Journal Notes March 6, 2015

March 6, 2015 Fri

Went to bed last night around 11:00 pm. Had to turn OFF the TV (normally  fall asleep with it on) because I just needed the silence – and to connect with the moon… and to spend some extra time with my prayers. There was (is) a Super Moon and it was beautiful last night in the eastern sky. This morning it was even more beautiful on the western horizon.


So, I do know I woke last night – a couple of times (I think). Pretty sure  the last time I woke is when I felt the vibrations. My entire body was mildly vibrating. As I acknowledged what was happening, I was quickly consumed with a ‘heat flash’.

I have experienced the vibrations during meditation since 2013. Then I started noticing vibrations as I tried to fall asleep at night, and then I began waking in the middle of the night feeling them (as I did last night).  Eventually I would experience them during the day – normally when I was doing some type of focused meditative activity (like wood burning). 🙂

I remember when I used to have little areas of my body vibrate….this began several years ago (before I began practicing meditation). I would describe it as if I had my cell phone on vibrate laying against my body – but I didn’t. I remember talking to my doctor about these vibrating sensations, only to be told they were stress related. And that may have been true at that time, but my lifestyle has completely changed since then….I have very minimal (if any) stress in my life today (GRATEFUL ♥) ….and the vibrations are now not only stronger but widespread.

So I explored the web to get some information (clarity) about the vibrations I’m feeling. Here are links to some information I resonate with….  The Rewiring Process & Internal Vibrations  and Meditation and cool breeze (vibrations).

Meditation Notes

  • immediate chills through the legs (haven’t even said prayers yet)
  • (prayers/process) MY PROCESS
  • see many faces in candle aura (can see them even without the contact lenses in!)
  • Lessons. Be Mindful. Do not dismiss. LESSONS
  • feel hungry
  • attention to right side – ear, eye….listening [okay – FINALLY I get it! Somebody wants to tell me something]
  • uplifting feeling
  • attention to center of chest – sternum [heart chakra]
  • ‘frankincense’ {TY} [probably my thought? I was burning a frankincense incense…or maybe my guides letting me know they like it :)]
  • heart chakra (feel I am smiling now)
  • right ear – MAJOR attention to it [I get it. And I am listening.]
  • ‘needed balance’; ‘releasing anger’ {TY} [I KNOW what this is – for me and the sister ]
  • attention to right breast
  • J-name [KNOW this is my friend – it’s time for me to get in touch with her!]
  • ‘intentions’
  • (big inhale – now see the nostrils)
  • relax body
  • cool draft from the left
  • attention to the teeth
  • ‘mom’
  • left hand – attention to pinky finger
  • feeling like throat is clogged
  • neck & shoulders feel very tense
  • ‘worried about’ something
  • felt ‘serious’
  • mild pressure through head / ears

Felt like I was supposed to stop and call mom and check on her…so I ended meditation and called her (because I this point I don’t trust NOT to stop and call her…remember, I’m listening).

Mom is okay -but still glad I called her! Yes, she is concerned about her ability to eat and swallow her food due to problems with her teeth. She promised to be mindful ∞ .

Today’s Angel Number 9:11

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