Names from Meditation


What’s in a Name?

Is your name below? Make sure to check my Blog – there may be a message there for you! To find related posts from my meditation journal use the search feature by entering the name listed below or the first initial and -name (ie., A-name). If you fell a connection, please post a comment.

1st Name 1st Name 1st Name
A A-name G Gerry M Mathew
A Andy G Gloria M Mike
A Angela H H-name M Molly
A Angie H Heather M Mona
A Annie H Holly N N-name
A Arletha J J-name N Nadine
B Barb / Barbie J Jackie / Jacqueline N Nancy
B Betty J Jerry P P-name
B Bill J Jim P Patsy
B Billy J Jocelyn P Paul
B B-Name J Jodi P Penny
B Brian J Joey R R-name
C C-name J John / Jon R Ray / Raymond
C Cara J Jordan R Richard
C Cathie / Cathy J Judy R Ronnie
C Cheryl J Julie S S-name
C Claudia J Justine S Samuel
D D-name K K-name S Sandi
D Dale K Kathy S Shelli / Shelly
D Danny K Krista S Sherry
D Dave K Kyleigh S Stacy
D Deb / Deborah L L-name T T-name
D Diane / Dianne L LaVerne T Tim /Timmy
D Dustin L Linda T Tina
E E-name L Lisa T Tobias
E Elroy L Luke T Todd
F F-name M M-name T Tom
F Felix M MacIntire T Turner
F Ford M Mark W William
G G-name M Mary

If you feel a connection with anything written in my Meditation notes please post a comment. I would love your assistance in interpreting and understanding the message.

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