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Spiritual Journal | August 29, 2015


I hope the Full Moon tonight brings an end to whatever has been hanging with me this past week.   I’ve felt super sensitive – to EVERYTHING… and everyone.  This feeling of sadness  has now completely zapped my energy. But  I do realize there are things I need to release and heal…and I am  now ready to let them go.

Today’s Meditation Notes:

Saturday | 11:31 AM – 12:31 PM

  • M-name (like Mary)
  • Vision: the letter J (big fat letter)
  • Heard something about “wrapping up napkins”
  • Vision: a big blue book (looked like a dictionary)
  • ‘the eyes’
  • Headache
  • Heard “spirit” …then “vocations”  [another pretty word♥]
  • my arms are very stiff right now’….
  • daughter
  • ‘work it out
  • (long pause……..)
  • Vision: an older woman in a bed – like a hospital bed -bed is on the ceiling though – above me
  • something about ‘your accountants name
  • Heard a name with “T-S” initials…name came in LOUD
  • Felt like ‘it took all that time…to get (something)…’
  • heard “FLY!”
  • Attention to right arm
  • the number ‘14
  • Heel of left foot – prickly feeling
  • Something with the left eye…feels like a ‘wink’
  • Grandma
  • Pat – P-name – Patrice
  • Vision: the lower right arm and hand against something very white, like a sleeve – arm skin is dark, maybe tan
  • Right hand – all knuckles are achy
  • ♫they call me the working man♪
  • vision: a Disney photograph [it’s a picture of me and T-S!] ☺
  • B-name ( like Brandon)…another B-G name
  • ♫they call me the working man♪
  • Pain above right eye/brow
  • (uplifting feelings)
  • Hear whistling – nice tune – 4 beats (low-high-low-high) ☺
  • Attention to right upper lip
  • ’can you get there?’
  • heard “Bo”,,,maybe ‘bow’
  • Something about ½ hour session…only $15.00
  • ‘sneaky’ then ‘is it allowed to be?’
  • memory – about the Angels

END….I know who this connection is for. ♥

Yesterday’s Meditation Notes:

Friday | 10:15 – 11:00 AM

stockvault-sculpture168854• see a female – blond or light hair…then two Angels
• Attention to lower throat
♫hold me closer tiny dancer♪… the ‘highway’
• something about rings – wedding rings
Mild temple pain
‘your aura is PINK’
Vision: bride and groom – see very long white veil

Spiritual Journal | August 27, 2015

Sadness and the Sun

I slept until after 8:00 AM today –  but as soon as I was up and moving around a sense of sadness filled me…and stayed with me – stockvault-sunshine108979until I finally went outside and grounded it away.  And hello sunshine ☀ – you’re  back!

I’m not sure why I was feeling this heavy sadness…. was it even mine?  Seems I’ve been asking myself this question a lot lately. But I do know grounding ( and the sun) helped me release it.  And shortly after grounding – I  even remembered the dream I woke to this morning.  I can’t share the details of my dream – but I will say there was a message in it …as well as an ‘action‘ for me to take.

So …keep yourself grounded, stay in the light – and pay attention to your dreams. ♥

☼ ☼ ☼ ☼ ☼ ☼ ☼ ☼ ☼ ☼ ☼ ☼ ☼ ☼ ☼ ☼ ☼ ☼ ☼ ☼ ☼ ☼ ☼ ☼ ☼ ☼

Thursday |  Meditation Notes:

11:13 – 11:45 AM

• immediately getting the song lyric ♫I will remember you♪….then ♫ in the arms of an Angel
• ‘She has it’...the little speck of light and something about her
• Feeling shoots from center of my chest up through my throat
‘tried to tell you
song lyric ♫shine a light right on me♪ (“Shine“)
• Feels like shaking head side to side…feels like ‘no – don’t want to’  
S-name…. then ‘daughter’
• ‘come on – get up’ (as if get out of bed)
• (BIG Inhale)
• Papa….God… God is with her
•‘3 years’


During meditation today I was told about the messages I am connecting with… (the) ‘messages are not from you – but through you’.  Thank you

Then I was told…. Be ALL to One…You.   Balance.

Spiritual Journal | August 22, 2015

Endings and Beginnings

stockvault-path-in-nature124348Today I approach the last page of my Journal – Book #4. It feels appropriate…a new chapter begins!  The Angels are with me…giving me signs with numbers (like 33, 911, 1117) and  random music in my head.

♬  ♩   ♪  ♫  ♬  ♩   ♪  ♫  ♬  ♩   ♪  ♫  ♬  ♩   ♪  ♫

Today’s Meditation Notes

SATURDAY | 11:55 AM-12:30 PM

Abstract background of beautiful color smoke waves.• female  – young, pretty, dark hair
• Hearing music ♪ ♫
• vision: palm of hand resting on top of head
• feels like GOD
Left temple, mild pain
• ‘Lord, come with me now’
• feeling of much pain and sorrow
• ‘God will let you release it’
• Vision: a man’s torso with a suit jacket, shirt, tie….like a Groom (?)
• (BIG inhale)
Stopped writing and just let go….lots of visuals, words, and ‘pieces’ of thoughts (like sentences). Didn’t try to focus in on anything… think I just needed to let it flow through.


stockvault-mannequin-close-up113936During meditation today – after the music … from the Angels – I had a vision. I have noticed some of  my visions lately have feelings associated with them (or maybe they always have and I haven’t always noticed?) … like the vision three days ago – of  throwing my head down on my arms and sobbing – which actually came in with the feeling of deep sorrow. Today was a vision of the palm of a hand laying against the top of my head…but I could almost feel this…as if this was the hand of God, on my head. And with the feeling came the message

You are worthy. You know you are not perfect – and in God’s eyes – that is true perfection.

Businessman | Hand drawing social network


Tomorrow I meet with a couple of friends from high school…I believe we have connections.

Julie and Stephanie…are you ready!?  ♥♥

Spiritual Journal July 30, 2015

Thursday: Messages through SONG AND MUSIC

I’ve noticed random song lyrics popping into my head again. Frequently. And I know my Spirit Guides and the Angels communicate with me through song and music, both during and outside of my normal meditation practice. This morning the song lyric is ♫it’s gonna take time, it’s gonna take patience and time…to do it right♪ (G. Harrison). I think this is a message to me – from my higher-self. ☺

On Tuesday evening the song was Sweet Emotions…and in my head it’s Aerosmith singing (it’s not  in my voice  – it rarely is, even though sometimes the words are wrong ☺). But I’m getting just the words – sweet emotions – being sung, over and over. I know who this is connected to…and why I was getting the song.  Guidance from the  Angels.

This last week…almost on a daily basis, it is the lyric ♫hold me closer tiny dancer♫ (Elton John) . This is definitely connected to someone, but I’m not sure who…yet. I know my Guides are trying to help me with this connection (see July 23 – July 28 meditation notes).

Puzzle pieces

I started reviewing my journal notes (again) – this is helping me to put more of the puzzle pieces together. Every now and then I find a piece that fits. There are many journal notes I don’t post on this blog…because I believe they are private or of a sensitive nature to others…and because I am still learning how to understand them myself. These are the parts that are clicking though – the puzzle pieces that are suddenly fitting together. Still so much to learn. I need to spend time and focus my energy on continuing to look back. This is how I will learn. And grow.

Meditation Notes:
• A smell…like cardboard
• See colors…red and orange
• Attention to throat/neck
• ‘imbalance’
• song lyric ♫Desire♪
• ‘mom’
• Feels like moving over to the side…stepping over to the right…stepping aside
‘have to go to that place’
• Attention to ears (like inner ear)…then attention to knee
• ‘listen’…then ’not listening’
Vision: bare tree branches…but branches are white….look like they are glowing

stockvault-full-moon157085Tomorrow night is the Blue Moon.

I am ready!

Spiritual Journal July 24, 2015

FRIDAY…angels with me



Today the Angels are with me. Angel Numbers 12:34; 3:33. Angel Signs: Butterflies…circling me, dancing around me, and then posing on top of the flowers – to let me admire them. ♥


And it’s a BOY!

I jumped! I turned around in a circle as I hopped up and down! I felt like an excited child! I hugged M. and then D, tightly. My eyes filled with tears of joy. My mom was here – and I feel blessed she was a part of this moment.

A son. A grandson. A great-grandson. The first for each of us.  1-1-1.


Journal Notes May 25, 2015

Monday – Happy Memorial Day

Had a great time yesterday with the whole family celebrating the holiday. But mom has shingles! Am sending her healing energy †. The pain I had on the left side of my body, at the end of meditation May 22nd….I know that was her. I even got her name in a different bullet-ed note during the same session.

Last night, as I was falling asleep. I suddenly heard strange laughter. Strange, as in it did not sound like the familiar laughter of any of my kids. Did I get up and investigate? Nope. I just told myself I was hearing things. But was I?

Today I prepare for travel to Washington DC. I am really looking forward to this experience! I think the Angels are with me – I am seeing many sequential numbers today (just about every time I glance at the clock) – as well as 11:11 and 11:17.

Going to meditate but not sure if I will be able to shut off my own thoughts.

Meditation Notes:
• Uplifting- feels magnetic
• Song lyrics ♫gonna show you a good thing♪ [J.Timberlake♥]
• Feels like [my bedroom] closet doors are open and the light is on [eyes are closed, and doors are always shut, light always off]
• To the right > brightness
• Feels like energy pushing [into me] from left
Right side of throat feels itchy
• ‘Helping’ ‘mom’
• ‘Tremor’
• Vision of hands on legs
• Relax/breathe
• Attention to teeth
• Left side of face/smiling
Jody [or J-name]
Vision: [looked like] fork [as in a dinner or salad fork]
‘doors are open, lights are on’
• ‘Holiday‘ (repeated)….then ‘take a break – catch your breath – then you’ll know what to do’ {TY} GUIDANCE
END 1:22 am

My break awaits!

Journal Notes May 22, 2015


New Moon energy is with me…mixing in with the energy of the Mercury Retrograde. I was up late last night, past midnight, and remember waking a couple of times throughout the night. I have stopped looking at the clock when I wake.

I woke this morning around 8:00 am from a very disturbing dream about my daughter. In this dream, my daughter walked right out into traffic and was run over by a car. It was as if she wasn’t even paying attention to the fact there was traffic flowing in both directions – or she didn’t care. She walked right in front of a car and was run over. The car then BACKED UP over top of her a second time. I ran to her, as she lay on the ground, and knew she was broken…but she moved… she was still alive! I looked around at all of the people who had gathered – they were just STANDING there – doing NOTHING. I screamed ‘someone call 911!”…And then I woke up to an overwhelming feeling of sadness. I remember this feeling –the same overwhelming sadness I felt when I learned about what happened to my son’s friend Chris. Somebody else’s child. Stupid, tragic mistake. He wasn’t thinking. Life changing mistake.

Well – the sun ☼ is shining today, after a couple of days of chilly and cloudy weather. Let the warm up begin. Have a lot to do to get ready for the family Memorial Celebration we will host here on Sunday – so I will meditate now (9:40 am).

Meditation Notes:
• (uplifting)
• Felt like legs/feet shifted side to side
• ‘Cannot not think’ [this May 18th message is] ‘for me’ [LESSON]
• ‘truancy
• ‘enables
J-name (like Jake)
• ‘Book of Lessons
Bossy –like ‘do it this way
• Heard “…heartbreaking to tell you…”
• Left ear canal itches
• song lyric ♫heart’s going boom, boom, boom
Bill [or B-name]
• Bean…baby….no baby (feel confused)
• Feel sad
Soles of feet tingling [energy]
• Feel hungry [using energy]
END….want to give kudos to my Guides and the Angels for sticking with me through this daily practice. For guiding and assisting me. ♥ Thank You.

Journal Notes April 23, 2015


Meditation Notes

  • lyrics to ♪ “Hold on For One More Day
  • memory: can’t just stop ’cause you don’t like how it makes you feel[ [prior meditation Jan 11 2015]
  • ‘holding it in’ (mouth) [also from prior meditation Mar 25 2015]
  • feels ‘yucky
  • [sensation] top of left hand – burn (IV needle)
  • attention to face – sensation of sunburn 
  • sensations – left side of face above lips, into ear, down into throat (gland)
  • face is itchy
  • song lyric ♪ “send me an angel – right now”
  • words: number; letter; color; song; how
  • attention to left knee & foot
  • “send me an angel” ♫ lyric repeating
  • END

Journal Notes April 3, 2015

April 3, 2015 Fri

So I’ve been busy…there is always something to do. But it almost feels like I am just going through the motions. For some reason, there is this lack of ‘passion’ with/about everything. I have neglected to even go back through my journal to start writing about the connections I’ve made or the lessons or guidance I’ve received…and I promised myself I would do this.  I think I am stuck in this state of self-sabotage ..and I have no idea why I am doing this to myself?  Doubt? Or maybe I’m really just trying to find my balance (I like this idea much better ). Trust. I will continue each day to just trust – I am where I am supposed to be, doing what I am supposed to be doing. But…I do understand the notes I wrote from meditation on March 29 were ABOUT me, and from my Higher Self – and I am taking actions to help myself with these feelings. I am listening to the guidance.

IMG_3179I am learning to read the (Rider-Waite) Tarot cards. Well, actually right now I am working on memorizing each card’s meaning (there are 78 cards in a deck). After memorizing the meaning of each, I will work on understanding what each card means to me ‘intuitively’. I am excited by the idea – but again am struggling will feeling the ‘passion’ about it….even though I WANT to learn.

I’m still waiting for my friend R. to provide more feedback on the notes I sent him about connecting with his brother.  In just one small piece of validation from him so far, I was able to connected many dots – so even if he doesn’t connect to any other ‘pieces’ in what is written, I KNOW and FEEL he got the message .

Today when I meditated I asked to release ‘that’ which is not mine or no longer serves my highest purpose. I asked to release all fears…of lack, of doubt. I asked for help to continue to trust. I asked to be filled, surrounded and protected by the loving light of God. I asked the Angels and my Guides to assist me in releasing and in trusting – and to help me stay in the present moment. Here are the notes I wrote after:

Meditation Notes

  • write about the coaching (and I will – just not yet )
  • love enough to allow others to feel their importance [LESSON]
  • vision of an Angel – girl with very dark hair with a gold bobby pin on each side
  • song lyrics “Trouble” and “laying on the cold, hard ground” [T.Swift]
  • felt like both ears popped
  • lots of cool physical stuff!

This morning (before I meditated) I started getting the ♪ song lyrics in my head again. I haven’t had any for a while – hadn’t really even realized they had stopped until I started getting them again this morning. After mediation it was Peter Frampton…“do you – feel like I do” ♫.

Journal Notes March 30, 2015

Time For Reflection

March 30, 2015 Mon

Abstract background of beautiful color smoke waves.I decided this morning, after contemplating yesterday, I need to spend some time reflecting. I’m going to step back from my mindful meditation practice for a while and explore what I’ve already learned….try to put some more of the pieces together. I will still meditate daily – but my meditation for a while will be to reconnect with God, my Higher Self, the Angels and my Guides. I will not write during meditation – I will just experience it. I’m excited by this, because I am currently in a state of feeling overwhelmed. I need to slow down and find myself again (did I get lost?) Maybe this feeling is normal after a month of intense energy, or maybe it’s not, but I know and trust myself enough to listen to what my soul is telling me.  I’ve made many connections through mindful meditation, and I have made much sense of the lessons, guidance, and messages I’ve received along my journey so far. It’s time to begin sharing what I have discovered – my interpretations, so to speak. I do believe ‘It is all related‘.

And if, for even one moment, I doubted myself, the guidance I most recently received, or the actions I have decided to take – I found this in my email inbox today…

April 2015 Astrology & Numerology Forecast With Kari Samuels | Numerologist.com.

Give it a listen, as I personally connected (in a BIG way) with the NUMBERS12 and 3 and related energy, as well as the Aries and Libra energy cycles. Oh, and Journaling… and connecting with the Angels!



‘things to do, places to go, people to see’