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THE GOLDFINCH| September 26, 2015

A Spiritual Journey

Saturday |  4:08 PM

Woke this morning feeling really good despite a few too many drinks last night while out with  family and friends. I haven’t been drinking much at all lately – because even one small glass of wine in the evening zaps any bit of energy I still have – and renders me pretty much useless for the rest of the night.  Anyway, it a beautiful autumn day… It almost feels perfect.

It’s now 4:08 PM and I need a rest. Need to shut down my head for a bit.  I feel a  particularly strong connection to the earth today, so during meditation I will just focus on absorbing it within.


I had a vision while meditating (I did not write during) that looked and felt SO REAL I had to open my eyes to make sure it wasn’t.

The vision was of a bird – a Goldfinch. It flew in from the left above my head and flew down across my line of vision, then stopped abruptly mid-flight and turned, as if to show me its beauty, with wings hovering like a hummingbird.


If Goldfinch has flown across your path;

It is a sure sign of exuberance, liveliness and enthusiasm in your current world. They are here to remind you to enjoy life and savor each moment for the joy that is in it. Perhaps its simply time to celebrate who you are, your accomplishments or just for the sheer fun of it. You are reminded that life is for living – and that each moment you waste on sending forth negative emotions such as fear, hatred and anger are moments that are forever lost. Find joy in the now.

To see a Goldfinch  symbolizes your soul.

Source: Spirit Animal Totems & Their Messages 

Thank You ♥

Spiritual Journal August 15, 2015

Saturday: Animal Totems

hawk falcon raptor bird
hawk falcon raptor bird

A pair of Red-Tailed Hawks have been visiting the area every day – sometimes twice a day. If I don’t notice them soaring in the sky above, I can hear them screeching (even if I am in the house). They are coming very close – perching on tree tops and telephone poles – or the  rooftops and chimneys of houses nearby.

Red-tailed Hawk Symbolism

“Red-tails are divine messengers meant to bring guidance from the heavens and ground the guidance out in the physical world.” Source: Red-Tailed Hawk Symbolism – Spirit Animals – Wild Gratitude

Dream…or Vision?

This morning I woke to another dream. I don’t remember much about this one – other than the ‘environment‘.  I remember what I saw, so this makes me think (again) maybe I was having a vision and not a dream? Well, whichever – the setting was at my husband’s and my first house (with the house number 1117 – I so loved that house!) . It was outside, in the yard. The entire ground (yard-grass) was covered with something – it looked  like bamboo matting.

Maybe I was just having a vision of  the grass as it really is right now – it has gone dormant, along with many plants and flowers, due to the lack of rain. But I remember hearing it was going to rain? (well of course – eventually it will). We need rain – we haven’t had any for many days! Water. Agua.  ☔☔☔

Meditation Notes:

  • teeth – front teeth
  • right side of face …cheek
  • song lyrics ♫ I think we’re alone now ♪
  • dreams
  • mild headache around head – across temples
  • S-name (like Sarah)
  • ‘connection’
  • ache – right side of mouth – now headache
  • something with the teeth
  • right side of mouth
  • ‘like you’ve never been bitten’
  • song lyrics after the boys of summer have gone ♪ [D. Henley]
  • right there
  • ‘might be a little pain and discomfort’
  • Heard something about “the drive-through”
  • ‘horses’ 
  • Vision: looked like a farm …a big  pretty green (pine?) tree with a white barn (or building)  behind it
  • Two D-names
  • ‘get your bathing suit on’
  • Feels like…awww – how cute!

End…have a headache and can’t seem to release it.

Spiritual Journal July 28, 2015

Tuesday: releasing sadness

11:00 AM: Meditation is calling me and I am anxious to start. Suddenly, a feeling of sadness consumes me. I know immediately this is not mine – and I will ask to release it.

Meditation Notes:

• immediately get the song lyric ♫hold me closer, tiny dancer♫ in my head
‘just-like-that’…as if snapping fingers
• (someone’s passing) ‘quick’
‘you must learn’
• Feeling deep sadness
‘it’s not a game’
worried feeling…about husband
• Feels like an ‘epiphany’…a  ‘bright idea
♫Hold me closer, tiny dancer♫
Vision: looks like a ‘belt buckle’ (something metal)
‘your house’… ‘sun porch’… ‘good energy’
• Vision: like the x-ray of a hand
• Something about a ‘vaccine’
• feeling of Love ♥
• ‘it will come back’
S-name (female)
Joe/Jo [or J-name]
• Heard “you love him”
Palms of hands feel warm
‘Pine cone’
• something about a ring …a wedding ring?
• Heard “there’s an aardvark”
‘it was a while ago’
‘tell her what happened’
• Smiling ☺ happy feeling
• Feels like ‘the silliest thing’
‘Noah’s Arc’

END 11:34 AM…And the sadness is gone. Thank You.

A little about the aardvark…

Animal Spirit Guides | Miracles N Magic: AARDVARK 

“If Aardvark shows up it means: Trust your instinctual senses to “sniff out” what’s right for you & what’s not. It’s best to be slow & cautious when starting a new project or relationship until you feel that it’s safe to move ahead. This isn’t the time to be particularly social but rather one to spend in quiet & solitude. Look below the surface of appearances & find out what’s underneath. Evenings will be most productive time for whatever project or creative effort you’re working on.”

Source: Animal Spirit Guides | Miracles N Magic




Journal Notes July 3, 2015


Yesterday was mulch day…from 10:00 AM until 5:30 PM. ☼ And we’re not done – we just ran out of mulch, after spreading about 10 yards! Another 4 yards to go. The day was actually very meditative for me…focused meditation. I did take about 20 minutes on my bed, after my shower, to ‘tune out’. It was nice. Our friends M&A came over in the evening to visit, and we had a little fire out back and just chatted. So glad to be reconnecting with A. ♥ She also told me about a potential job opportunity, which (amazingly!) sounds appealing to me. Hmmmmm…is my sabbatical over?

Today I feel motivated. I’m thinking about going back to work. I feel a sense of ‘relief’ with the idea of generating an income again…contributing. I only wish I could make this happen by aligning with my true purpose…which is really wherever my passion lies. Right now it is with the ideas of creating things. But I do still believe this will happen for me – when it is time. And maybe the income worry is what is actually blocking my ability to move forward (feeling stuck again)? I need to RELEASE it – and perhaps this is how? Everything happens for a reason.

It is now 11:38 AM and meditation calls me.

Meditation Notes:
Anxious feeling-attention to chest-hard to get a good breath
‘too much thinking’
• (focus on breathing)
asking questions…
END…couldn’t shut off the thoughts today…..but it’s okay ☺

Had a Sister Day ♥…visited K, then S. S and I went closeout shopping. I got a bird feeder and some feed and hung it in the Japanese Maple back by the pond. I sat on the deck to see if the birds would be interested, and after only a minute or two, I saw a huge hawk fly into one of the Corkscrew Willow trees. I captured him on video…and he is beautiful. I think he was a Red Tail Hawk, which interestingly was just a topic of conversation with S., because she had recently seen one and I told her I didn’t think I ever had. Have now!

Hawk Spirit Animal | Meaning

“When you have the hawk as a spirit animal, you may have an inclination towards using the power of vision and intuition in your daily life. The hawk totem provides wisdom about seeing situations from a higher perspective, using the power of observation, and focusing on the task at hand. It’s a good companion to develop spiritual awareness.”

Source: Hawk Spirit Animal | Meaning


Journal Notes June 30, 2015


Yesterday, as I was sitting on the sun porch, I suddenly tuned into (hearing) a very high-pitched tone, and then my left ear suddenly felt as if it ‘popped’ – followed by what sounded like someone trying to tune in a station on a radio. Static-y – but only from the left ear. It was almost startling, but the sound seemed to end almost  as quickly as it began.

IMG_3495I now have two cardinals, a male and female,  hanging out in my backyard. I love watching them – and so do the cats.☺  I wonder if the male is the same one I have been seeing  at the front of my house all year? The female is just as beautiful as the male, even though she is not as vibrant. I was able to get a photo of her.

Today the energy around me is very active …I can SEE it in the air. Blocks of energy – pixels in the air – twinkles. And I’m thinking about that darn song lyric ♫ I saw the sign ♪ that keeps popping into my head. Yes, I have been seeing the Angel Numbers – so often that if I tried to write or remember all of them  I wouldn’t have time for much else. But I acknowledge these numbers when I see them…bring awareness to whatever  I was thinking or doing at that  exact moment. All is as it should be. I still feel like the sign is more than the numbers…and probably so obvious that I will laugh when I finally realize what it is…And I will realize what it is. ♥♫♀☼†☺

Meditation Notes:
• Attention to left leg
Bill or B-name
1965 or 19 & 65
• (number) 7
• Right side of face – feels like dropping
• Feel paralyzed (stroke?)
• Attention to throat
Vision: heart shape [LOVE ♥]
• Vision: an eye
Hunger feeling
‘lighthouse’…different kinds of light
• (number) 35
• Feeling of ‘surprise’ – like unexpected
‘Bathroom floor’
Counting by 10’s…10, 20, 30
Help her…help you…help me
‘morals’; ‘integrity’
Vision: a chair in the corner of a room with a chair-rail (?) on the wall
K-names (list of names with K)
• Attention to the left – like arms waving, trying to get the attention of (someone)
‘open to receive’
• Heard “the odds are terrible
• Heard “butter” …could have been “better”
• Heard “get back in the basement” then “it went just-like-that”
• Felt like (my closed) eyes shifted to the right
Interesting….I think I know who I was connecting with today…can’t wait to ask her if any of what I picked up on makes sense to her! ☻

Journal Notes June 12, 2015 The Cardinal and the Number 12…and 21

More About the Cardinal…

“Native American tradition holds the spiritual belief that spirits, or souls, inhabit the universe and each of its natural elements. The belief that all birds and other animals, known as power or medicine animals, are messengers from the Great Spirit has long been an element of shamanism. Cardinal medicine symbolizes relationships, courtship and monogamy in Native American lore.”

“The Powerful Magic of Medicine Animals –  According to Native American legend, a power or medicine animal has magical abilities and is able to empower humans with the traits and characteristics of that animal. These animal guides may cross your path, gaining your attention, or they may appear to you in dreams. Medicine animals act as guides, teachers or protectors as they impart power, wisdom or virtue to the chosen person.”

Source: Meaning of Red Cardinals to the Native Americans | Animals – mom.me

About the Cardinal and the Number 12…

I have seen the cardinal every other month this year. And the number 12 came to me first in a vision. I was intrigued when I discovered a relationship between these two symbols….and so began another dig through my journal notes!

The cardinal came first in February, then April, and again in June (just the other day). And the number 12 came to me first in a vision in May 2014, as the word ‘twelve’ in February 2015,  and  then was repeated to me in a message in March 2015. It’s the number I’m not supposed to forget about…the one with the ability to change my life. ☺ I guess, until I understand, I will continue to get ‘clues’.

“Cardinals and the Number 12 The number 12 is considered a lucky number by many Native Americans. The number 12 also is associated with the cardinal. Cardinals are seen during all 12 months of the year. A cardinal’s nest often contains 12 eggs. Native American lore holds that if you have encountered a cardinal, expect good luck to follow, possibly in 12 hours, 12 days, or at noon or midnight.”

Source: Meaning of Red Cardinals to the Native Americans | Animals – mom.me

About the Numbers 12 and 21…

“The Numbers 12 and 21 represent Father and Mother both in Christianity and
Buddhism, these numbers are basically 2 and 1 reversed in a mirror reflection of
each other.”(C.Ryan, 2014)

Number 21 Appearance
Number 21: September 5, 2014  and November 21, 2014 

Journal Notes June 10, 2015

Wednesday 12:55 PM

I wasn’t going to practice mindful meditation today…it is hubby’s first day of summer break – at home!  I suspect I may have to make a few adjustments to my morning routine – but I really hope not.  Anyway – he is outside enjoying time with his fish pond, and I suddenly realize I really want and need to meditate.

As I run down the stairs to grab a few things I need, I see the very vibrant cardinal – sitting on the sidewalk right outside my front door. I have to stop and watch him – he is truly beautiful.  He seems to visit me every couple of months.

Symbolism of the Cardinal

“The cardinal makes a fantastic animal totem. It reminds us to hold ourselves with pride – not ego pride. Rather, the cardinal asks us to stand a little taller, be a bit more regal, step into our natural confidence as if we were born to lead with grace and nobility. Those who attract the cardinal as their totem are naturally energetic, love life, and happily help others where/when they can.”
Source: Animal Symbolism of the Cardinal

Meditation Notes:

  • ‘camping’ – the word and a feeling
  • feels like something stuck in throat
  • 103 
  • blank….nothingness
  • (cleared throat)
  • ‘Indian chief’
  • (new guide?) – ‘yes’
  • T-name – ‘Bear’
  • ‘Thunder’
  • attention to left leg- calf...something about running
  • feel vibration shift – over and up
  • feeling of head moving in a circle
  • ‘dances‘ – types of dances
  • heard “it’s all about the energy”
  • (got flash of aqua-color across crown of head)
  • ache in left breast – and under arm
  • vision someone climbing a tree – putting/hanging something in the branches
  • heard “stationary
  • vision of a girl(?) up in the tree – has on a brown – swimsuit(?)
  • vision of a  (different) tree – trunk and branches – no leaves – bare – ‘dead’
  • got ‘do what you can do – keep livin’ [sic] life’
  • heard “April” then (a word starting with the letter) “L….”
  • vision of a female – thin – with brownish thin hair – at a counter(?)…wearing a white shirt and jean shorts
  • ache top of left shoulder
  • ache across chest -headache now (relax & release)
  • ‘names’ – something about ‘names’
  • ‘Jane‘ – then the song Jane ♫
  • something about the kids – coming or going?


I believe a new Spirit Guide is being introduced! I am excited to learn more about this guide!

Journal Notes May 13, 2015


Around 1:15 am this morning my daughter sent me a text she had to call 911 because her roommate L was so ill. I could tell last night when they were here L wasn’t feeling very good. Sending prayers and healing energy. 🙏

This morning my left side is still a little achy – mostly the left shoulder up into the neck. I remember last night, as I tried to sleep, the pain/ache radiated all the way down to the top of my left hand.

I did chakra healing this morning and tried to follow with mindful meditation, but the shoulder and neck pain turned into a burning sensation traveling all the way up to the left side of my face (??). I didn’t notice the upper body tension like I had yesterday when I did the chakra healing – but as I tried to move forward with mindful meditation the pain seemed to take over. I decided to focus only on releasing the pain (tension?)  – and thankfully was able to relieve it a bit.

Cool weather is back.  I knew it was coming…and I am READY. Today is ♫ cleaning out my closet ♪ day. Just one closet…one BIG closet! It needs cleared, de-cluttered, and reorganized. And as silly as it sounds, I’m looking forward to doing it!

Meditation Notes: (2:00 PM)

  • ‘yellow‘  [color associated with the Solar Plexus chakra]
  • feels like lips movingmurmurs
  • top of head itchy
  • horn’…. ‘unicorn’
  • attention to top of left leg
  • mom
  • scratching top of head – as if ‘I don’t know/don’t get it
  • what’s wrong?’
  • tension – left side – face,shoulder,neck, hand
  • heard “It’s for L-name right now
  • feel pressure – front of face
  • feels like I can’t rest my head back – like chin is down
  • something about Target (the store) – the TV commercial – music/jingle
  • throat itches – feels dry

END – So –  I need to talk to my daughter about L! I believe this is who I’m picking up (feeling) during meditation….and maybe even the pain on my left side I’ve been experiencing the last couple of days.


Spiritual Symbolism: The Unicorn

The greatest blessing of the unicorn is that of faith, for the unicorn exists completely within faith and draws all of her powers from faith.  Whenever you feel doubt coming over you, either in your own capabilities or in the future outcome of something you desire, just breathe in deeply and picture the mystical spiral horn on your forehead.  Feel faith filling you as you watch it slowly growing larger.  You are the unicorn and it is impossible for you not to believe.

Source: The Unicorn

Reference: May 13, 2015 Meditation Notes.

Symbolism |Spirit Animal

Bear Symbolism | Bear Meaning | Bear Spirit Animal

Bear Symbolism & Bear Meaning Bear spirit animal of supreme strength and fearlessness, totem aura of dominion and authority he is legendary for his power…read more at link below

Source: Bear Symbolism | Bear Meaning | Bear Spirit Animal

From May 4, 2015 Meditation Notes

Eagle Symbolism | Eagle Meaning | Eagle Spirit Animal

Eagle Symbolism and Meaning – Eagle spirit animal is the symbol of freedom, powerful totem of timing, victory and spiritual quest helping you to discover…. read more at link below

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