ’shamrock’
‘that was then, this is now’
• Vision: a closed eye with very long eyelashes
K-name…like Kaylee(?)
• Vision: face of a female…(black and white – no color)
• Vision: a fork (the eating utensil)….looked like it was stuck in a cloud
• Smiling – feel happy
• UPLIFTING – like an explosion from my shoulders through my head
• Vision: pretty lavender plant


IMG_CATPAWS….Mittons (the cat) is meowing intently at me from outside my bedroom door. I swear – it sounds like he is saying “hel-loooo”…then either “Bob” or “mom” ☺. I really need to try to record him doing this! Did get a cute pic of his paws under my bedroom door. He really wanted to come in!

Spiritual Journal August 6, 2015


Just a shot in the dark“… the song lyric keeps randomly popping into my head. Guidance? It’s kind of feeling like this. I’m supposed to take a shot in the dark, maybe?  This could apply to a few different ideas I have been contemplating. So okay – I will. I’ll never know unless I try, right?


Last night I learned about the approaching Lion’s Gate (8-8-8) occurring on August 8, 2015. The energy of the gateway is already with us, and after reading about this celestial event the  impact of the energy these last couple of days makes  a little more sense now. Read more about The 8:8:8 Lions Gate here.

IMG_3591Decided I’d best meditate or miss my opportunity. I glanced at the clock before heading upstairs… 11:11 AM. Wonderful.  But before I can meditate I will have to remove the audience from my space. All three cats surround me.  My three little guardians… each with their own very distinct personality. Just like my kids. ☺

• Feels like a charlie horse right upper leg
• Got and felt like ‘humph’
• Attention to right side of mouth-teeth
• ‘Avondale‘…seeing it as Avon Dale
• …‘what is my environment’
• ‘doubt’…then ‘don’t
• Someone ‘off their rocker’ – something to do with ‘actions
• Sudden uptight feeling
• ‘the past’
• Feeling like my mind is searching…as if through a database…plowing through lots of information…’stuff’ (felt like my mind was really doing this…had to pull myself back)


Journal Notes March 26, 2015

March 26, 2015 Thurs

Finally sent an email to my friend R. with the notes I think may apply to connecting with the brother. I know this is the only way I’ll learn to put the pieces together…

Have that ‘grateful’ feeling today – it sometimes seems overwhelming, if that makes any sense? ☺

Meditation today felt ‘different’. I can’t really put my finger on why, though. Maybe it’s because I’m sitting up instead of reclining?

Meditation Notes

  • attention to ‘the hands’…use
  • feel pain in the right temple
  • chest feels tight/anxious feeling
  • feel ‘fidgety’
  • names Bill [or B-name] then Mary [or M-name]
  • pinpricks between big toe and 2nd toe on right foot (ouch! made my leg jerk)
  • see a cat in the candle aura
  • “Popeye the Sailor Man”
  • pain – headache above the brow line
  • uplifting feeling (repeated over and over!) {TY}



Notes from My Psychic Reading May 10, 2014

Notes from my Psychic Reading with CW on May 10, 2014 Saturday.

 Said there are emotions – lots of them all around me
 Asked if I am I feeling sentimental? [well yes – I absolutely was]
 Said I am intuitive: Feeling and Knowing [received the same during meditation on April 5th, 2014]
 Asked about Santa Claus…I immediately thought of son [he was born on Christmas day]
 Said he is “special”  [I have always known this :)]; He will counsel, guide others.
 Concerned about his drinking [as am I]
 Will get DUI if not careful
 Will mature a LOT in the next 2 years but not ready yet
 There is an older/more mature (male) friend who is good for him [see June 29th, 2014]
 Said I should WRITE….my life’s story…as I write it, I will understand why [see the About Angels, Orbs, and Spirit Guides page]
 I can HEAL
 Will be a teacher
 My purpose is to serve
 Have 6 Spirit Guides [check out my photos from November 2014]
 Master Teacher is Samuel- described as dark, 5’8”-ish, (looks Jewish 🙂 (her words), is fun and happy
 I should call on him by name for Answers or Guidance
 Most Important – I should ask for clarity in all messages / signs; always repeat 2 days/nights in a row
 Asked about my cats
 They are healers (will get up on you when offering healing)
 They see spirits [I suspected as much!]
 Said no career change until end of year – will get offered more money (too late – notice is already in and more money would not have made a difference)

Journal Notes February 23, 2015

February 23, 2015 Mon

Personal Notes:
Up early! Sun’s shining. Feeling motivated!
Learned about the hands – the ‘receptive’ hand is the hand opposite the one used the most.
Also a fun fact…male cats are Tom cats – female cats are Molly cats (I love my cats:) )!

Meditation Notes 10:44 am
Mitton’s is with me – can tell he will pester me outside of the closed bedroom door if I don’t let him in.
• Intention – allowed to Ask. A loud.
• (connect with guides)
• Hear chirping overhead [could be birds on my roof?]
• Feel left calf twitching
• Feet cold – feel draft
• ‘impressions’ – ‘thoughts, feelings’ {TY}
• Feels like outside – ‘fire’, but damp
• Lessons about physical sensations and the thoughts and feelings they create {TY}
• ‘What does this sound like’
• Lyric “hello it’s me” [T. Rundgren]
• Attention to the right
• ‘left handed’
• Tina [or T-name]
• Mary [or M-name, or marry?]
• Bill [or B-name]
• Brother
• ‘Outside’, ‘Yesterday’ (again!)
• Uplifting feeling
• Heard something about “jumping off of me”
• Lyric “wedding bell blues…marry you [sic] Bill”
• (something about Bill’s mom? Apology? (IDK!)
• Heard “head start” then “between your birthday”
• Felt tingles through legs
• Memories – forgiveness
• Don’t justify, it was wrong, just forgive
• Feet and legs are very cold
• (think I was falling asleep but…then heard)
• “in a fat suit” and something “in cold blood”,  then ‘he he he he”
Time to be done 11:44
Did not feel like an hour of meditation. Wow!

{TY} indicates I acknowledge and give thanks for the message or lesson
[bracketed comments are notes added after meditation]
(parenthesized notations are typically written during meditation)

Angel Numbers 44 & 10:23

Journal Notes February 7, 2015

February 7, 2015 Sat

Personal Notes:
Reread this entire journal (my online notes). I remember when I started putting everything online – I ONLY typed the meditation notes and didn’t include any other things I may have written about in my journal. I will have to go back through my hand written notes again to find what I missed- because this journal is going to become my blog. My initial posts will be just as I wrote them down in my journal at the time. I was in a completely different place in life back in 2013 when I began keeping a journal. The events leading up to me beginning the journal – those ‘chapters’ in my life – have so much significance to why I’m where I am today. And I have grown and discovered so much because of – and since – then. It really makes me appreciate the truth in the idea there is significance in every single moment, every encounter, and every event happening in life. 🙂
Was up early this morning…by 6:00 am,  and the house is still quiet so I will meditate now and then get my day started!

Meditation Notes
• Barely through my prayers and many images are appearing in the candle flame aura – people faces, animals – cats  [I cannot see the words I am writing clearly – my vision is extremely pixelated]
• Feel like I am smiling
• Eyes closed and ‘feels’ like my closet door is open and the closet light is on…can ‘see’ it ….‘the door is open and the light is on’
• Feel mild movement on bed down by my feet
• Eyes open – See movement to the right in peripheral
• Upper body, shoulders, neck feels tight
• Mild headache
• Feels like I am hearing a discussion about ‘teaching to heal’ –  as if giving options
• Heard “Namaste
• ‘We are One’
• ‘I Know’
• Arms are itchy
• Feel tingles – feet and legs
• Something about ‘copy/paste’
• Went into the zone then closed eyes
• Went UP – felt it in my head
• Feel someone at my right ear
• ‘too much’
• Vision of a brain scan – very colorful, then ‘they can detect it with a brain scan’
• Heard “I don’t know. It’s not all like that. That has nothing to do with it. Yes- it has everything to do with it”
• Feeling confused
• Felt like my head was shaking back and forth – like ‘no’
• Lyric “McGuinn and McGuire couldn’t get no higher” then “in LA, you know where that’s at” [The Mamas and The Papas, “Creeque Alley”]
• Felt coolness on left side of face
• Went UP again  – then lay down flat and asked for healing energy to open and balance me – closed  my eyes
• Hands feel like they are in a distorted position
• Many visuals – but just let them flow through

Personal Notes:
When I blew out the candle I realized what the “I now revoke” was (is) for. CLOSING after meditation. I do have a closing ritual – and blowing out the candle is part of it. Now I’m saying “I now revoke” as part of this ritual.
Ran some errands this morning…beautiful day! Sunny and almost balmy (37 degrees – not!) so I when I got home I stood outside on my front walk with my face in the sun and grounded. BLISS. Later in the day hubby and I went outside and took a walk…which made me tired – to the point I needed to (and did) take a power nap! Hubby and I did some hot-tubbing around 5:00. SPRING FEVER – I can feel the onset!
Been feeling forgetful these last couple days (since Thursday)…like I forget what I’m doing or wanting to do or say. I go upstairs and walk into my closet and don’t know why I’m there – then realize I came upstairs to get my phone charger…so why the heck did I end up in the closet? The phone charger is on my nightstand. XANAX moments.
Had dinner with the M’s. My poor Sister– I made her listen as I read my journal entries (since Jan 1st! ) But SHE GETS IT – I KNOW! I feel nothing but love and support from her – she gives me great insight into things, makes me stop and think.
As I was falling asleep I suddenly thought of Uncle D (RIP).

Journal Notes January 22, 2015

January 22, 2015 Thursday

Personal Notes:
Woke this morning to two words…’swan’ and ‘peacock’.
Spent some time online  looking for information about  these words as well as  ‘sand’ (as related to spirituality). Seems like the messages could not be clearer. Also checked Angel #s 31 and 82 (woke to $31.82). More clarity! Then I started getting a song lyric/tune. I wasn’t sure what the words were but knew it was The Mamas and The Papas, so I checked a song list on YouTube and found the title (just knew it when I saw it) -“’Words of Love”. As I listened to the song,  I was suddenly filled with emotions,  which made me cry. The specific verse was  ‘If you love her then you must send her somewhere where she’s never been before.”
The message is CLEAR. Feeling Grateful.

Meditation Notes 
• Feel excited energy
• [Automatic Writing] ‘You know you CAN. You have to be strong. Vulnerable. You have to be OK with this. You have to FEEL it within – this is YOUR story. No one gets to interpret it other than you, but you have to be OK that others will try. LISTEN, but trust your heart and soul. Do not let others deflate you.’
• Lyric “up, up and away in my beautiful balloon”
• [Automatic Writing] ‘Work through all the fears by FACING them. Energy is wasted when fearing what “might” happen. You know that and preach it often.’
• Heard “the proof is in the pudding” [TY]
• [Automatic Writing] You are writing your blog now – just on paper. And this is the authentic you. [TY]
• Heard  “so much” (repeated)
• ‘You didn’t even have to ask – we are here’ [knew it was the angels – and I did not even get to call out for their assistance before I started receiving the message(s)]
• Feeling truly blessed
• Heard “You are”
• Word ‘psychedelic’
• Feel mild headache
• Cats – something about ‘that cat’
• ‘Assume’ then  ‘without ‘that’ one would assume’ [writing LESSONS?]
• Feel a lot of good energy in body
• Major energy from left – like a barrier/wall being created right next to me
• Heard “keeping out”
• Got ‘Some people are opens always – others must focus ‘intent’. Not there yet – not sure it is wanted’
• ‘assume…people will assume’ LESSON?
• ‘it’s a magical mystery tour’
• Feeling ‘trippy’
• Feels scary – fear; overcoming. TRUST. ‘Only good will prevail’
• Right shoulder itches [had to scratch]
• Feel cool pocket of air over body
• [suddenly everything seems to be clicking]
• Lyric “finally”
• Felt like a record album skipping over and over …’stuck’
• Felt tapping on the shoulder
• [omg –  I have to pee bad! Time to stop]

Personal Notes:
Many electrical issues around the house today. Bedroom TV won’t play, light bulb on desk in computer room blew out. And [my cat] Sky is meowing at the wall.

Journal Notes December 29, 2014

December 29, 2014 Mon

Personal Notes:
Why is the lyric “if I only had a brain” from the Wizard of OZ stuck in my head this morning? Well, house is quiet – other than Sky randomly batting at the door stop downstairs – so I’ll try to meditate.

Meditation Notes
• ‘Trance’
• Mom
• Felt like head was tremoring
• grandma
• Felt like a hole in the middle of the chest (between breasts)
• Lyric “drowning in a sea of love”
• Attention to right side – breast, back, arm, hand
• Lesson: write; this is where you must have FAITH and TRUST
• Chest
• “Sarah” lyric
• breathing
• Very cool draft from left then across feet
• Vision of a “monk” – male – dark hair – facial hair

>Sky was being so obnoxious at the bedroom door that I had to end my session.

Journal Notes December 13, 2014

December 13, 2014 Sat 12/13/14

Personal Notes:
Message for me: Intend vs. expect. Just Be.
Getting a variety of body sensations this morning – the 2 numb toes, pain/aches in right shoulder and arm, left nostril.

Messages for me about Spirit Guide:
 Arletha
 She had/kept all the babies
 Vision of black woman with beaded hair, wrapping a burgundy blanket around the legs of a child
 Something about the cats

Meditation Notes
Didn’t take notes – many physical sensations – felt like energy work

Personal Notes:
Went to “Ladies of the 80’s” with sister to meet up with some high school friends. Had a nice  time! Wonder why I never went to any of the class reunions?